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dislikes, anything to do with Brad Pitt/Friends/ or Robbie Williams. (oh, and Arsenal).

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RE: Christmas Shopping

The older I have got, the less tolerant of people I have become... my motto now is 'unless I can buy it online, it isn't worth buying'.

I worked in retail management for 12 years, and cannot believe the attitude, and the way staff are allowed to dress in stores today... my biggest pet peeve is when you ask a question and they just point as say it's in aisle... such and such or spend all their time on the checkouts chatting to their friends, or other staff.

Many times, I have now just dumped goods at the till point, or left a basket, trolley with items in them, just because of poor customer service... no, actually 'a lack of any customer service'.

I guess I am just a grumpy old man!

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RE: Leslie Phillips dead at 98 :(

very sad news, always struck me a real gentleman


RE: Don`t forget the clocks go back Saturday night!!!!

admars says...
"what about the boiler? "

that's not going on until December 24th!

RE: [VIDEO] Andor

Best episode yet... Moxxy from Auf Weidersehn Pet... bit of an homage to Blakes 7, with the electric pain prods, that The System used to control its human slaves

RE: [VIDEO] here comes the new boss, same as the old boss

It was clear she just didn't know the answer... I can't understand why she tried to bluster her way through, should just have said good, question, I don't know the answer, but i will find out for you!

Public would just go, great some honesty!

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RE: Twitter being Musked

I have no idea, as I don't have an account, but I believe the collective noun for those that 'Tweet' on 'Twitter' is 'Twats'?

I have a FacePuke account but only really for keeping in contact with close friends/family... 

I don't have any other anti-social media, and have no interest in joining any, as all i see is people being trolled, and many people voicing unpalatable extreme views looking to provoke a reaction.

This is the best forum by far and away on the 'interweb' and long may it continue!

RE: Is there an Artist in You

I have actually googled (other search engines are available) and it was actually Bob Ross... can't believe he was so young when he died

RE: [VIDEO] RIP Miss Price

So strange watching a news article on her, couldn't believe how much she appeared in, such a talented actress, and producer, RIP

RE: Is there an Artist in You

Use to love watching that bloke on tv with the big frizzy hair and beard from America/Canada as a kid

Cannot remember his name though!

Also you cannot beat a bit of Tony Hart... he was fantastic in all mediums.

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RE: Nicola Sturgeon:I detest tories

mbilko says...
"I would bet the mortgage she is the most popular and more to the point trusted leader of any party in the UK, hands down"

say's a lot about the rest of them then!

Jitendar Canth says...
"She should just give up on the independence lark, field candidates across the UK and become Prime Minister herself,"

I agree...

RE: Nicola Sturgeon:I detest tories

More to the point we detest the sour faced wee Jimmy Crankie lookie likee... If she thinks the Scots want independance, she was clearly looking the other way, when the nation was out mourning our late Queen.

RE: Get Reliable Law Assignment writer UK

If it smells and tastes like cured pork meat in a tin, I guess its SPAM?

RE: The energy crisis

Other than heating on only, when necessary, no changes here in respect of energy usage!

Solar panels & battery backup have in hindsight been a massive bonus, in that my electricity bills have fallen by 75% over last 18 months or so.  Interestingly with so many people looking to now install, there are long lead times of up to 6 months for installations, and the costs of a system like ours has risen by over £4000.

Now with the hike in prices the saving potentially increases, so long as we have some decent sun/daylight in the winter months.

Last two years have used the car 50% less, as managed to work a lot from home, and really got into my cycling, now back full time in from the base office, fuel prices that's a massive shock to the wallet! I now use the gym at work and shower there, and obviously I won't be needing the electricity/gas heating at home during the day.

What will really suffer is the small local businesses, I use to by fresh bread and meat from the local farm shop every weekend, the quality is so much nicer, but costs 50% more than from supermarket, and the two daughters and the boyfriends won't now be having a takeaway every Saturday night.

I foresee this may impact massively on the small independent businesses, more that than the giant multinationals who can absorb the additional costs.

I have actually written to my Utility supplier asking why when unit prices to purchase have gone up so much just below 30p for electricity, isn't it about time they looked at increasing the amounts we are paid for energy we export just over 3p a unit!

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RE: Looking for new broadband - any deals?

I've looked at Jurassic Fibre, but again no standout deals!

RE: Does anyone wash their own windows?

First post is a link... call me cynical, but I can smell canned and cured pork meat!

RE: Results Came In

Yeah, come on Mark, why don't you like the cocky knobhead?

That must be what they call a 'Rhetorical Question'

RE: Results Came In

Great news, glad the Doc has given you the all clear!

RE: It what’s Next??

fingers firmly crossed for you

RE: The future started last week

Also... the birth and death of CDs and DVDs (and I guess video cassettes!) hasn't helped.

Video Cassettes are dead... have I missed something, as I still have a few and a VHS VCR (admittedly only gets used a couple of times a year!)

RE: [VIDEO] RIP Bernard

What a wonderful actor, and gentleman, you will be missed sir, RIP

RE: RIP Nichelle Nichols

RIP... my childhood memories get smaller by the day

RE: BP release quarter profits

Seems they are making excuses that they paid £1bn in UK taxes, and that major Pensions Companies heavily invest in them, and that during 2020 Pandemic they made a loss, and the govt didn't help out then?

The profit of the big 6 (as they are now) just seems obscene... but we have no way to hit them where it hurts, as we all need to fuel our cars, purchase food, and heat/light our homes!

They are predicting £3600 per year now to heat/light the average home... that's £300 per month, with interest rates/mortgages rising, many may find themselves in dire straits, in the next 12 months :-(

RE: The adidas Originals Star Wars Collection for 2010

love that they turn your pointer into a Tie Fighter

RE: The Last Ever Neighbours

I'm only going to watch it is 'Bouncer' is in it!

RE: [VIDEO] She-Hulk

I'm sorry but all I can see is Princess Fiona 

RE: Have you had Covid yet?

We've ascertained that the crippling bug Annie caught 2 years ago just after all this started was in fact Covid. No-one we spoke to could give us a definitive diagnosis at the time, but seeing as she couldn;t get out of bed for 2 weeks might have been a clue
My wife had very similar December 2019... so bad I had to physically pick her up off the bathroom floor!  She was properly wiped out for best part of a month.

I've tested positive, but was totally asymptomatic last October.

I only knew about it as the NHS were doing LFT efficacy tests and sent me both tests at same time, LFT negative, PCR positive... they then took bloods, and told me I had likely had it, or been vaccinated?

The clue was I had, had three vaccinations at that point 

So in all honesty I am not sure I have had it, and even less sure how accurate the LFT tests are/were?

RE: [VIDEO] What gig did you just go to?

Let's Rock at Powderham yesterday...

Jo Boxers... meh
The Selecter... really great to hear some pure Ska again!
Ottowan... really fun renditions, Hand's Up, and D.I.S.C.O
Belinda Carlisle... fabulous still really got it
Heaven 17... wow as good to day as back in the 80's
Tom Bailey (Thompson Twins)... great set of TT songs
Scritti Politti... was never a fan, couldnt remember any of their songs, but still good sound!
Ed Tudor Pole (Tenpole Tudor)... who?
Living in a Box... were Ok, just!
Nick Heywood (Haircut 100)... i had forgotten how many great tunes they had, and Nick still has a great voice, and unlike todays charts plays real instruments
Billy Ocean... wow what a voice, what a set, fan 'bloody' tastic
OMD... highlight of the day for me, wished they could have played all the 48 songs they threatened to!
Human League... always good value for money, the closing act,

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Well I quite enjoyed the last two episodes, far better than Boba Fett or The Mandalorian

RE: Sandisk SD card

does it work on phones via an App?

I've used DiskDigger with varying results over the last few years