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RE: Coping with the lockdown

Your right Snaps, there has been a lot of NHS staff casualties to the virus, very sad and bound to be more. and i thought working in nuclear power stations were dangerous, this is more so, as its so fast acting.

Well day number ....(god knows of lockdown) and starting to go slap happy, and avoiding wife in case of domestic abuse (to me), seems its 30% up since lockdown.

Watching what i say, complimenting her on lovely dinners made, instead of saying "put some makeup on dear, I know its just us two in here, but you could make an effort LOL"

Seems the papers are saying with all this staying indoors, will create a baby boom in nine months, no chance in this household 

RE: [VIDEO] The Official Title For Star Wars: Episode IX Revealed

I just could never get into the films after the original trilogy (4, 5 &6) I have those on DVD, the rest i did not really care if any character died especially Ja Ja binks , I just had no empathy with them all, unlike the first three where we loved the characters.

As for the latest films, went to the cinema to see them only once, I only bought the two stand alone movies on DVD, as they were good, ie, rogue one (to find the death star plans) and Solo (Han Solos life story), especially the hijacking the monorail train scene was worth buying it for the visuals.

RE: Coping with the lockdown

Well finished my shower drain blockage saga, by replacing all the piping, and going to bung up the holes in the artex ceiling with some gyprock I found in a skip (yes, scavenging now for DIY parts )  Next DIY job, painting the outside back wall white, has been scuppered due to visiting B&M's for food, had their DIY section open but sandtex white was not available, but every other colour was, so everyone had the same idea as me to do some white painting, and i was too late to get white LOL.

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

si says... {Scottish top health officer, the face of stay at home, no essential travel, on tv adverts} Calderwood has resigned now.

No bl****dy wonder, when the rest of us are trying our best to stay in!

On a separate topic....Got a bit choked up with Queenies address to the nation, with the 'we will meet again' part, with Vera Lynn WW2 song coming to mind. (note: I am not that old )

RE: Audacity with microphone

I use audacity. You need to ensure line-in is not disabled.

Go to search programs box (bottom left) at windows start Icon, put in 'sound card', click 'change sound card settings', and the display below will come up, press recording tab, right click to see and tick box to see hidden devices, line-in is usually a hidden device, grrrh!, stupid windows, then you enable line in, and audacity works with sound in. You may have to adjust the stereo sound volumes L and R on the Audacity screen to suit your microphone.

I have also found a really good free on-line recording program that records and saves your microphone speech, its very easy to use by just plugging your microphone in and running the program.

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

I think the vaccine (if found) is the best solution for us all to give us protection, especially older folk like me. Lets hope they get it soon and out ot the people.

Even when this is nearly over and has burned through the population, (herd immunity) there will be older people and pensioners frightened to go out, in case they get it later on. 

Even ventilators and eventual plenty of spare beds at a hospitals once the peak is over, is not a 'save all', as many are still dying even with a ventilator as the virus can be overwhelming to the lungs.

RE: Labour

Well at least Corbyn has gone (or is going soon) thank God he never got in power 

Putting things in perspective, interest in the labour leader contest and even Brexit, is on the back burner at the moment, due to this Covid-19 situation.

RE: Coping with the lockdown

Of all the deaths so far, the one that really made my wife and I cry, was the two nurses on the frontline who died doing their job, and what a loss to their family. Plus there will be more NHS staff that will also succumb to this, before its all over.

This shows how the personal protection given to NHS and first responders is just not up to the job if the virus is getting through. If it was an ideal world and time was on our hands, which it is not, they should have been in the equivalent of a hazmat suit.

Yep, hard times indeed.

[VIDEO] RE:Living on Youtube

I enjoy mysterious and ancient and lost history where it does not tie up with current academic thinking. One of the best channels for this is  'PraveenMohan' channel , he is an Indian and his voice takes a bit of getting used to but goes into great detail about forgotten or hidden technology of the ancient builders, like molding rocks, statues, and using machinery to cut stone blocks and even ancient lathes to cut rotational carvings and pillars. He travels India and other countries, and has been a guest on some episodes of 'ancient aliens' TV show.

RE: Coping with the lockdown

Decided we are going to stay in the whole weekend and not bother with usual short exercise walk, as per PM Boris's plea. One look of his decrepit face on telly all red and swollen, plus hair all over the place (strike that last one, that his normal hair style LOL), showed what the virus does to people and that's a mild case he's got.

Deaths now well up, not good.

RE: All in a name

Interesting, the Government always have these 'think tank' reports on possible disasters, including hidden ones on UFO alien invasion, Nuclear meltdown situation, mobilise military and split the country, ect. Anything to do with national security.

From the above report, the problem is/was money and why stockpile when items become obsolete or perishable. Austerity held back million of pounds worth of equipment to the NHS.

Now as we have been hit by such a scenario, ie, virus, money has been thrown in by the Government as if it is just printed (pun intended as we are just work slaves to money). It does make a mockery of austerity, which was just a way of controlling the population with making money difficult to earn and keep, with bills and loans, keeping you down.

One website predicts that the massive cash injection put in to prop up the situation in the UK, could have kept every person of working age in the UK, on a basic universal wage for those not working for the next 10 years, like Finlands trial of a basic universal income as a solution to automation, fewer jobs and lower wages. where you get a basic wage, if you work or not, but you get more if you work obviously.

More likely the UK will have to go back to work in a month or at max six months, as the Government cannot go on doing this forever, and then we will pay more tax to pay back this massive unending debt, and no sign of a basic universal wage.


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RE: Coping with the lockdown

Snaps says ...Anyone else think there's a bit more traffic on the road?

Agree. Going by my own experience, I think people need a car to carry a week or two weeks food worth of shopping, now that their home stock of food has depleted since the food rush when the Government themselves started, by saying you may have to isolate for a week or two. People need fresh milk, bread, fresh fruit and veg, tins and wait for it..... toilet rolls!

Better getting two weeks supply in by car, rather than exposing yourself more by doing a daily shop on foot with a shopping bag.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

snaps says...Don Bacofoil hat and start at 16 mins.  

Argh!, freaked out, What next? adapted drones with mounted machinegun's and heat sensing of a hot forehead for the virus 

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

OK, start groaning now as the subject is Chemitrails.

This covid 19 situation has grounded many airlines, ok, a reduced number of planes are still flying, but what gets me is the military planes are flying and still spraying the skies.

Now to me this shows how important spraying the skies are to be still doing this geo-engineering spraying (whether for good against global warming or a danger to us by releasing dangerous elements into the air , aluminium and barium, which gets into our lungs, the soil, the water).

When we have something as serious as covid -19 on the ground the military are still spraying over cities and towns. I thought chemitrail spraying would be suspended during this time but no, it is more obvious due to the lack of planes in the sky.

How to tell they are military planes, check website airplane tracker radar, and see if they have a transponder and show up with a number, if they do not, then they are military.

RE: Coping with the lockdown

2 weeks into the lockdown.

Today a knock at the door and no-one out there ...but lying on the doorstep was a packet of 10 dish washing tablets. Thank goodness for good neighbours, thought I was going to have to do the dishes by hand. Close call!

I had mentioned yesterday over the fence (at a distance) to the neighbour that I was out of tablets, and going to have to hand wash, eek!

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

I have went through malaria ridden swamps, fought alligators, and kicked a dingos behind when it got too close, then crossed the road, just to get to the amber nectar. 

(Disclaimer: some of the above is an exaggeration)

RE: Whats going to happen with new film releases?

Disney streaming..would that be Mulan (the real actors movie)?
quite fancy seeing that.

Whats going to happen with new film releases?

Being a myreviewer website, this website has a big part of it dedicated to movies and reviews.

Films are well planned months in advance for release at the cinema, so whats going to happen now to new films, seeing that all cinemas are closed during this covid-19 situation? (and quite rightly so).

There are adverts on TV still showing upcoming film releases.
 I was looking forward to Sonic the Hedgehog movie, with the grand-children, but now what is the way forward?

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

We beg to differ on police powers Rob. Give some of them an inch and they will take a mile.

Jitendar Canth...Although going to an off licence to do the same probably isn't given that off licenses are considered essential retailers in this time of doom!
Good point.

admars says .... Eddie Large: Comedian dies aged 78 with coronavirus
Always though poor eddie looked ill and overweight way back in the 80's never mind the 2020's, amazed  he lasted so long RIP.

RE: Coping with the lockdown

Visit to my local Asda supermarket and the 2 meter spacing queue outside was way back like a conga line. Stuff that..

Jumped in the car went to Aldi and only 6 in the queue, max 60 people in, one in one out. Not sure why Aldi was quieter with less queues, may be there is a reason for that?

Came back with a massive rack of uncooked chicken legs, think I was doing well, and wife said "what the...? Uncooked? You can cook them" LOL.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

admars says...
"but in their {the Police} defence it's all a bit new to them as well isn't it. "

Neighbour told me he was stopped by police as he loaded up his car boot at Tesco carpark, and was told that only buying booze, which he had loaded up with (a case of beer and some wine), was totally non-essential and fined him £30.

Moral is, if you are buying booze also buy some bread and toilet rolls as well, as thats essential 

This to me puts law abiding citizens really off, with this crazy attitude and abuse of police powers, it is just plain crazy. You might expect this in 1939 - 1944 Germany, but not here. me I would have said booze is essential at this time to cope with this Covid 19 situation.

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RE: Stuff to do.

Gardening season has started, so its mow the lawn, sort out the shrubbery (instantly reminded me of monty python for some reason) , pot some plants, fill up compost corner, etc 

RE: Coping with the lockdown

The saga of replacing the drainage piping of the first floor shower. Here we see three nice big holes in the kitchen artex ceiling using a drilling machine to cut them out. I just hope my Wife does not spot them by looking up  

Normally I would have finished the whole job in a day, but I need to pan out my spare time, so will replace the piping tomorrow, and fill in the holes and artex the day after  

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

The crazy world we now live in......

RE: Leaving Neverland

Thanks. Very interesting.
Amazed some people leave a cafe if Micheal Jackson's music comes on.

I still love Micheals music and videos, play them when I can, and to me his personal life takes second place to the music he gave us.

Same goes for a lot of mixed up personalities, like George Michael and Amy Winehouse and more. To me the music legacy comes first.

RE: Coping with the lockdown

Snaps says...Polyfilla is okay to treat an open wound right?

Seen plenty of outback bushland temporary repairs to the body, when no flying doctor around. I got a bandage strapped round my wrist to stop the blood flowing by my Mum after getting a 3 inch gash by landing on some sharp metal scrap, as we could not afford the doctor. Still got the scar to this day, and lucky I never got lockjaw. 

Plus I'm sure some guys in the opal prospecting territories could even knock up a respirator out of an old fridge compressor, if asked to do it  

RE: Coping with the lockdown

@Snaps....Yep, too many right angle bends to use snake. Drain cleaner and plunger does not work. So its ripping holes out the artex roof time, been thinking about doing this for months, so its time to do it......plenty spare time on our hands now