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RE: Z Nation


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RE: [VIDEO] True Detective

up to episode 4 of season 1, that final scene was fab.

RE: [VIDEO] American Horror Story: Freak Show

still think the first one was the best one...wish they would repeat it.

RE: [VIDEO] Game of Thrones: Season 4

fantastic episode.....loved it.   (last weeks was a bit slow)


because I have a vista disc and codes and can't afford 7/8 or whatever the latest is.

RE: The Trip to Italy (Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan)

thanks - missed this so will catch on iplayer. First series was great.


bugger, I've got 2 machines running XP. I didn't think it was that serious about stopping support. 
What a load of hassle to install Vista on them. I re-installed it on my laptop a couple of weeks ago and can't get the file transfer thing to work, it only seems to be interested in W7.

RE: Torchwood

jeez, what a waste of an hour last nights episode was...

RE: IMPORTANT! Make sure you know your email address!

Oh, I`m logged in under another name on firefox! But I can still only see my display name and those links still say no page found.

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RE: Doctor Who: The Next Regeneration...

it`s easier to search in google for threads...

`dvd reviewer doctor who regeneration` and it`s the top result! (I found this out after doing the same as you for other threads I was looking for!)

RE: Too old to be trendy...?

Funnily enough, I bought a similar jacket today but I bought the canvas style one.

I`m 41 by the way and couldn`t really give a monkeys what anyone thinks about what I wear but is usually jeans with an `earthy` coloured t shirt.

As long as you are not an overweight slob wearing a football shirt just wear what you like!

RE: XP Defender Pro - help needed please...

scrap that, after 5 minutes it has come back up again......aaaarggghh!

XP Defender Pro - help needed please...

I`ve somehow picked this virus up this morning and can`t seem to find a way to remove it.

Nothing on the microsoft about it, spybot hasn`t removed it and I don`t really trust any of the things that come up when I google it (via firefox).

Internet Explorer won`t work at all.....can anyone help?

RE: star wars 1 + 2 dvd box set £16.79

Coooooool, got my Star Wars box set this morning (:-)

How do I get LOTR 4 disk for £16???

I checked and it`s $88.00, have I missed out on this one?



It`s cheaper at - £17.99 with free delivery for a Region 2 version.
Just go to the dvd section and it`s their top seller - no surprise there!