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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

I was specifically talking about in the school playground, you have to join a queue to enter at one gate to the playground, then navigate the one way system to drop off kid outside building, follow route to other buildings and then exit from other gate in playground.

the supermarkets near me got rid of the one way system arrows ages ago, so it's been like the wild west for a while.

Did a regular grocery shop today, glad i bought a massive pack of loo rolls last week (as I do anyway for a house of 4) as that section was empty! everything else seemed to be stocked as normal.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

there seems to be some confusion about this, and their own twitter account seems to contradict itself :(

it suggests looking at this link

You can book a test for coronavirus in many ways, including through the NHS COVID-19 app. If you book your test through the app, your test result will be updated automatically in the app.

However, if you booked a test a different way, you can still link your test result to the app if you received a positive result.
If your test took place in a Public Health England lab or NHS hospital, or as part of national surveillance testing conducted by the Office for National Statistics, test results cannot currently be linked with the app whether they’re positive or negative. We are working to make this available as soon as possible.

so, clear as mud, but i guess that's to be expected.

I was due to go out with a mate tonight, haven't seen him in months, just the 2 of us, were going to book a table at  a local pub, doing table service etc, with the 22:00 curfew we were wondering to call it off. Instead he's inviting a few ppl round to his house, so I've made an excuse why i can't make it now :(
it worries me even more when it's intelligent ppl I know rather than just the great unwashed :( (not that I'm a snob ;) )Like doing the school run, the missus is getting more an more fed up being one of the minority wearing a mask, and ppl gathering outside the gates, chatting as normal so you can't get past. teh school sends out messages, ppl seem to be able to understand the one way system, but little else :(

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

i restarted my phone before I went to bed, this morning battery had only gone down a few percent.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Brooky - didn't you try on phone before, but it doesn't work, you need to use a pc?

for anyone wanting to watch their battery drain you can probably follow the link here:

to download the app. my battery has gone down 6% in about 45mins! I don't normally have gps or bluetooth turned on. i'll plug it into my laptop later and see if goes down or up ;)

the app itself is using 1%, so I guess the ppl moaning about the app using battery quickly, are like me, and don't use gps or bluetooth.

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RE: Useful Free Software Links (as recommended by forum users)

on another forum ppl were warning off ccleaner as since it has been bought by avast seems to push other products too hard.

I got annoyed by it installing its own web browser which becomes default browser and launches on startup. maybe you can stop it doing that in the ccleane rinstall, but it wasn't obvious if you can. it's basically a custom versio of chrome, but seemed more sluggish to me and didn't seem to live up to their hype.

anyway, a few ppl mentioned using Privacy eraser instead:

RE: So... what are you playing just now?

bit of KOTOR2 today, only a few hours in so far, so far so good, more of the same, but in a good way.

RE: New Ebay con

I've had a couple of bad experiences but mostly good ones. I suppose the problem is there's unscrupulous buyers as well as sellers, who falsely claim to have not received an item, I guess the big boys can allow for that in their profit, but not the little ones.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

how long is the rifle/gun whatever you use for grouse shooting? I'm guessing long enough to make sure you're 2m apart?

football there would be no tackles, maybe that's the reason?

maybe hockey would be ok?

a friend's 50th is coming up, he was going to organise a party, it was suggested him and his partner of many years turn it into a wedding so the get together can still go ahead, he's insisted it's postponed to next year.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

a new 'pop up' test center opened near me the other day, walk-in or by appointment. Apparently both had to join the same queue, one of my neighbours waited in queue 1.5hrs.

He only wanted testing, as he saw it was there when he walked past it!!!!!!

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[VIDEO] RE:Living on Youtube

a friend brought this guy to my attention when he reviewed a ludicrously expensive coffee maker (The 9Barista Espresso Machine Review), but this is an interesting video he's made, about being a reviewer :)

the one where he buys loads of coffee making kit from Ikea and reviews it is good. he's probably an acquired taste though.

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RE: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2

Pretending I'm a Superman: The Tony Hawk Video Game Story

is on Sky Documentaries tonight

RE: [VIDEO] Coping with the lockdown

i was kind of hoping it would be more likely one of the red coats would phone me up to tell me the bad news

RE: [VIDEO] Coping with the lockdown

isn't it in your own interests to give right details?

we had out summer holiday in a social distanced Butlins, and at the onsite restaurants we gave our details, was sort of dreading getting a phonecall after we got home, but at same time, better to be told, than be oblivious.

they managed it quite well, had to prebook swimming session, shows etc. for the hsows they set up new outdoor stage, and had picnic bench set up at a good distance away from each other, you could only sit wth ppl from your own accomadation. you could bing food and drink in to show, or use app to pay for and order it to be brought to you.

the fairground they limited number of people on rides, every other seat was empty, and a couple were completely closed.

the park was running at at most half number of visitors.

swimming I'm not sure how well the social distancing work, but they only let one person at a time on each flume etc, amde sure the person was completely out of way before you get down, which on some is protocol anyway, but not for the "rapids".

no phonecalls and it was weeks ago, so must have worked?

RE: [VIDEO] Coping with the lockdown

still working from home, which is easier now kids have gone back to school :)

the office I work in is shared, and we've been told current plans are to reopen it mid next month, but with social distancing, so a bank of deskw which has 6, will only have 2 people on it, so if less than half of us can go in, i guess a lot of people will choose to carry on workign from home, saves a lot of time travelling and petrol money :)

I do sort of miss getting out the house though

the argument between health minister and interviewer today is funny

interviewer: so from monday no groups of more than 6
health sec: yes
interview: so shoudl someone who has a ticket to the races today go?
health sec: the new rules come in on monday
interviewer: so is it safe to go to the races today with thousands of other people
health sec: the new rules come in on monday

funnily enough one of the girls was due to go to a birthday party a week on saturday. so the parents have moved it to this weekend, as obviously this wekeend will be safer than the following one, i don't think there will be much social distancing

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RE: Banksy....Is it Art or Graffiti ??

I think it would be nice if it's a mystery we never find out. My guess is it's a collective of people.

Ppl like to know don't they, or it's like the person who says "I saw the twist coming a mile off" when they see a film, they like the one upmanship.

Surprised he/she/they have stayed anonymous this long

RE: WinAmp being discontinued :(

The Winamp Skin Museum Is X-Tremely Gnarly

as for the actual thing:

5.8 was leaked yonks ago, but nothing since

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RE: Summer 2020 Football Transfer Thread

I guess Messi's lawyers realised he coudnt walk away Scot free, and no other club would pick up the bill or his wages.

Wonder if he'll play, or like Bale will just get silly money to have his golf interrupted to watch a match now and again :(

RE: [VIDEO] Bond, Trailer Bond

no ski chase or boat chase? your version is rubbish ;)

I saw water and boats, and ice and mountains in the proper trailer, could job you don't make trailers.

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RE: Current Cellphone deals

i switched from EE to virgin a few years ago, sim only, much cheaper, rollover unused data etc, I think virgin uses the EE network.

works fine for me, moved the missus over a year ago, again she was EE, and put her phone on my account, she hasn't complained either. she's on phone + sim, fairly cheap one but is enough.

RE: [VIDEO] The Trump Presidency

Trump encourages North Carolina residents to vote twice to test mail-in system

The president said it would be a way to check whether anti-fraud efforts are "as good as they say."

again, I guess he has a point, I'm not sure this is the right way to go about testing, but hey, if it gets more votes against him why not :)

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[VIDEO] RE:The Trump Presidency

I think actually he does have a point, I reckon I could throw a tin of soup with more force than a brick, and it is easier to hold.

However, there were suggestions corned beef, spam etc would be better - the corners would hurt more.

I have a scar on my finger from a corned beef tin, that wasn't projectile related though. I used the key to open it most of the way round, then as i pulled the lid off, it slipped, cutting my finger, i turned from the bin to the sink, and a lovely jet of blood lined the wall, like a horror movie :) I lived in halls at the time at uni, so couldn't see anything in the kitchen that might be clean/suitable for bandaging my finger, so called out to my flat mates, who told me they were too busy watching Eastenders to help! I went down to security, where I nice security man took me to the local hospital, where the dr used some plastic things to hold my finger in place :) The nurse said I was lucky that he preferred that to stitches :) The security guard then drove me back to the halls!

weird isn't it, how I can remember that even from 20 odd years ago so vividly :)

Almost Trump like in my rambling ;)