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Catastrophe !

Hope someone else is enjoying this quality comedy, episode 3 on Ch 4 at 10 tomorrow night.  Both Sharon Horgan and her co-star are very good.  Tis definitely worth catching up if you can.

RE: Charlie Brooker`s Weekly Wipe

This is real quality stuff.  Great fun and laughter.  Je suis Charlie ?.............maybe not but I have fallen head over heels for Philomena Cunk :-)

RE: Philip Seymour Hoffman dead

Yep, waste of a great actor.  "The Talented Mr Ripley" one of our favourite films(though he didn't play lead role).  Suicide is not the easiest of subjects is it !

RE: World cup

Have already booked off 15th June just in-case I'm working.  Am already psyching myself up to see the mighty Italians crush England - though I hope England win other 2 matches and progress.   Pete :-)

RE: Homeland

When, when, when !!!  Sorry, did I say when enough times ?

Pete (insert salivating smiley tag)

RE: Swedish men warned of crotch chomping fish

lol .  Better safe than sorry..........................don`t mess with the "ball cutter"

I suppose you could wear some kind of chastity belt whilst bathing 


RE: Get Carter (Caine version)

And another serious classic for you (but again I`m sure you`ll have seen this).......The Third Man.


Magnetically shielded speakers...quick question

Are they still of any relevance now if you wanted to place a speaker next to a LCD/Plasma TV ?
I would think not but best to know for certain.

RE: Champions League final

Football is going home :-(


RE: The Official Formula 1 Season 2013 Thread

Yep it was a good one.  At least Seb didn`t bullshit with any lame excuses for his actions.  And as for Hamilton`s

RE: MP Chris Huhne admits lying about speeding

Bobbit I say.......Bobbit !


RE: Microsoft fined for not promoting alternate browsers

"I love the fact they blame it on a technical error"

I could hardly believe that too when I read it. I wondered why I wasn`t offered alternatives when I set-up this new laptop (18 months ago). Perhaps the IT guy was out to lunch when he should have done
(For the record I use Google Chrome and I don`t know why this text is not right - might have something to do with the "Sorry, live updates to this thread are unavailable:" message)

Ah...the text is OK when posted - no tools present though.

This item was edited on Thursday, 7th March 2013, 20:43

RE: Convicted hacker allowed to join IT class in prison

My first thoughts were he must have been bored but looks like he found something to amuse himself.  And with the extra time added to his sentence he can study something else - law would be my suggestion.

RE: Possible 40 MPH limit on motorways to ease congestion

lol................not even bothering reading the link.


RE: Happy St Davids day.

Cheers butt


RE: The new HTC One looks interesting.

It is isn`t it.  I need a new mobile - fed up of my current (non-smartphone) one going on the blink since it fell in the sink of water.  I too could be a flash b*****  That reminds me, by when are the chargers all meant to be universal ?  (I am assuming this will not include the iphone)

RE: router problems??

Yes it is fibre optic.  Well if speed tests on wired & wireless equip is similar then it`s not a prob with the network.  Do u know what speeds your supposed to get and how long have u had this problem ?  Maybe u should call your ISP.  


RE: JR is dead - RIP Larry Hagman

This is sad.  He always seemed like a nice guy.  Funnily enough I was watching (Jim) Barnes on TV the other day who is coming on the 2nd series of the new Dallas.


When is a guarantee not a guarantee ?

When the new Chelsea (interim) manager is guaranteed the job to the end of the season.


RE: YAY Okay from New Jersey

Oooh.  I fancy a nice sauna.  When are your opening times ?


P.S. Glad your doing good.

RE: [VIDEO] Juggling strip tease

You made that sound a lot more interesting than it turned out to be
I second that.


RE: What Latop

£350 will get you min. of 4 gb ram and either pentium or i3 - shouldn`t have any probs with this.  I`m talking Windows 7 OS.  Don`t think there`s much point in going for the new Win 8 but you`ll need someone else to give you advice on this.

RE: Useful Free Software Links (as recommended by forum users)

Hey guys(was going to put and gals but then it reminded me of someone),
any recommendations for software to monitor download usage ?

RE: Doing a CV.

Put all the relevant stuff u want your potential new employer to see on the first page
(if the CV is longer than one page - which I`m sure it is).  They`ll want something to immediately catch the eye espec. if they got a lot of them to look at.  Good luck.

RE: Abu Hamza extradition

Halle****inglujah.  That was some saga.  Definitely goodbye & good riddance.

RE: Feck me, Reviewer`s bin boring lately!!!!

Who is your favourite celebrity child molester?
lol..................I know I shouldnt..................sorry.

RE: Homeland

Well worth the wait.

RE: Olympics - the sporty bit..

Congrats to Rebecca - the girl did very well.