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RE: LG BP125 Blu Ray Player

update to my reply, i have discovered it will play my older region 1 discs with np i therefore assumed it was region free, however i have since discovered it wont play my new region 1 dvds,possibly because of rce, im not sure, sorry if i misled anyone with my initial reply.

RE: LG BP125 Blu Ray Player

i bought this player last week and its dvd region free out of the box, cant tell you if its blu-ray region free.

RE: Windows 8

the win 8 upgrade will also do a clean install, as i done it on my lappy,deleted all the partitons created new ones and done a clean install with it ,more out of curiousity to see if it would work.

RE: Windows 8

yes i upgraded from win 7 to win 8 pro wiyh absolutely no probs kept all my settings and programs etc,

RE: Windows 8

heres the email i got,---- You’ll need to run the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant on the PC you want to upgrade.  Once you get to the purchase screen, it will show the full price. However, on the order confirmation page you’ll have a chance to enter your promo code – then the price will change to your Windows Upgrade Offer promotional price* after clicking apply. nowhere on any of the emails i got did it say MUST.

RE: Windows 8

it doesent state specifically in the mail, that you must order and download it on that machine, only that you should download it on the machine that you want to install it on, if they wanted you to only install it on the download machine they should not have put in the option to make an iso from the files, as after it is downloaded there is a shortcut on your desktop for when you want to install it at your convenience.

RE: Windows 8

you dont have to install it on the machine that you downloded it on, when the download was finished on my pc, i picked the option to make an iso from the downloaded files, i then burnt this to a disc and used it to install win 8 on my lappy, i done  a clean install on the lappy to see if it would install on an empty disc,rather than just upgrade win 7 and it done this no problem.

RE: Windows 8

as i got my pc this year i was able to get win 8 pro 64 for £14-99, £10 less than normal, as i had purchased what they called a qualifying pc.before you rush out and spend £24-99 it might be worth checking to see if you have a qualifying pc.

RE: Loyalty Scheme (Superpoints)

i wouldnt waste my time with their loyalty scheme, i wanted a box set for my daughter, price £34, amazon price £22, guess where i ordered my box set from, no loyalty points can make up that difference in price.

RE: How they make horror music

i enjoyed the sequels, but as always with these things, the first is generally the best.

RE: How they make horror music

sounds like some of the music used in the chucky films.

RE: multi region hacks

only too glad to help.

RE: multi region hacks

i found this hack for a daewoo, worth a try i suppose, sorry cant be of more help.

Hack 2 for DF4150:

1.On the system information screen type 1101

2.This will add a region setting to the bottom of the list

3.Type 0 for region Free or 1-6 to set to a region.

RE: Depeche Mode box

just get the error 404 not found etc etc

RE: panasonic DMR EX773EB

i think the easiest way is to get (hire ) one of the chipped remotes, they cost about £20 or see if your local friendly panasonic dealer will do it for you ( mines wouldnt ) there is a hack available but you cant use the original remote to do it with, and it seems quite complicated, i have the same model and i bought it already made region free. hth.

RE: PC Problems

im assuming you have checked all the cables between monitor and pc,
try swapping monitor and/or cable, this happened to my pc and it was the onboard graphics chip had popped, cheap graphics card soloved the problem, hth.

RE: Advice needed re Panasonic DVD recording Sky + programes

my daughter had the same prob with her sky setup ans as the previous person mentioned some channels are encrypted , the solution as i did to my daughters setup is to buy a scart lead that has the ant iprotection setup built into it , this was mainly used to copy vhs to vhs removing the macrovision ,but it worked fine on my daughters setup. try here for this lead,

hope this helps

RE: Printer problems

do you use your printer much ,as it sounds very much like the ink has dried up in the heads due to lack of use, you can try deep cleaning it again ,but if this produces no results ,its a trip to the printer repair shop, have you had any onscreen messages about your printer needing serviced or (service required parts in your printer are near the end of their service life) as if you get these messages on an epson they stop printing even if you change the cartridges, hope this helps.

RE: Camcorders - where do I start?

two things i would say here,

1-def get yourself an hd camcorder to record your kids growing up,my daughter died aged 22 with CF and i have loads of camcorder memories to look back on when i can manage to do it, so listen to your wife,and get one,
2- avoid pixmania like the plague, i had to return a camcorder to them and i had to send it recorded delivery to paris, eventually the only way i got my money back from them was when amazon told me they had a TEAM investigating pixmania and amazon returned my money and claimed it back from pixmania, i put negative feedback on amazons site and pixmania basically tried to bully me into removing my comments, so do not under any circumstances buy anything from pixmania, happy recordings when you get your camera, you will wish you had bought one sooner, i certainly did.

RE: AVG. grrr can`t uninstall....

use revo uninstaller ,its free and it gets rid of everything hth.

RE: Transferring AVI to HDD/DVD recorder

the best option i found is to use windows dvd maker , it will convert and burn to dvd all in one operation it takes approx 1 hour to do this, i used to use the method of putting avi onto a cd then playing it through another dvd onto my panny , but the windows dvd maker works fine for me. hope this helps.

RE: WIN32/heur virus help please

go here to download removal tool,

have you tried system restore to see if you can take your pc back to a time before you were infected, hope this helps.

RE: cheapest xvid compatable dvd player....

i paid £28 for the sumvision phoenix from my local pc shop and its played everything ive threw at it, well worth the money in my opinion.

RE: Panasonic Camera`s - Software Upgrade Blocks Third Party Battery Packs

as far as i know the compatible batteries will work with firmware versions, 1.00 and 1.1, but if you upgrade to version 1.2 then this will stop you using compatible batteries, there is no need to upgrade to 1.2 as this upgrade is simply to stop you using compatibles, therefore there is no need to do it, i upgraded my tz6 to 1.1 and it works fine on compatible batteries, hth.

RE: Panasonic DMP-BD60EB-K

you need one of those special remotes to change your panasonics region code.

As you may know for some time chipped remotes are available for many Panasonic DVD players to make them region free. The codes these remotes send are a good kept secret.

google panasonic chipped remotes. hope this helps.

RE: LCD Monitor not working

im assuming you have tried the obvious, fuse in mains plug, power lead properly pushed in. if it runs from a mains adapter is the adapter ok, is the power lead from the adapter plugged in , not damaged, etc etc,some have a main power switch at the rear has anyone turned this off.?.etc etc

RE: printer

first of all in the prefernces part of the printer open the part marked maintenance and click nozzle check just to make sure all the nozzles are clear and working ok,make sure you are using proper photo paper and then set printer preferences to the type of paper that you are using , also try setting printer to photo or best photo and tick the box marked photo enhance hope this helps.

RE: Do I have to finalize my camcorder to dvd rw to watch it on my pc as camera wont` allow me

can your dvd drive in your pc read dvd rw +/- discs ok , most of the newer ones will read all types ,it was just a possibility that your dvd drive in your pc may not be able to read dvd rw +/- discs.have you tried the disc in another pc .are you sure its a dvd rw and not a dvd ram disc that is in the camcorder,it could even be something simple like a faulty disc. whats the model of the camcorder.

RE: Do I have to finalize my camcorder to dvd rw to watch it on my pc as camera wont` allow me

i think if its a dvd + rw it is not necessary to finalise it.