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Free steam keys.....

MADTheOgster (Elite Donator) posted this on Sunday, 11th November 2018, 16:34

Bought 50 random steam keys on fleabay for a fiver, but lost the will to live after about the fourth key lol.  help yourselves but once you redeem a key please post which numbers you use to help avoid others wasting their time :)   and if you get a good one, post please lol, as there is "supposed" to be at least one premium game in the bunch..

the first 3 or 4 are spent. the rest are unused

Random key 1 - 0YLVH-T9RPT-4XXFD
Random key 2 - P8L6B-ZZD4C-ZLKGD
Random key 3 - AQF0H-99Y8H-MIINW
Random key 4 - EPEKG-CLJZH-CL57L
Random key 5 - ZFXHA-4R0AI-KI4TZ
Random key 6 -PLDKD-08NKT-6FIF6
Random key 7 - DBMR7-JT8ZD-JTIRH
Random key 8 - YQXX9-EC57C-20TQ4
Random key 9 - P0R4Q-V35A4-DT3JR
Random key 10 - 006E0-W7TX0-CJ423
Random Key 11 - VBWBG-H8VLM-A0BZE
Random Key 12 - 9EJCP-PB40A-MTN77
Random Key 13 - R5677-GJGZ9-D3DCD
Random Key 14 - A9NF6-97I7H-K0RVN
Random Key 15 - QKD2J-0PP0G-XTVEZ
Random Key 16 - WZ4H7-579DA-E83I9
Random Key 17 - PC34T-KTDLQ-6LFPE
Random Key 18 - IP00H-959YC-GQWQD
Random Key 19 - X6GGZ-NPXQA-2BC80
Random Key 20 - 0GXI4-KP6YW-MB7R6
Random Key 21 - HVRY3-QGYM6-9D79R
Random Key 22 - ZNII2-9VETQ-GIIJD
Random Key 23 - 7HJCQ-44GLG-C506G
Random Key 24 - I33ZX-RDN8A-8JEVN
Random Key 26 - WMLXP-K8IBM-P83II
Random Key 27 - 8L9DY-X5645-V0VKH
Random Key 28 - X30H3-3DK2I-F20HW
Random Key 29 - MD4BG-4QR6C-MCH9I
Random Key 30 - NAPCB-73B49-N8JBT
Random Key 31 -MP05E-D87MK-62F5I
Random Key 32 - XM5ZQ-JT8MW-HJM9Y
Random Key 33 - HM8L6-TAK97-6H0MJ
Random Key 34 - RCY9P-HKQDL-ZTG5P
Random Key 35 - D0KQV-W2G2D-N53BG
Random Key 36 - RL29V-3CI5N-H9XF6
Random Key 37 - L9C2E-TKI6K-M7P0M
Random Key 38 - GN06C-NE27J-MVN8E
Random Key 39 - 677GK-K2FTC-NYF22
Random Key 40 - IZTTX-L2MBT-W32RY
Random Key 41 - 7XWFB-7ERPR-3JKDX
Random Key 42 - KMPPH-MV7M2-J8Z4J
Random Key 43 - EQKR6-E2XVN-JT55M
Random Key 44 - 4C44J-NV47E-9QCW3
Random Key 45 - 86R2P-JMK3X-5W4TB
Random Key 46 - 6W5P5-9WE9J-WCIER
Random Key 47 - PFW0G-TXY8E-Q7HJ2
Random Key 48 - 49TKG-2542K-LKZ43
Random Key 49 - D6BDF-WKG5Q-36MP5
Random Key 50 - GTTP2-DICXX-NAR47

Nvidia Shield TV
PC core i5 3570
gtx 1060 3gb
16gb ddr3
180gb SSD + 1TB wd green 
Thermaltake Core V21 case
RedDragon 2400 MMO mouse
Fragnstein mouse + nunchuck ctrlr
Steam ctrlr
27" Samsung 1080p curved monitor.

RE: Free steam keys.....

admars (Elite) posted this on Sunday, 11th November 2018, 17:55

lol, this is could be like one of those posts on HUKD where someone posts a link to an eBay seller for Windows keys, then there's a mixture of posts some saying thanks,  some warning that it won't activate, some warning that that the police will barge your door down for piracy ;)

Not that I'll use one (no time, I picked up the 2 KOTOR games for a couple of quid recently, never played them before) but thanks for the offer :)

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RE: Free steam keys.....

Si Wooldridge (Reviewer) posted this on Sunday, 11th November 2018, 19:18

Random Key 50 - GTTP2-DICXX-NAR47

Brick Breaker Ultimate


Si Wooldridge

RE: Free steam keys.....

Robee J Shepherd (undefined) posted this on Monday, 12th November 2018, 08:51

Lol this is a hilarious idea, I'll take a lucky dip and hope I don't get some awful dating sim...

Unlucky for Some... 13... Gallows Choice!

I wonder what this is? Oh it seems to be hangman.


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RE: Free steam keys.....

dkuk2000 (Elite) posted this on Monday, 12th November 2018, 14:26

Random Key 27 - 8L9DY-X5645-V0VKH  ...... Puzzle Monarch : Forest 


RE: Free steam keys.....

Chris Gould (Elite) posted this on Sunday, 18th November 2018, 23:58

Random 35, Bits and Bullets...

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RE: Free steam keys.....

Robee J Shepherd (undefined) posted this on Monday, 19th November 2018, 11:56

Chris Gould says...
"Random 35, Bits and Bullets..."

That's it, the killer VR app right there! You'll have to get one now.


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