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About this user: still have the old wharfy 750 now relegated to the bedroom... now all panasonic hometheatre/ multiregion dvd player...

likes `Baby Spice`
dislikes, anything to do with Brad Pitt/Friends/ or Robbie Williams. (oh, and Arsenal).

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RE: The Next Starfighter?

wow... hope this comes of was a favourite film as a kid, how about a sequal to Flight of the Navigator, that would be great too, as we know Max can time travel

RE: [VIDEO] Top Gear really is back!

the current presenters have a real presence and they bounce really well off each other.

I was never a fan to Hamster, but May & Clarkeson held the show together... the next incarnation should be banished to Room 101.

Flintoff wasnt a fan of his having seen him on various others shows, but in this he is really funny... 

On a serious note watch his programme on his Bulimia and dealing with his demons, amazing!

RE: Borat is Back

I must be getting old, as I just don't get it... this or Ali G

RE: New Ebay con

I have had similar with faulty items being sent, then when you get the automatic eBay postage label it doesnt cover the cost due to weight, the label will be for under 2kg items, or size restricted as Royal Mail.  The cost then being as much as £20 to return, yet Hermes will do it for under £5.

eBay, paypal just look to milk both buyers and sellers, and there appears little recourse when you get stung... i've lost count of items not arriving from oversea's, especially China.

I set me filters to UK located, even then a lot of sellers are from China.

About time there was a real alternative... i now look to buy with local suppliers if i can.

RE: Arsenal 2020/21 Season

I'm not sure the alphabet counts... 

RE: [VIDEO] Coping with the lockdown

Personally i think we are heading into another lockdown during the winter period... we have been lucky that the summer weather people bein outdoors has prevented many from contracting this, but come the cold damp days, with people in hot building all the windows closed, then the R rate will rise... 

Whether you agree with the world politics at the moment, this is a real threat... common sense, wash you hands (people seem to have forgotten this, BASIC rule) use a tissue, cover your face if coughing/sneezing...

Remember Coughs & Sneezes spread diseases...

I dont worry for myself, as i am fairly healthy (if a bit overweight) but i do worry for relatives who are older, and those who are friends with underlying health issues.

RE: [VIDEO] The Old Guard (Netflix)

waynewalker1752 says...
"it is a very nice movie. jewelry repair dayton ohio"

your rock is missing you... please crawl back under it!

RE: How old do you feel!

waynewalker1752 says...
"How fast time goes. Realtor Cincinnati Ohio"

ooh... a fresh can of cured pork meat from two time poster!

RE: Browser change

Snaps says...
"Not having a dig but isn't that because those systems are really old?"

In deed some systems still work in MSDOS!

RE: Browser change

been using Firefox for years since recommended on here with my tryst old Acer Windows 7 machine.

Bought a ThinkPad with Windows 10 earlier in the year... but sinc march not seen it, as the 10 year old has pinched it for school work!

Well Edge seems to have automatically downloaded, i am guessing Windows 7 has done this...

The question is do i keep it, will it increase the longevity of Windows 7?  I use Windows 10 for work, and have to say hate it... conflicts with so many systems we use!

RE: I thought car insurance was supposed to be cheaper this year?

I'm with Admiral, and so is the wife, just had £25 back on each policy, and renewal on her year old corsa fully comp protected, with business mileage included, courtesy car, and only £250 excess... renewal quote £165

Didnt bother compare the meerkat, as at that price my time is worth more!

RE: Your State of Mind

I've just gone cold turkey... 11 days without switching the TV on, didn't miss it one bit!

RE: [VIDEO] What are you listening to now??? (Music recomendations)

Listening to Queen of the High Straight, by Wendy James

Have to say quite enjoying it, not as Punk as her earlier stuff, of the Transvision Vamp classics, but its definitely growing on me

RE: So... what are you playing just now?

the fool according to the wife!

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RE: 10 years have passed since I was last here!

i just remembered 'Tithers' he was a regular poster and interesting bloke, met him and JulianF at Dartington Music Festival

RE: Kim Jong Un dead?

at least videos of him before his demise!

RE: 10 years have passed since I was last here!

If everyone is coming back, where are 'Nina', 'Bear', and 'Roar'.... i am sure there are a few others?

RE: Speaking of Drinks

Apfelkorn is one of my all time favourites so will have to give this a go!

RE: Kim Jong Un dead?

dont worry plenty of clones to replace him!

RE: 10 years have passed since I was last here!

welcome to back to the asylum... they're all and mad as they were!

RE: [VIDEO] RIP Tim Brooke-Taylor

always a staple funny man since my early childhood and The Goodies, in recent years have loved listening to him on R4, such a clever and witty man.


RE: Whats going to happen with new film releases?

would be good if at least some of the big studios released them on free-to-air

a sign of good faith!

RE: Coping with the lockdown

Robee J Shepherd says...
"So true! Talking of idiot humans, what's it like out there?
Hope you manage to stay safe, Sparks!"

I can confirm we are still breeding idiots...

On the whole most people now they have panic bought, are generally pretty good at taking the advice.

In the military we talk about 'winning hearts and minds'... it has to be the same approach with this, we can police, and we can enforce the new legislation... but in this country we police by consent, better to ask, then tell... than have to threaten, and enforce through fines/arrests.

The vast majority are behind all the services trying to tackle this... fingers crossed in a month or two the worst will be behind us.

RE: Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

as if the blue light services havent enough to deal with the virus... lets just allow people to drink too much as well!

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RE: Coping with the lockdown

bandicoot says...
"So far i have laid a new carpet in the hall and stairs, and when dark, went stir crazy, and dived out the back window and headed for the woods, and this is only day two of the lockdown "

if you're bored i have some jobs for you to do, whilst i am out working!

Looks like we will be busy for quite some time... all i would say is govt advice is good... stay home, avoid contact with others outside the family unit, the virus needs us (humans) to spread.

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Well went into Tesco thsi afternoon to get Calpol for people in the village who cannot get out, and the place was stacked with the EEC Toilet Roll mountain... still limited to two of everything in store, which is mad when they have lots od 3 for 2 offers on!

RE: Genesis Tour Tickets

Is Phil Collins well enough to play?

His son has been performing in his place over recent times.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Well its all media hype causing the shortages in stores... just spent two days in London, and saw only 1 person with a face mask.

So at least some of the country are holding on to reality?