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RE: newcastle bily eliot 9.99

Whilst out shopping in the Eldon Square area of Newcastle I happened upon ten copies of `Billy Elliott` priced at £9.99.These DVDs were located within the Dixons store there.
I commented to my partner that, at this price, the film may be worth purchasing. However, she replied that, as we had already viewed said film, she really couldn`t see any reason why we would want to purchase it.
The female of the species just don`t appear to understand our love of film do they chaps?

Anyhow, I sighted said bargains at around 5.00pm on Tuesday 15 May 2001. I suggest that if you live in the area then a visit may well prove worthwhile.

RE: Green Mile 10 shawshank redemption 9

Shawshank Redemption is by far the better film - I cannot believe that not only was this thread started but people actually agreed with it!
Still, takes all sorts I suppose.

RE: Another 2-disc set bargain at musicbox

Buy it, it`s worth it for the extras if you enjoyed the film.

RE: Stardvds - Have yours arrived???

When did you receive this e-mail?

Stardvds - Have yours arrived???

Ordered `What Women Want` last week with the hope of it arriving for Saturday so I can watch the Cup Final in peace and my girlfriend won`t moan `cos I`ve got her `WWW`.
Please don`t tell me I gonna have to watch the match whilst being constantly nagged. PLEASE!!!!!

Sonel scart lead = macrovision disable?

I noticed this product mentioned on another post. Has anyone tried it? Does it work with an LG32OOE? None of my friends have DVD`s (bloody students) and I`m sick of transporting my machine all the time. To be able to record a dvd onto video tape would solve a hell of a lot of lugging around.

p.s Don`t worry about lack of pic quality - their TVs are mostly crap too!

RE: cracking third installments

Agree about Lethal Weapon 3, but 4 was good (original the best tho).
Thought Return of Jedi was crappy - I`m your father, I`m your sister, Yoda`s your Maiden Aunt......yeah, right.
Best no.3 is without question (although this wasn`t the question) Indian Jones, which, incidentally, decided to suffer the no.3 problem on no.2.

RE: Star Wars: Holiday Special.

From what I can remember, George Lucas had the master copy of this destroyed. I`m pretty sure that there are a few surviving `very` rough copies in the States but would think that trying to track one down would prove almost impossible - although I could be wrong!


RE: What`s the worst film ever?

Must agree with one of the previous posts -

Happiness - probably technically not a bad film but I have never, ever, found a film so utterly unwatchable in my life, and the thing that really hissed me off was that it was marketed as a comedy! Sick Gits!

Oh, also, a film I saw last week - Very Bad Things. Although this contained a few very funny moments it was totally unrealistic and was 100 minutes of people shouting at each other, God it gave me a headache!

Memento Release Date?

Memento is released for rental on DVD next Monday and cannot wait after the reviews it has had. However, has anyone seen a date for when it is to be relaesed to buy?


RE: Your life is ending one minute at a time!

"Da ya like dags"?

BP - Snatch

RE: WHSmiths 3 for 2 also on their web site... and cheaper too :)

Don`t understand these prices Clayts.

Just tried to order 3 Top 20 titles but still coming in at £38. How do you get the Top 20 25% discount???


RE: Amazon deals

Which DVD`s?

All of them or selected few?


RE: What player do you have, so I can work out the which players have sold the most.

This seems like a popular little thread.

I own an LG3200E, bought it from Comet as I couldn`t be bothered waiting on 27/03/01. Paid £169.99.Very happy with picture and sound quality but have never seen another to compare it with.


RE: Best (cheap!) machine without macrovision?

No cdr I`m afraid. What do u suggest maybe between £200 and £300?

RE: Best (cheap!) machine without macrovision?

Price Range - Around £200
Features - Not that important, as long as hackable/good playback visuals and audio

Best (cheap!) machine without macrovision?

Friend of mine is so impressed with my lg3200e that he is now wanting to buy a machine. However, he really wants one without macrovision around the same price. Is this possible or will he have to pay more?
Would really appreciate your suggestions.

Swap sites?

Do UK DVD swap sites exist, and if they do can anybody recommend a decent one?


Director`s Commentary - Which is best?

Since viewing Braveheart and Hollow Man using this device I have become engrossed in the film-making process and would love to see some more. Not that bothered whether the films that good as my local vid shop rents DVDs at £2 a throw, as long as the director`s commentary`s worth listening to.


The same thing happened to me.

I saw Magnolia and thought it was fantastic. Bought the double DVD and soundtrack the next day. Left the film to a friend an dhe thanked me wholeheatedly for wasting 3 hours of his life. (He then lent me GO and said that this is what interweaving stories should be like - I then bought that too!)

It just shows that everyone has different tastes and thank God for that.


Fac me fac63!

Naked as a feel good film?
It may be one of the best films ever made (as agreed by Messers Scorcese and De Palma) but I wouldn`t say it made me feel like jumping with joy at the end (or at any part during it).

Still, a fantastic film anyway you look at it. David Thewlis was a God - and God is Evil!

I really hoped I wouldn`t have to ask this question but.......

......... what is Criterion?
I have been reading these pages for a couple of weeks since buying my player and have seen Criterion mentioned time and again and now it`s starting to annoy me!


It`s a Wonderful Life
Shawshank Redemption
Field of Dreams
Wedding Singer (yes, I am aware it`s crap)

RE: VAT Free DVD`s at Tesco

This puts Billy Elliott at £8.50!!!
Do yourself a favour and buy your significant other this movie - it could be a tenner very well spent as I`m sure she`ll show her gratitude, at least that`s the theory that I`m working on!

lg3200e = White Lines (Don`t do it)

I bought my LG3200E two weeks ago and have fallen in love with DVD. However, I have noticed that all the DVDs I have (except a R1 Almost Famous) plays with a faint white line just slightly above the top of the widescreen black box, running diagonally across the screen. The boorm of the screen is fine though.

During films shot in the daytime you cannot notice the line but in dark films, such as Aliens, you have the letterbox format all fine and dandy and then the most distracting faint line a couple of millimetre into the top black boc. Is this a problem with the system or have I missed something?

Please help - it`s driving me mad!


They`d have to knock another fiver off this price for me to even consider it

RE: HMV April DVD Sale

Have just spoken to my local HMV -Bath - and the sale starts instore tomorrow (Thursday) but each store will only have a selection of the 180 titles. 2 of the 3 I wanted - EDtv and Edward Scissorhands - won`t be stocked by the Bath store so I advise calling before you make the trek to the shop.

RE: The Beach £7.99

Today`s deal of the day is `The Blair Witch Project` on VHS for £4.99.
The synopsis warns `not for the light hearted`!!!!!! Does this mean it`s not for those of us with a sense of humour who would laugh all the way through this crock. Lets face it, it`s about as scary as Scooby Doo.