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[VIDEO] RE:Captain Picard returns

I managed to struggle through all ten episodes. Still waiting for Picard to show up, tbh. So far I've only seen 'JL', who shares almost no characteristics with Picard whosoever. Somebody should have given Stewart a boxset of TNG to refresh his memory because he seems to have forgotten everything about Picard.

Ditto Seven of Nine. Is she still a budding science officer pursuing a career in Starfleet? Nope, she's a cold blooded, psychopathic mercenary hellbent on exacting violent revenge on those who wronged her. Oh and she's an alcoholic because dRaMa. Apparently JL knows her? We've never seen them interact so their meeting has zero weight, but then she's only there for the memberberries anyway.

The Federation are a bunch of xenophobic assholes now? So much for that optimistic view of the future.

As for the rest of the crew? There's JL's former second in command who somehow manages to be a bitter drug addict living in poverty even though such things don't really exist anymore. Then there's the annoying Legolas wannabe with the cringiest catchphrase in history - "Please my friends, give me some better dialogue!". The handsome captain seems to have wandered in from a completely different show.

Oh, then there's a graphic violence, F-bombs and the plot ripped straight from Mass Effect.

Alex Kurtzman is the worst thing to happen to Trek since JJ Abrams.

Utter bilge.

RE: [VIDEO] The Batman

Dat goatse exhaust 😐

RE: [VIDEO] Billie Eilish picked to perform next Bond Theme.

Robee J Shepherd says...
"You don't think he can sing??? Her voice not being to your taste I could get, but if you think she can't sing I'm not sure what you are hearing!"

Well I guess it's all subjective. I'd rather stick a screwdriver through my eardrums than listen to her weak, asthmatic voice. It doesn't help that the melody itself is pretty basic. I doubt Hans Zimmer will have much difficulty integrating this into his score amidst the BWAAAMMMMs.

Hoping for something a bit more exciting when they reboot the franchise again in a few years.

[VIDEO] RE:Billie Eilish picked to perform next Bond Theme.

The start is terrible but it gets better. Ish.

I feel like this might have been a good song if it was performed by somebody who could actually sing.

RE: [VIDEO] Parasite Best Picture 2020

They already announced the US version - a limited HBO series, potentially starring Mark Ruffalo.

Bong Joon Ho is onboard with the idea:

In interviews during the final phase of the Oscar campaign Bong explained that the series, likely six hours in length, will not be a straight remake of the film but will include a lot of additional material and stories he had developed for Parasite that could not fit into a two-hour movie.

RE: [VIDEO] Parasite Best Picture 2020

I wouldn't really say it came out of nowhere. It won the Palme d'Or at Cannes, plus about a million other awards as well since then.

RE: The Trump Presidency

Smithers, rip this paper for me...

RE: [VIDEO] Windows 7 RIP

Here's a secret Julia doesn't want you to know. You don't need to worry about product keys. Just install Windows 10 from scratch (clean install) and then use... let's say "alternative methods" to activate.

I can PM you the details if you want.

RE: [VIDEO] Captain Picard returns

Well, the first episode is every bit as terrible as Discovery. I don't think I'll bother with the rest.

It's like the writers have never seen Star Trek before :\

RE: [VIDEO] Windows 7 RIP

Guys, when do we tell him that were joking and that we're all still rocking good ol' Windows 7?

But seriously, clean install all the way. If I was you, I'd grab a cheap 250GB SSD for like £30, install Windows on that and then recover your data from the existing hard drive afterwards.

RE: Windows 7 RIP

marksparks999 says...
"when i click on this all i get is Save or Cancel, doesnt give me the Run option?"

If you save the file, you will then be able to run it.

RE: Windows 7 RIP

I believe you have to use your old Windows 7 product key when installing Windows 10, then activation should work fine with a clean install.

Idk though, since I never had a legit Windows 7 key, either. I activated using other more nefarious means.

RE: Windows 7 RIP

You might be better off backing up what you need and doing a clean installation.

In-place upgrades can cause cause all kinds of problems.

If your copy of Windows 7 is legit, Win10 should still activate for free as Microsoft has your hardware ID on record.

RE: Lord of the Rings coming to Amazon

Nazanin Boniadi is great! I was gutted when they killed her off in Homeland. I'm guessing she will be an Easterling or something.

Robert Aramayo seemed a little wooden in GOT, but that could have just been because he was doing an impression of Sean Bean.

I remain cautiously optimistic.

RE: [VIDEO] Billie Eilish picked to perform next Bond Theme.

The Chrissie Hynde version of Live And Let Die from that same album was, IMO, better than the original.

RE: Billie Eilish picked to perform next Bond Theme.

I miss the days when the composer was involved in the songwriting process, allowing the theme to be used throughout the film. This hasn't happened since Casino Royale.

Having sampled a few of her songs, I can't say I'm very hopeful. Some of the most insipid bilge I've ever heard, but I guess it can't be worse than Sam Smith's hilariously awful offering.

RE: Windows 7 RIP

Pete-MK says...
"Now it's £120"

RE: Windows 7 RIP

I built a new rig at Christmas and finally moved over to Win10. I was an ardent Win7 user holding out until the last second, but it's not that bad, tbh. Once you spend an hour or so getting rid of the crap and making it look the way you want (which I also had to do with Windows 7), it's a perfectly fine OS.

[VIDEO] RE:Fargo (TV Series)

Ok I'm back onboard.

RE: The Trump Presidency

Si Wooldridge says...
"Is anyone actually 100% certain this thing exists?"

Nope. A video was "leaked" last year but it was proven to be fake. Even Christopher Steele (the source of the rumour) said it's "50/50" whether it exists or not. The rumour is based entirely on the word of a handful of people in the Russian government (none of whom had actually seen it, either).

Even if it was true, no crime was committed so it would be just another nothingburger, much like their impeachment efforts. The democrats' entire platform is based on smearing Trump so they don't have to present a viable option for people to vote for.

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RE: [VIDEO] Election 2019

Always nice to hear the opinion of a war criminal