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RE: [VIDEO] RIP: Prince

There's a couple of Prince things on BBC2 tonight

9:10 Prince: a Purple Reign
Documentary exploring how Prince - showman, artist, enigma - revolutionised the perception of black music in the 1980s by embarking on an amazing journey of musical self-discovery.

10:55; Prince and the Revolution; Live

The Syracuse Carrier Dome show from Prince's 1985 Purple Rain tour. This Grammy-nominated concert film has been entirely remixed, remastered and visually enhanced.

12:15 Purple Rain

RE: [VIDEO] The Muppets Mayhem

just watched the first episode, was pretty good, made me laugh, cameos were good, some announced who they are, some if you know, you know, as i said before, i'm guessing they didn't need much arm twisting :)

RE: [VIDEO] Ted Lasso Season 3

trying to work out who the guy that

wanted the "usie" with Ted at the airport was,

found that here:

also across this, some nice stuff I had, and hadn't noticed:

nice to get an answer to some of the

guests at the wedding, and the guy who got hit in the face was :)

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RE: [VIDEO] What gig did you just go to?

tickets on sale Friday, if you like heavy/edgy/hip hop /metal, well recommended.

interesting/good for them they're playing Engine Rooms, this time, which is the next size up in the local venues, Joiners last time was sold out and heaving, I think they've won an award or two since then, and have toured USA, and supported some pretty big bands like Offspring, so makes sense

[VIDEO] RE:What are you listening to now??? (Music recomendations)

30 years, wow...

We continue to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Brown album. We have just uploaded "Impact (The Earth is Burning)".

This still remains a pinnacle part of the live set and has morphed and de-morphed into different variations and versions. What is your preferred version?

Written by Paul and Phil Hartnoll

still sounds great


Vocals - Alison Goldfrapp

never knew that, but i guess back then, Goldfrapp weren't a thing :)

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RE: 2024 Olympics Paris

GB’s Sky Brown takes Gold at Olympic Qualifying event

Skateboard GB rider Sky Brown (14), took the gold medal at the World Skate Pro Tour Championships in San Juan, Argentina today (Sunday 28th May 2023), in the second Olympic qualifying event for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

RE: [VIDEO] Ted Lasso Season 3

sj says...
"What are the general reasons for some of the slagging admars?"

dunno, generate clicks ;) I've not read them, just seen "headlines" like "what the script writers have got wrong this series" etc. You know what journalists are like, they like to knock something down/be controversial to get readers, it's not news if a dog bites a man.

RE: [VIDEO] Ted Lasso Season 3

I'm enjoying it, work mate is enjoying it, few pppl here are BUT SJ you're not alone, my feed has various sites slagging off the new series

RE: [VIDEO] Ted Lasso Season 3

OMG, I want so much more, but at the same time, I don't ;)

on a side, was playing football in the garden with one of the kids the other day, she likes to play "properly", so after a goal is scored, we have to put the ball in the centre of the garden, wait for the whistle to play on.

she couldn't understand, why I wasn't going "peeep", like she was, but instead said "whistle" in a v gruff voice every time :)

RE: [VIDEO] Evil Dead Rise – Official Trailer (Red Band)

This was pretty good, it's sort of a homage to various classic horror films in places, including Evil Dead, i.e. it's got a couple of funny scenes, but it's not got the slapstick comedy.

RE: Windows 11

I've been using it for a week now on my work PC, so it's become my main OS now, the only thing I'm wondering is how long will it take for me to get used to moving mouse to just left of bottom middle for start menu rather than bottom left hand corner ;)

So far I've not noticed an problems, even our own in house software seems to work as it did in 10, which had brought in problems which we didn't have in xp and 7.

btw it was an upgrade from 10, via windows update, took a while, but worked fine.

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RE: Andy Rourke of The Smiths has died

Steve Lamaq played What Difference Does It Make? earlier, and now it's stuck in my head, which would be ok, but I can't stand their music, but still a shame that some-one part of such an influential band died so young :(

RE: [VIDEO] Ted Lasso Season 3

I really hate standing up in front of people to do speaches, presentations etc, so next time I have to do one, i might have to start a crowd funder to get the Ted Lasso script writers and Hannah Wadingham to take my place :)

RE: [VIDEO] Ted Lasso Season 3

after a week of seeing Hannah Waddingham in Eurovision outfits, got round to Ted Lasso, great stuff, writers didn't disapoint :)

RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal 22/23 Season

Are you Southampton in disguise?

sorry, couldn't resist when I saw the score ;) Bit like the irony of Pompy fans laughing at us getting relegated.

RE: [VIDEO] EA Announces New Lord Of The Rings Mobile RPG

I can sort of see the complaints about the graphics, but it sort of makes a nice change to have something a bit more nice cartoony rather than gritty/serious comic book/realistic.

playwise as expected v similar to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, Marvel Strike Force, Disney Arena, Raid Shadow Legends etc.

was crashing a bit last night, but I expect that's due to demand.

Not sure it will tear me away from SWGoH. Funny thing was on that chat a lot of MSF ppl were giving it a go, as the MSF servers were down for maintenance!

so far, been given enough free energy as i level up to have plenty to do without even thinking of spending cash, which I won't do.

[VIDEO] RE:What gig did you just go to?

noisy one last night

NY Hardcore/noise pioneers Unsane played an intimate gig, which was good, v loud, they're touring playing mostly early stuff from their first 2 albums

(infamous for their first album cover which is nsfw!)

is probably the only song that ever got any airtime on Mtv etc

support came from local band Hummune
who i've mentioned before when I've seen them, great if you like you stoner rock/doom/sludge :)

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RE: Amazon ditches Free Delivery for all orders under £10

yeh, something i bought the other day, i couldn't see anything else I really needed/wanted to take it just up to £25 so ordered and picked up from Argos in Sainbury's just a 5 min walk from me instead

RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal 22/23 Season

at St Mary's away section is one corner, and goes right to the back, someone has to sit at the back.

St Mary's if you're on the side in the gods, it's ok, get a nice view of whole pitch, preferable to behind the goal at the front!

RE: [VIDEO] Ted Lasso Season 3

glad to see the Diamond Dogs bag :) Funnily enough, I was curious to read what Trent's mug said, and noticed it was a rainbow mug, bit of googling, seems like it has been in the show before, so I guess they have been drip feeding us clues! Interesting, that and Colin have been mostly sidelined, but Keeley and Jack not, but I guess that shouldn't be a surprise?

Also enjoying the Nate story, is it going to be a return of the Prodigal Son which is which what we seem heading for or is that too obvious?

RE: [VIDEO] What gig did you just go to?

Just saw Fun Lovin' Criminals at The Joiners, very good, played a nice mix of old and new songs, unsurprisingly them playing such a small venue sold out in hours, but I guess the age of audience meant it wasn't such a sweaty horrible mess as most gigs I've been to there, and apart from the last song (you can guess what that was) it was mostly swaying rather than raucus dancing :)

Huey is no longer in the band, the guitarist didn't say much, but the drummer is charasmatic, him and the singer/bassist/brass/keyboardist interacted with the crowd a bit.

RE: The Cleaner (Greg Davies' sitcom)

hmmn, disapointed by this series, episode 5 was good, the last episode started off ok, and then went downhill, but something seemed to be lacking :(