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RE: Banksy....Is it Art or Graffiti ??

bandicoot (Elite) posted this on Wednesday, 9th September 2020, 10:06

I still see Banksy's work as Graffiti, and would be quite happy to take a sledgehammer to the wall that it is on 

I always chuckle when fragile art is destroyed and people go up in arms. I remember a guy falling down a flight of stairs by accident in a museum and hitting a big priceless ming vase on the half landing, and smashing to pieces. I mean why put it on a half landing LOL. I wonder who paid for that one? 

Mind you i suppose ancient art/statues are worth saving as they say it shows the spiritual and creative side of Man, instead of man the destroyer. As for me, well it is rather wasted on an outback man.


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