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Powerline Adapters (SOLVED)

Blue John (Elite) posted this on Tuesday, 18th February 2014, 20:45

Evening all. It's been a while but I still check in every day...

I'm after a bit of advice please.

I have a pair of TP-Link TL-PA411KIT adapters to connect my PC in the study to the router in the living room - they are rated at 500Mbps, but the utility is showing them working at around 130Mbps.

My Broadband Speed is just under 40Mbps, which SpeedTest is agreeing with. In theory, there should be no reason for any issue that I can see.

However, when I download anything at all (even just running SpeedTest), my PC grinds to a halt - the mouse & keyboard don't work, etc.

If I have Task Manager running whilst downloading it suggests that everything is absolutely fine - nothing is getting anywhere near 100%

I've been racking my brains all day - have run every antivirus/malware program I could think of, all to no avail. I then ran a long ethernet cable straight from PC to router, et voila, everything works as usual.

I can understand that by using the Powerline adapters I might get a drop in internet speed, but I can't for the life of me work out why they should slow my PC down.

Over to you...



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RE: Powerline Adapters (SOLVED)

Blue John (Elite) posted this on Saturday, 22nd February 2014, 15:27

After much faffing around it would appear that the Powerline adapters were interfering with the signal to my wireless mouse & keyboard, preventing them from working. Have reset them both with their receiver and all is good so far...

Thought I'd update in case anyone has the same problem in the future...



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RE: Powerline Adapters (SOLVED)

admars (Elite) posted this on Saturday, 22nd February 2014, 15:47

interesting, I don't use them myself, but glad you found a solution and posted it, as it's always annoying to google a problem, and find several ppl asking the same question, but no answers, as you never kno wif they fixed it or not :(

RE: Powerline Adapters (SOLVED)

NorthPole (Competent) posted this on Monday, 24th February 2014, 09:16

Interesting - as the Powerline adapters are by definition wired devices and not supposed to be using any radio frequencies for networking, their internal circuitry must be badly suppressed and is actually emitting interference in the same band as your mouse and keyboard use.

RE: Powerline Adapters (SOLVED)

Robee J Shepherd (undefined) posted this on Monday, 24th February 2014, 10:10

It's probably unwanted harmonics of the carrier frequency (or some other signal generated by the adapter circuitry) being broadcast by the power lines causing the interference.


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