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2024 Olympics Paris

admars (Elite) posted this on Tuesday, 15th December 2020, 11:33

Yes, I know we haven't had the 2020 Tokyo Olympics yet, but I read this article which was quite interesting:

Breaking bad? Quite the opposite with latest Olympic sport set to shift traditional thinking

As a fan of skateboarding, I'm more interested in seeing these "new" "youth" sports/disciplines/events than the more traditional ones. The sports climbing looks quite exciting, had never heard of that before (Actually that's new for Tokyo 2020/2021).

The funny thing about new events like this is that some supporters of sports like skateboarding , snowboarding, breakdancing, surfing don't want the main stream "selling out" coverage, where others embrace the opportunity for it to be recognized and accepted.

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Robee J Shepherd (undefined) posted this on Tuesday, 15th December 2020, 11:39

I think it's interesting arguing about if these should be in the games or not, and it's even more interesting when people in the sport aren't sure either.

But maybe it's as simple as... if something is a game and it has a genuine world championship, and enough countries compete in that, then it should be in the Olympics.

And maybe one day that will include gaming. Although Im not sure how you would do that when every four years people are bored and mostly moving on to a new game.


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RE: 2024 Olympics Paris

Jitendar Canth (Reviewer) posted this on Tuesday, 15th December 2020, 12:27

I'd rather watch breakdancing at the Olympics than horse-poncing.

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Snaps (Elite) posted this on Tuesday, 15th December 2020, 19:35

Jitendar Canth says...
"I'd rather watch breakdancing at the Olympics than horse-poncing."

...and alongside horse-poncing I give you ice dancing.


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bandicoot (Elite) posted this on Wednesday, 16th December 2020, 05:17

Still waiting for 'extreme ironing' to be added, think I could compete at Olympic standard :D

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