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RE: Anybody Used Forgettherest?

Bought from them in September last year, no problems then, but haven`t had need to use them since.

RE: petemc

Yes, if they don`t change the VAT threshold then things will carry on more or less as they already do. Duty will be nil on those goods that fall below the new threshold but as duty on a lot of items is only in the low % then the benefit will be marginal e.g. on DVD`s.

An informed friend of mine commented that the two limits usually go hand in hand but so far there`s nothing to indicate that VAT limits are going to rise :(

RE: Jump for joy! EU import duty threshold blown sky high!

I read the EC directive as Customs duty NOT VAT so the £18 VAT limit will continue but dutiable goods will have a higher exemption limit. :(

RE: Customs question

Play do not have any reciprocal arrangement with French Customs so anything over €22 could be hit for taxes when entering France.

I suspect that the same applies for Austria and most other EU countries.

RE: Windows mediaplayer version?

mines 11 :p :p ....and it`s crap as it keeps crashing for some unknown reason :/

RE: Mr Bean: 10 Years of Mr Bean (3 Disc Set) £14.99

Quite a bit cheaper here:

Free Record Shop

If you don`t mind Dutch writing on your DVD case.

RE: & - anyone had any dealings?

The first, I placed an order, they cancelled and never bothered telling me.

The second, it`s been a while since I used them but had no problems back then.


Typically French customer service unfortunately. In stock means nothing on French websites, as I regularly find out.

The ethos of a lot of French companies is that they are doing you a favour by providing their products for you to purchase.

RE: Retailers in the UK? (Play)

But have you noticed that they have changed their system so they actually take EXTRA from the conversion? They started it a few weeks ago - they used to do a pure real bankrate conversion - and now juice up their income from the Euro by 5-6-7%

This is of course purely wrong - they have NO reason to convert to their own rate - especially when it is not a correct rate. The credit companies do that at honest rates when they previously changed from pounds to Euros - or whatever.

When Play is confronted with the situation - they just say it is `correct` - even when they have been shown they are sometimes using 2 different rates at the same time.

They`ve been messing with the exchange rate since they started this stupid system. What gets me is that I pay on a UK card so get charged a conversion rate as well, so the price I end up paying is nothing like the UK equivalent.

Rare that I use them these days and stick with The Hut and Blah for free delivery international orders. Play have done well out of me (600+ orders) and no doubt many other international customers but no longer.

RE: Retailers in the UK?

You need to click on the EU flag on the left hand side of the home page.

This wil price everything in €`s (at a crap exchange rate) and will enable you to have DVD`s delivered to Norway.

RE: Your experiences of CD-WOW returns services please!

No problems at all. Returned the disc via normal post and was refunded £2.70 postage which was pretty much the equivalent to the € amount I paid.

The refund was in the form of a voucher but as I shop their fairly regularly it was no hassle.

I`m sure I`ve read somewhere that they will refund postage back to your CC if you ask.

RE: dvd pacific---order problem

If you wait until Dec 15th they`ll give you your money back (incl postage) or resend your order.

Before that date they`ll do nothing. The 10 days is not guaranteed just an average. I`ve had DVD Pacific packages take a month and at this time of year they will take longer than normal. It could be in one of the many crates at Mt. Unpleasant waiting for Customs clearance.

RE: CD WOW delivery improving?

What happened to their `we only take out the money on dispatch of your goods`?

CD Wow have always taken payment at time of order.

I agree that delivery is definitely improving. All my discs have been postmarked Luxembourg with a VAT pre-paid in EU statement.

RE: SelectCheaper

I reckon that they are using the same fulfillment centre as The Hut. Both companies packaging are identical and have purchase details stuck on the cellophane. Also I`m pretty sure it`s the same Guernsey address.

RE: F***ing DVDPacific!

I agree with you Mr Banana about the free shipping. Play (who I praised earlier in the thread - tempting fate :/ ) have now changed their procedure for European orders excluding UK customers. They now charge in € at a laughable rate compared to UK prices. I think that free shipping out of the UK is hurting them and this is a way to recoup their extra costs whilst still claiming `Free Shipping`.

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RE: F***ing DVDPacific!

I`ve been singing their praises on threads here for years and still would. The CC fiasco didn`t touch me and have had no problems whatsoever.
I would say the same about Play and Amazon (all countries), not many others come close to these three in my opinion.

RE: F***ing DVDPacific!

I used to use DVDImport, but won;t touch them now they`re affiliated with the old DVDSoon. I hear they`ve gone right downhill as well

I think it`s more accurate to say they are now buried under the hill as both of these are now gone and hopefully concreted in, never to rise again.

Sorry to hear about your DVD Pacific experience. Never had an iota of trouble with them though they still mark down to France (not that French Customs are the slightest bit interested).
Did you make sure that the right boxes were ticked so they didn`t combine your order? If you did, then why not e-mail them and ask them why they sent things together? Also ask them for a refund of the Customs charge back as it`s their fault.

RE: What are your thoughts on the EU expansion

Don`t know where you got this from but it`s wrong.

Czech Republic

all joined the EU on 1st May 2004.

Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey have been given `Candidate Status` and may join in the future.

RE: I`ve ordered from DVDSoon !

That seems right so far based on my experience I posted above. Your rebates figure should reduce by 50% of your order cost some time soon, then it will reappear in your credits when the item ships.

RE: I`ve ordered from DVDSoon !

To France yes (not that they would bother anyway), to the UK I believe not these days. It is pretty easy though to get 5 or 6 oldies in your order and still be below £18.

I hope that answered your question :D

RE: I`ve ordered from DVDSoon !

You`ll be charged the full amount. When they ship, your rebate will go into credits then you request a refund to your card. After 21 working days your card will be refunded.

That`s the theory and actually the practice for me as I received my credit back last week.

Not going to order again though, as far as I`m concerned that`s the end of this sorry saga.

DVD Pacific for all my R1`s from now on.

RE: Beauvais to Eurodisney

It`s a fair old trek from Beauvais to Disneyland Paris.

Bus to Porte Maillot then Metro to Etoile then RER to Marne La Vallee. Hope you are travelling light `ish` as the Metro and RER are not particularly suitcase friendly when busy. Saying that you`ll probably be in Paris between 20.00 and 20.30 and rush hour will have died down a bit.

All going well you should be at your hotel by 21.30.

Have a read of this thread over at MSE :

Enjoy yourself. We did Disney to death in our first year here as we bought annual passes but the kids are now demanding we go back!

RE: Sony NWHD5 Hard Disc 20GB MP3 Player £199 down to £99.99

I bought one of these last summer (£145) and have been really impressed with it. The battery life is superb and had no problems transferring all my music with sonic stage.

Some have reported problems with plastic keys cracking but once again all is fine on mine.

For £99 it`s a bargain.

RE: DVD shopping in Paris

I`m all embarassed!

Whilst I don`t know the French market inside out, I`ve got a fair idea of how it works here having bought a fair few discs since moving here.

If anyone needs any help with French DVD shopping just let me know.

Thanks for the endorsement Bats :)


RE: DVD shopping in Paris

Most French DVD`s are PAL, the odd one or two are NTSC.

I find the price of DVD`s here in Paris very high. There is the occasional bargain in the sales but very few and far between.

With online shopping it`s quite different and some sites have very reasonably priced DVD`s. Anyone interested in seeing what`s available, I`d advise using DVD Pas Cher as a search engine.

A few online retailers won`t deliver outside France though.

PS Apparently JMJ has one of his houses just round the corner from where I live.

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RE: Trying To Get Obscure French Film

Glad you are sorted. I would have picked up a copy and sent it over if things had got desperate!

Edit: Aaaaah. Just found out "Royaume Uni" is the UK! I have never heard of that. Since when?

Don`t you remember Eurovision? Always been called that, here they refer to us as RU. Others acronyms are DNA as ADN, EU as UE, AIDS as SIDA. It`s not only the language, it`s the back to front acronyms that get me as well!

RE: Trying To Get Obscure French Film

Hi Again,

It appears that FNAC will post to the UK. They have the first film but nowhere seems to have the second (Celui Qui Doit Mourir).

As I live in France, I have become familiar with the French DVD market and I use the following site to do cross-site searches:

As you say though many do not deliver to the UK, so when I eventually go back the real cheapies and obscurities will be gone forever :(

Any problems, let me know.

PS They don`t really hate us (that much) ;)

RE: Trying To Get Obscure French Film


It`s appearing as available at all the online stores listed below;

2xMoinsCher €15.8
PriceMinister €19.4
Fnac €22.72
TF1 Vidéo €19.99
PixMania €22.89
Adventice €29.89

Just add and it should get you to the website.

Hope this helps.


RE: DVDSoon Bought Out by DVDImport

Always stood by DVD Pacific (never affected by the credit card incident) and they have consistently delivered.

In the world of DVD-etailing I suppose there`s no such thing as a safe bet though.