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Alita: Battle Angel

enemyonpc (Elite) posted this on Sunday, 10th December 2017, 15:20


I remembered this being mentioned in a thread a while ago so i ran a search. Jesus, its been 12 years.

WHAT - Yeah you read it right. Its going to be live action, but Alita is going to be completely 3D, using Golum technology

WHERE - A cinema near you!

WHEN - 2007, so its a bit of a wait!

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RE: Alita: Battle Angel

bandicoot (Elite) posted this on Sunday, 10th December 2017, 15:29

Looks good, and the CGI is getting better every year.

As for Terminator spin-offs there was a TV series a number of years back.... 'The Sarah Connor chronicles', just seemed to terminate after one or two series (pardon the pun :D).

[VIDEO] RE: Alita: Battle Angel

RJS (undefined) posted this on Monday, 4th February 2019, 23:18

And another year!


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RE: [VIDEO] Alita: Battle Angel

bandicoot (Elite) posted this on Tuesday, 5th February 2019, 07:49

its in the cinema this week onwards, def going to see it during working hours, Perks of being my own bossĀ 

RE: [VIDEO] Alita: Battle Angel

admars (Elite) posted this on Saturday, 9th February 2019, 09:15

A mate said he enjoyed it, it looks amazing, but it's a bit style over substance, but worth seeing in a big 3d screen if you just fancy switching off and enjoying for a bit :)

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RE: [VIDEO] Alita: Battle Angel

Snaps (Elite) posted this on Saturday, 24th June 2023, 22:00

Just caught up with this after stumbling over clips on YouTube and loved it.

On Disney plus if you've got it.

It looks like the obviously intended second film may get made, though no definite dates.


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