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RE: So... what are you playing just now?

Desperados III

I've been waiting for this since they announced it two years ago. So addictive and faithful to the original games. I'm so glad the Commandos-style real time stealth genre is making a comeback. The same devs previous title, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, was one of the best games in recent memory IMO. Currently on sale 85% off on Steam, btw.

Recently played the demo for Partisans 1941 as well, which treads similar ground, albeit in a WW2 setting.

RE: Star Wars: Squadrons

First gameplay footage will be shown at EA Play tonight (midnight BST).

[VIDEO] RE:Tenet (2020)

This movie has already taken my money, it just hasn't happened yet.

RE: How Epic got such amazing Unreal Engine 5 results on next-gen consoles

It looks pretty amazing until you realise that it's running in 30fps. "Next-gen" indeed.

RE: [VIDEO] Homeland

Well, it was a decent, if somewhat predictable ending.

I wish they had introduced Anna earlier in the season. She was such a cool character.

Funny thing is, if there had been a ninth season, you just know that Carrie's cover would be blown in the first episode 😂

It's nice for a show to not completely crash and burn at the end, though.

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RE: [VIDEO] Better Call Saul

Robee J Shepherd says...
"I've just seen the finale, and it's such a great show. My big worry is we are getting closer and closer to the BB timeline so it'll end in maybe another season. But part of me hopes we then get another season post BB."

Next season will be the last, but it will be longer at 13 episodes instead of 10. It will undoubtedly conclude the post-BB story. Filming is set to begin in September, coronavirus permitting.

RE: [VIDEO] Better Call Saul

Anybody still watching? Ever since season 3, the Breaking Bad DNA has leaked in and taken over. The show has become as much about the Fring/Salamanca drug war as it is about Saul himself. Nacho has evolved into something much more rounded than the simple psychotic grunt everyone assumed he would be. Howard turned out to be a stand-up guy and Lalo is heaps of fun, too. His revenge is going to be a delight to behold.

But it's Kim who has the most interesting character arc. As of the season 5 finale, she is headed in a direction that few would have predicted. With one final season left to go, I find myself equally dreading what she is going to do and what is going to happen to her.

My hope is that...

she is alive in the post-BB timeline and "Gene" finally reconnects with her at the end.

Wishful thinking, I know.

RE: [VIDEO] Westworld Season 3

Episode 6 was pretty great.

I was really hoping that RED-209 would tear s*** up a little more, but it was still a great moment.

Charlores is definitely the most compelling character this season.

RE: Looking to upgrade graphics card on a budget

From what I've read, it seems that newer video cards don't always play ball with older non-UEFI BIOSes, especially those pre-2012 and from OEM manufacturers.

I think your options are basically:

1. Return it and get a refund.
2. Upgrade the rest of the system.

Computers are fun!

RE: [VIDEO] Westworld Season 3

The story isn't as convoluted this season, but it still feels too much like the writers are trying to appeal to the Reddit sub. Episode 5 was a total misfire with the 'Genre' gimmick and that car chase was hilariously bad, too.

I really want to like the show but they make it so difficult.

RE: Looking to upgrade graphics card on a budget

A 3.0 card should be backwards compatible with a 2.0 slot.

I think you might have encountered the same issue that I had. At the time, I was running an old 3570K/Z77 system from 2013, and the motherboard had not received any BIOS updates since then. My issue was exactly as you described and the only solution I found was to run the new GPU in the lower 4x slot. Sadly, this blocked some of my SATA ports, so I had to do without some of my hard drives until Christmas, when I upgraded the rest of the system. I thought it was just because I am cursed, but it seems to be a common issue :\

If you have a lower 4X PCI-E slot, try that. It worked fine for me and the performance didn't suffer too much.

RE: Looking to upgrade graphics card on a budget

I have an RX 570 4GB (Sapphire Pulse). I was holding onto my old GTX 770, hoping to upgrade once the next generation of ray tracing cards are released. Sadly, the poor thing couldn't face another year of torture and finally threw in the towel last year.

So I opted for the 570 as a cheap, temporary replacement, but tbh I think I might just hang onto this for a while. It's a fantastic little 1080p card and runs quiet as a whisper (unlike the GTX 770, which was like having a Rolls Royce jet engine in my case).

Mine was a steal at £120, so £70 would be amazing value. I'm guessing that is the pre-owned price, though? I can't find any new models for that price.

RE: [VIDEO] Homeland

Started binging the final season (so far) today. Starts out pretty good, then come the contrivances and sub-24 plot machinations. President Dumbass and his Grima Wormtongue advisor are particularly silly. Still pretty fun spy/espionage hokum.

Kudos to episode 10 tho...

One of the more realistic and empathetic depictions of a suicide bombing, even though it was super predictable half way through the episode.

I should have waited two more weeks to binge.

[VIDEO] RE:Captain Picard returns

I managed to struggle through all ten episodes. Still waiting for Picard to show up, tbh. So far I've only seen 'JL', who shares almost no characteristics with Picard whosoever. Somebody should have given Stewart a boxset of TNG to refresh his memory because he seems to have forgotten everything about Picard.

Ditto Seven of Nine. Is she still a budding science officer pursuing a career in Starfleet? Nope, she's a cold blooded, psychopathic mercenary hellbent on exacting violent revenge on those who wronged her. Oh and she's an alcoholic because dRaMa. Apparently JL knows her? We've never seen them interact so their meeting has zero weight, but then she's only there for the memberberries anyway.

The Federation are a bunch of xenophobic assholes now? So much for that optimistic view of the future.

As for the rest of the crew? There's JL's former second in command who somehow manages to be a bitter drug addict living in poverty even though such things don't really exist anymore. Then there's the annoying Legolas wannabe with the cringiest catchphrase in history - "Please my friends, give me some better dialogue!". The handsome captain seems to have wandered in from a completely different show.

Oh, then there's a graphic violence, F-bombs and the plot ripped straight from Mass Effect.

Alex Kurtzman is the worst thing to happen to Trek since JJ Abrams.

Utter bilge.

RE: [VIDEO] The Batman

Dat goatse exhaust 😐

RE: [VIDEO] Billie Eilish picked to perform next Bond Theme.

Robee J Shepherd says...
"You don't think he can sing??? Her voice not being to your taste I could get, but if you think she can't sing I'm not sure what you are hearing!"

Well I guess it's all subjective. I'd rather stick a screwdriver through my eardrums than listen to her weak, asthmatic voice. It doesn't help that the melody itself is pretty basic. I doubt Hans Zimmer will have much difficulty integrating this into his score amidst the BWAAAMMMMs.

Hoping for something a bit more exciting when they reboot the franchise again in a few years.

[VIDEO] RE:Billie Eilish picked to perform next Bond Theme.

The start is terrible but it gets better. Ish.

I feel like this might have been a good song if it was performed by somebody who could actually sing.

RE: [VIDEO] Parasite Best Picture 2020

They already announced the US version - a limited HBO series, potentially starring Mark Ruffalo.

Bong Joon Ho is onboard with the idea:

In interviews during the final phase of the Oscar campaign Bong explained that the series, likely six hours in length, will not be a straight remake of the film but will include a lot of additional material and stories he had developed for Parasite that could not fit into a two-hour movie.

RE: [VIDEO] Parasite Best Picture 2020

I wouldn't really say it came out of nowhere. It won the Palme d'Or at Cannes, plus about a million other awards as well since then.