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RE: Any good games in the PS3 Store?

Noby Noby Boy is great. Essentially, you`re a worm-type-thing that runs around eating stuff and firing it out of your arse, and growing longer and longer...

It`s worth making a US PSN account if you don`t have one. Loads of the PSN games that don`t have demos here do there. It`s also far easier to browse for games/demos as there`s actually specific categories for them

RE: Mystery PS3 Game

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RE: Demo of Stranglehold for XBox 360

Nah, doesn`t always mean it`s dead. It happens quite frequently for me now but normally a quick reboot fixes it. In my case it`s overheating. Eventually it will go but I`d rather utilise it as much as I can. I don`t really fancy waiting a month for it to be repaired.

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RE: Bad rumours for anime fans: a.k.a Manga Entertainment do it again. :(

Excellent, excellent film, definitely one of the best I`ve seen in recent years. Still hasn`t been licensed yet I believe. It`s worth checking out the Live action prequel too. It`s not as good but it gives some background. Both live action and anime versions of Toki Wa Kakeru Shoujo stand well enough on their own anyway.

If you have a couple of weeks viewing time to spare, Monster is a damn good series(but 74 episodes long). This video is more of a setup for the series and helps explain the background of the monster in question but I think it`s excellent in its own right.

RE: Price match policy?

Gameplay will have it to you by tomorrow. I very much doubt you`ll find a store that will match online prices anyway.

RE: Movietyme: Customs Friendly?

They`ve always reshipped from inside the UK for me, I`ve not ordered anything from them in a couple of months but I wouldn`t expect them to have changed it in that time.

RE: Best place for pre ordering Pro Evo 6 for 360?

They have a better track record than gameplay/play for me.

RE: What I watched this week (w/e October 8th)

Bit of an anime week this time...

Major (Season 1, episodes 1-24 of Season 2) - A sports anime? A baseball anime? It turned out to be terrific entertainment. I found myself enjoying the exploits/learning cycle of Goro Honda and the teams he played for far more than I should have. It is very simple entertainment, and occasionally predictable but it pulls it off so damn well. One of the best animes I`ve seen this year. It`s a shame no-one`s licensed it and the fansubbers haven`t got round to the last two episodes of season 2. I await the licensing and DVD release eagerly.

RahXephon - Starts off in a w***y, artsy, self-indulgent manner but there`s more than enough of a story to hold it together in spite of that. By the time I got halfway through it really started to pay off story-wise. By the end it was s***ting on Neon Genesis Evangelion(ignore the comparisons, they`re bugger all alike really) from an extremely large height.

Millenium Actress - It`s Satoshi Kon. Another excellent film, as expected :D

City of Men - only the first couple of episodes but it seems every bit as good as City of God was so far.

Prison Break - I`m trying to watch season 1 again before I start season 2 but of late I`m only getting through one or two episodes a week. It`s a bloody good TV show but I don`t really feel like marathoning my way through it at present. So I`ve now finished disc 1 in 3 weeks. Still, at least I know I won`t have a massive break for season 2.

RE: Pig ignorant f***ing drivers

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RE: What`s the biggest (ie. number of discs) DVD boxset out there...?

Can`t you buy the films separately if you want to? Or is the packaging somehow different?

RE: DVDCrave

In my previous experiences(including a DS Lite ¬_¬), DVDCrave have indeed been customs friendly. Good company to deal with, on the whole.

RE: *****STICKY**** General Anime Thread

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: I really can`t say too much about it without spoiling it but it`s bloody brilliant.

Yes, it`s good enough to resurrect a 5 month old thread. :p is Full Metal Panic! and its spinoffs(Fumoffu and The Second Raid).

finished all the Read Or Die episodes now, & the OVA`s where really REALLY good & the main series was "good" certainly worth a watch

Really enjoyed the Read or Die OVAs and series though I`d probably put them on a par with each other.

Waiting for my region 4 boxset of Paranoia Agent to be sent via DVDCrave at the moment, as well as trying to finish off Tenchi Universe. I have Lain volumes 1-4 to watch too(picked them up very cheap) but I really didn`t think it was anything special the first time around. I should also have Heat Guy J series 1 coming soon(hurrah for Manga, about the only company to do good value for money R2 anime boxsets).

I`m sure I watch more anime than live-action tv nowadays. Is this a reflection of the general excellent quality of anime being made at present or the s***ness of normal tv?

RE: Bloody lottery! Time for a re-think.... >:-(

Just think how much you would have "won" by not buying lottery tickets at all.

RE: Clerks 2

Better than that for me, and I didn`t have much of a problem with the "inter species erotica" as it was put. It`s not *that* much more offensive than the first Clerks. Anyway, I quite enjoyed it.

The whole "racist words" bit was utterly hilarious as well as reflecting our overly PC society today. Randall`s LOTR rant could have been stolen from me. There`s so much to appreciate about it. As good as the original? Not quite. That shouldn`t put you off watching it at all.

RE: Anyone getting/got a DS Lite?


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They get bonus points from me for delivering quicker than DVDPacific in spite of having to order their stock in after you`ve ordered.

They have some quite nice offers atm and they don`t seem to fill in the customs label properly(no value was marked on mine).

Anyway, I`d use them again so I thought I`d recommend them.

RE: Are DVDPacific the best place to buy R1 DVDs?

DVDPacific didn`t mark down the price of my most recent order from them. End result: customs fee. My first ever, in fact. To be fair, I almost never order stuff over the limit. It took about 10 days(I ordered priority airmail) from being sent to me having to pay customs.

What irks me is Australian companies seem to be able to get it through, with no customs faffing around in 5 days or less.

RE: Limewire Question

edit: remove the dvd reviewer frame for it to work.

This is the only place I can think of putting this amusing swf..

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RE: Farscape - Complete Season 3 Box Set (10 Discs) £17.99 Delivered!

Absolute bargain for farscape boxsets. Thanks for posting.

Edit: No subtitles? AT ALL? I`ll stick to my downloaded versions with subtitles.

It`s nothing short of a joke.

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RE: Anyone getting/got a DS Lite?

White DS Lite > Black DS Lite from what I`ve seen of the black one. Fingerprints, like you say are a big issue. Personally speaking, I imported mine from DVDCrave a couple of weeks back and don`t regret it at all(the fact I didn`t have a DS to start with helped...).

A great redesign and well worth the £100 you have to pay in UK stores.

New Super Mario Bros is a must-buy.


No customs on my DS Lite from DVDCrave(it came this monday after being sent out the previous wednesday).


Why are you selling, is it just a "gadget" that once used a few times, goes back in the draw?

That sums up the PSP for me. It doesn`t have a lot of games I`d want(if you really want to play PS2 games on the move maybe you`d like the PSP), and I wouldn`t use its media playback functionality/emulation much. If you think you`d use this extra functionality(which is basically the PSP`s selling point as it sure as f*** doesn`t have many special/unique games) then go for it.

RE: Sensible Soccer 2006 on console - a show of hands please....

It`s not hard to score. You just haven`t learnt the best places to score from :p

The preset competitions/custom team mode are where it`s at in single player. The engine itself is full of exploits and the game`s blatantly not finished(what`s the deal with the international teams? Half of them simply aren`t there. Like Scotland).

None of this detracts from the game itself being fun. It does mean it`ll be a bit short-lived. Fair enough, apparently the missing teams and career mode will be included in the next release which would be enough to convince me to fork out again. Hopefully they`ll sort out the rubbish AI too.

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RE: Come on Arsenal.

This whole final has been an utter joke refereeing wise. Eboue`s dive and arsenal scoring provided much amusement for me. Karmic justice that Campbell scored don`t you think?

RE: Sensible Soccers Coming Back!

An invasive copy protection system that destroyed my old DVD drive and rendered my CD-burner useless.

Let`s not get started on the lies and hypocrisy their officials/representatives are responsible for.

RE: Sensible Soccers Coming Back!

Ouch @ paying £17.99 when it`s £13.99 from

Just a forewarning: it`s very likely to have Starforce on the PC version. Seeing it for £13.99, however, made me decide it was worth the risk.
If the worst comes to the worst I can cancel my preorder.

RE: Prison Break

Yup, it was a bloody brilliant ending. Won`t say any more for fear of spoiling people.

RE: Tom Clancy Boxset - 4 Films - £8.99 delivered

I think it may have been a misprice, which is why I`m not going to moan about it. If you still want it it`s £15 at BlahDVD, still a pretty good price, just not impulse buy price like before.