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RE: A continuation of my HTPC questions... can you check this please?

The new ion 2 one def has a fan I remember reading about the noise levels in a review, as it is plastic without the fan cooling would be almost non existant. Problem I have is late at night if I am watching something I have the volume set really low so would love to get a fanless one. The only one I have seen so far is the shuttle xs although it has not been released yet and will prob be out of my budget.

Might end up looking at the Dell Zino HD although is a lot more powerful and expensive than a standard nettop the blu ray etc might sway me.

RE: A continuation of my HTPC questions... can you check this please?

[MAD]TheOgster says...
did anyone wandering through this thread get one of these ? or even the Mk1 Z-Box ?
Nope still holding out for a fanless ion 2 machine to come out.

RE: Looking back on your life, what are you most proud of?

The Mobile Dr42%er says...
So you are proud that you managed to book a plane ticket? And others are proud that they got their dick wet and the result was something that has happened billions of times that you don`t have that much to do with?

I think pride is a massively over used word. Or maybe I really just don`t get it.

****, I sound like bowfer.
While it may be overused it is relative to what the person belives. For me it was realising a dream that I have always had and managed to make come true. There were many things that I did on my trip that were far more than just booking a plane ticket.

I have every right to be proud of that if you do not like it tough ****, your opinon is meaningless to me and I shall remain proud.

Oh and I am also proud I am not a bitter twisted person, that is just me though.

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RE: `The Times` Internet pay walls - the death of the intenet - No ?

With the times even if they get 100 people paying is that not going to make the site better value than 1,000,000 free visitors? Unless the ad revenue works differently or they have paid links that people used to click through.

RE: Recommend me some top US TV Shows....

Saw the first episode of Dark Blue the other day seemed okay lots of action see how it progresses and let you know.

RE: What would life be like if religion never existed?

Robert John Shepherd says...
(And before you bring up hitler, he was a christian and actually catholic)
doesn`t mean religion was his motivator

RE: What would life be like if religion never existed?

I simply do not believe that any one person can actually comprehend what the world would be like without the influence of religion. So anyone making a statement about it being better or worse for me has no idea.

While everyone is enititled to their views the actual start if this thread is an unanswerable question in my view.

On the view about people harming each other over religion people have killed each other for centuries over many things religion being one of them but not all, all of this is a cover for the human desire to have power, influence the need to prove they are better than others etc which is level below religion

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RE: What would life be like if religion never existed?

Exactly I am not so sure if life would be better.

Religion has spawned a great many things over the course of human race, often the only scholors were religious ones keeping records of what like was like during their ages. It has promoted many good things as we ll as some bad. Like all things humans do there are always some who take an extremist view most religous people are just trying to live their lives as best they can and do not harm anyone else.

It is aq question with no answer because the world would be so different to what it is now it would be unrecognisable, in fact I don`t think anyone even has the capacity to comprehend what world would be like without religion.

Everyone would only see what matters to them for example the terroist attrocities the others noticed, for me it would mean 4000 years of culture, art, language and knowledge would have been lost from India.

RE: Looking back on your life, what are you most proud of?

Off the top of my head it was going off backpacking around the world last year, had an amazing time.

RE: The Official MANCHESTER UNITED & Charity Shield winners 2010/11 Season Thread.

Yeh nothing to do with the tackle, man he just buckled I rewound the ol sky and boy it looked horrible. My fav was in the paper, they were like it was so bad sky refused to show replays and then had a giant picture next to it!!

RE: Anyone got both an Xbox 360 and a PS3?

I used to have both, as a gaming machine the xbox is much better for me. I prefer the exclusive titles that were available on the xbox compared to the PS3 though more games now appear on both so this is less of an issue. The only game I really wanted on the xbox was god of war.

I actually thought the xbox controller was better as well, also where I had the same game on both i.e. fifa I preferred playing on the xbox I thought the graphics were a touch better and the controller mor precise.

As an all round machine the PS3 is miles better, I think PSN is better than live, note I am not a massive online gamer so did not pay for live. The PS3 is obv much better a media player with the blu ray and much quieter than the plane level noise that used to come from the xbox.

So all in all if I was just a gamer then I would be xboxing all the way with the blu ray and online (iplayer, inbuilt wifi etc) abilities of the PS3 it works better for me.

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RE: The Official MANCHESTER UNITED & Charity Shield winners 2010/11 Season Thread.

He caught his foot in the turf, looked horrific, apparently the bone was sticking out.

RE: Budget DVD Distributor - Wants to Buy 18 cert rights

Doc I hope that is the charge for the filming not the other kind of shooting!

RE: This is why I don`t like cruises

Well it says they got 25% off a future cruise.

Besides it is like a free roller coaster ride would have been fun, unless you got smacked by a table of course.

RE: Bl00dy car insurance!!

Insurance has gone up across the board, I don`t think you will find a quote that is cheaper than what you paid last year even with an extra years no claims. I think on average it is about 20% higher than last year.

RE: Advice – for charity

As them fo rthe money half way through the cut then if they don`t give you enough then don`t finish the cut or make it uneven!!

RE: Whats your ringtone and message alert?

Wow mine are from the ones preloaded on the phone no mixing, snipping or personalising.

RE: My wonderful dvd sets

Would have been lovely except for that link, that clearly shows you were lost when posting this message.

Surely your dad actually taught you better than to go spamming away, what you should do is get on a plane hope it crashes on a desert island then you can live your lost dream and we can all be happy and at one with the world.

RE: DVD Weekly Newsletter...

Just change your settings so you do not recieve it, also if you put the phone on silent does the alarm still not make loadsa noise?

RE: What are you listening to now??? (Music recomendations)

The new Rick Ross album is pretty good if it is your kind of music.

RE: 3D Films - Am I missing something?

Most movies so far tend not to have stuff flying out at you as if it went on for an entire movie as opposed to a 5 minute theme park ride then it would get a bit odd for most viewers.

Avatar was almost exclusively about the depth the only time I remember anything coming out at the audience were some leaves when he was flying.


Mine took about 2 weeks of charge discharge cycles to stabalise and give me a days use. This is the original battery that came with the phone.

I read the same as you Og that the HTC battery actually provides close to what it states whereas others don`t therefore you end up with the same life.

RE: So... what are you playing just now?

Red Dead Redepemtion on the PS3 has me hooked at the moment got well into it.

RE: Anyone tried Firefox (Fennec) for Android?

See if you can move some of your applications to the SD card after updates a few of mine can be moved. In the applications bit in the main settings screen.

RE: Got Racially Discriminated against by the Co-Op on Friday

Mate if I made a fuss everytime someone has made a racist comment to me I would be forever complaining.

Actually the UK is better than everywhere else I have ever been in terms of tolerance and people seeing racism as unacceptable.

Just move on, you can buy your lottery tickets from any number of places; hell even online so you do not have risk racism from an employee.

This is forgoing the fact that I do not believe it was even racism in the first place, what doesn`t kill you makes you stronger, words never hurt etc etc.... life goes on and so must you.

RE: New what are you reading thread

bowfer says...
Currently reading a David Baldacci novel called `Simple Genius`.
It`s got me hooked.
Great author has some really good books and meaty too so they last longer than one commute. I have a few of his books at home.

RE: New what are you reading thread

Currently reading The Lovers by John Connolly, it is one a numberof novels he has written with PI Charlie Parker as the lead.

He is is PI with a difference in that he can see ghosts or sense stuff from the other side so is morally obligated to help. Pretty good series of book with decent side characters. This one concentrates on why his father killed two people and committed suicide when he was a kid.

RE: Kindle or similar reader

I have a sony old model that they no longer sell and I think it is great. Plenty of books around that are free if you like old classics.

Took mine went I went travelling as I read a lot and saved me carrying round loads of books.

Good points battery lasts ages I only read books did not use the mp3 player functionality. Screen is easy to read and does not strain your eyes at all.

Bad points, page turns are a little slow can`t flick through like a book. Like a book can`t read in the dark, but just turn on the light or use a cheap led torch, you can also get fancy light emitting covers and all sorts which seem a waste of money.

All in all was a good buy and I still use it on the commute to work and just reading at home, not as nice as a book.

As for the kindle specifically it has a limited format range compared to some of the other models the i-river one is similar in money and seems a little more compatible might be worth checking out.

RE: Wish You Were here?

null says...
As for sitting on a beach - it has to be quiet, mid 20`s, waiter service for cocktails and the bluest sea ever. Thats not going to happen in the near future but who cares I go to Vegas in 19 days WOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!! Grinning
Vegas is immense, besides plenty of sand there!!

RE: Veggie meal puts me in hospital.

Glad you are better, hopefully have also learnt to be better and just eat bacon.