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RE: [VIDEO] The Failed Presidency of Donald Trump

Not long till Pressie Trump is out the door.

Inauguration of Joe Biden 2021 will be at 17:00 on
Wednesday, 20 January
United Kingdom Time.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Could end up that way. I cannot see why you are not worried about losing our freedoms, and this is only the start..

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

This is the start of big brother, this was always my greatest fear of all with this pandemic. Its not the virus we have to worry about, it is the loss of freedom worldwide if we do not watch out. Germany now, us soon?

Germany making detention centres (aka: concentration camps) for people flouting covid 19 rules. All that is missing is a yellow star on their clothing and a number tattooed on peoples arm...

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RE: [VIDEO] Wandavision (and others)

Smoke monster theories...

RE: [VIDEO] Wandavision (and others)

I am actually watching the whole of LOST at the moment, I had bought the full arc of box sets in charity shops, but never got round to watching them, so had only watched it on TV when it aired. Now with lockdown time on our hands am watching it again.

Funny thing is we all remember the rubbish ending where they were all.......{spoiler} It could have been a great ending with a si-fi or supernatural ending explaining it all, so everyone said Lost was a washout.

But...watching it again, the suspense is amazing, the acting brilliant, the hatch with the countdown (my fav bit), the lottery numbers coincidences, the smoke monster, the landlocked ship, the undersea facility, the feet statue, etc,
only bad bit is that season with torture involved, so bypassing that. So in conclusion, it was the journey of Lost that made it so good, Pity about the ending.

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RE: RIP Siegfried Fischbacher (of Siegfried and Roy)

A good point, forgot about that incident. Rob.

Cats can be real vicious, we used to have a black one we got in the cat and dog home, wife wanted it, and it was a nasty bit of work.
It disappeared one night and never returned, sorted. No more cats.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Delays.....They will eventually work it out. Just teething troubles at the moment. Early days. Should have it streamlined by 2025 :D

RE: RIP Siegfried Fischbacher (of Siegfried and Roy)

RIP, there act was a bit frightening dealing with Lions without a cage.

Even subdued Lions just like cats can be temperamental and might lash out. Been hit with a few cat paws in my time, and they do hurt.

Remember a circus act in Oz, pre health and safety days, and the Lion on a lead, got off it and ran at the crowds, but luckily dived out the tent, for a drink. water not lager, and was re-captured

We thought it was part of the act. LOL

RE: The Bitcoin millionaire who accidentally lost it all

All the council workers will now be secretly digging up the dump at night LOL

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

London Police dish out more fines as people ignore lockdown...

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Deaths is now not the only worry, with these series of lockdowns with crazy rules of enforcement. Printing money to keep people at home.

If this continues by May with yet more lockdowns, there will be permanent decimation of the economy, businesses will/are collapsing, police state will be enforced, already is to an extent (see Gardia video above, this road block stuff is going to happen in England too, people are getting angry), freedom of movement curtailed in the name of protecting us, people will go off the head stuck indoors, many suicides, kids education cut back, people not getting non-covid related disease sorted, heart attack sufferers, cancer patients, even cataract eye surgery delayed, which luckily I got done in mid 2019 thank goodness, etc.

There will be more 'no covid related deaths' than 'covid deaths', due to this stranglehold on society by continuing covid lockdowns. Its time it was finished. But if it still goes by May with yet more worldwide lockdowns, then I will really smell a rat here, that this is all deliberate to destroy the way of life we had. I hope i am wrong. But will know soon enough.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Alfie says....Now they have to somehow pretend that it will eventually be beneficial while EU reliant business collapses around us.

The biggest problem at the moment is getting business and the economy up and running again due to this covid 19 situation. At present Boris and his cronies, are destroying the high street, family shops, big companies that have been here for decades going down the tubes, all due to these lockdowns.

RE: [VIDEO] Craig Ferguson's The Hustler

Not seen Craig Ferguson for along time, did not realise he was in the big US of A. He is using a very slow polite version of Scots so the Yanks understand him LOL.

The game is a bit like cluedo, but without the bumping off of people.
Think it would bore me after episode 3. But never been keen on TV games.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Ah, ve have vays of confisticationing ur non - euro sausage!

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

mbilko says....Boris cycling 7 miles from Downing St!!
Did he have some reasonable excuse to travel during lockdown?

Maybe he went via ALDI and got some cheap food outside of his zone, while others are not allowed to travel and have to pay £1 for a tin of fruit. (while its 3 tins for a pound at ALDI)

PS...not promoting ALDi just saying poor pensioners are gubbed under lockdown.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

You can hook up a battery charger overnight. (assuming your close to a socket) Or as you say , you can have a trip round the Island to charge the battery once a week, and hope you are not pulled in. 

I am ok with my works van, as i can legally drive to my site to check it over once a week, as its part of my job. So that charges the van. Not seen a police road block here yet, unlike Southern Ireland where they are stopping traffic, (seen some funny Irish youtube videos, like the Gardia stopping a Norwegian and asking him where he was going to or coming from, with rather comical results). Can't find the link.

RE: [VIDEO] Living on Youtube

alfie noakes says...Yes, that would be cheaper and equally self defeating.

Exactly :D

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

si says...and the mental health of many people on the Education front line is a real risk.
I think the mental health of everybody under lockdown is at risk, especially seeing on TV a pack of police surrounding two women in a park who were out for exorcise, for just being slightly over 5 miles from their home and fining them £200 each. Its a total disgrace. If the Police were as good at finding real criminals I would be happier. 

Another factor now as these lockdowns keep happening, and no end in sight, people are now disobeying their crap rules, and going out, as they are fed up constrained.

We had that health minister on TV yesterday complaining about how  many people are disobeying the rules, and may want more police enforcement, what? Is this going to end up like red china where we dare not move. I and many others are now getting real worried about our freedoms.

RE: [VIDEO] Living on Youtube

Just put your router in your microwave oven as that's shielded

RE: [VIDEO] The Biden Presidency 2021

Twitter permanent ban on Trump...

RE: I ******g hate people.

marksparks999 says...I know from recent personal experience, that some recruits have had a shock once starting, some leaving as they didn't like having to work evenings, nights or weekends...

The Military faces the same problem, the youth/young 'Millennials' who should be the recruits of today, are different to those of us that grew up in the last century, they want to work in the warm and dry, and anything over 8 hours a day they think is excessive!

It just the way the youth is today, especially in private enterprise, most of us in the last century worked a full day and got on with it and had pride in their work, but there again their was loyalty expected from both employer and employee, the job was always there the next day for you, if you kept top the rules. People got a constant wage every week in their pocket. People worked for a 40 year pension like myself, But...

Now with no loyalty, no chance of even reaching a 30 year pension, companies that can go bust the next day, part time work,  zero hours work, they can lose their job so easy, there is no stability in a job, they just walk out if it does not suit them.

One of my biggest problems is the younger worker is never off his/her smart phone during working hours or even worse during meetings. They come in late, or even not at all and do not phone in for a reason. I have sacked more workers recently, than ever before, as they just don't care about their work, and when they do work it is shoddy, and I have to tell to correct it. Things like electrical sockets put in squint, is all time consuming and costly to correct. They don't give a rats arse. Pride in work seems to have gone.

RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

Trump will be gone soon, and be heading for a golf club to make executive decision on whether to use a Number 2 or 3 iron.

RE: I ******g hate people.

Snaps says.....They don't have the manpower to open the police stations.

Don't worry there is now started this week a national campaign to get another 20,000 policemen on the streets, to fine us when we go to a supermarket outside our area.

RE: I ******g hate people.

What you want is an old motorola flip phone, like mine, bought for £30 new a long time in the galaxy ago, and I can lay it down on the table in a pub go to the toilet, come back and its still there. In fact lay it down anywhere and come back a few hours later and its still there, ok, its works but is rc[at]p, so no-one steals it :D

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Well lockdown 3.0 started and we went to the coast walk for an exercise and outing, and at least 200 others had decided the same thing. Just crazy.

And the same for our local supermarket, the amount of people there was at least double normal, the car park was full, as they could not go out the area to another supermarket to reduce congestion, in fear of a police fine. Again just mad rules heming us in.

[VIDEO] RE: Staged again

They were great in the TV series 'Good Omens' as a demon and angel, hoping eventually for a sequel. Meanwhile....

Here is a 3.5 minute audio special of 'good omens in lockdown' :D

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

@mbilko, a word of warning, you do go mental working continuous hours all week, every week. You need your usual Thailand break.

I was in the desert working on middle east oil projects in the 80's to pay off my mortgage fast, and went nuts with months of the heat and the work and the flies, it took me months afterwards to recuperate.

Some say I never did :D

Now we have to go through another lockdown month of seeing four walls and just the wife, help!

RE: Return of KLF...

Was this the punk era? as I just gave up music during that period, including Top of the Pops.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Si says....Although I'm not aware of this being 'available' in England, this from Scotland is rather troubling:
My Sister-in-law who lives in Central Scotland, and she was saying on the phone to us, that the Scotts Police were 'staking out' her local Asda supermarket, and checking car number plates to see if local or not, and fining people not from the district who came back to their car with shopping. Not good policing at all, as making people very angry.

A separate topic...
All those taking or have taken jabs, take a note of which one you get, ie, the USA one or the UK one, as the scientific advisers on TV said definitely not to mix them up when getting the second jab :eek:

Tell them which one you got before getting the second jab. This is just to ensure NHS records are right, and gives you the correct one.