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RE: The future started last week

There was a thing (and this was several years ago) that the actor who played the Karate Kid was now the same age as Mr Miyagi was when the film came out.


Finally watched last couple of episodes.

They really are setting fire to the old Star Wars magic dust with these crappy series' they keep knocking out.

Mind you though...

RE: The Last Ever Neighbours

I used to watch it "ironically" in the 80s / 90s and as a student, etc. (yeah, that's right, watching a programme religiously for years that I "didn't enjoy") probably up to the point where some of the older alumni were in it - Natalie Imbruglia, Guy Pearce, possibly Russell Crowe. There was some surfer dude character who kept on having 'smoothies', and that's when I first learned what a smoothie was...

I'll probably watch it on catch-up at some point (ironically of course).

RE: [VIDEO] UEFA Women's EURO 2022

Alessia Russo: made in Maidstone

RE: [VIDEO] Ms Marvel

Snaps says...
"Just watched ep 1 and I have to be honest I'm not champing at the bit to watch anymore."

Heresy! (actually, it didn't really do it for me either).

RE: RIP David Warner

Oh no.

I actually thought he was older than 80, he'd been seemingly in everything for so long.

RE: [VIDEO] Scorchio

I think this is what they call 'shot, chaser'

Shot: "Get over it snowflakes, it's called WEATHER!!!"


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RE: [VIDEO] Scorchio

And now the fires have started...

RE: [VIDEO] Scorchio

admars says...
"cons - 30-60mins in car there and again back (car has no air con, it broke a few years ago, and didn't seem worth the £100s to get it fixed)"

Ditto. And even the fan doesn't work. I've had it re-gassed, leak checked, etc. Probably £100s to get fixed as you say. Had one fixed on a previous car cost £300, used for a few months before car caput and did EXACT same thing on the car I had previous to that. Not very lucky with aircon.

RE: [VIDEO] Scorchio

Currently 35c here too according to apps (just south of the London superhot red zone).

I was supposed to be sanding and paint spraying a metal door today/tomorrow right out in direct sun but am putting it off until next week.

RE: Have you had Covid yet?

My nephew just back from Tenerife has tested positive.

Pete-MK says...
"Funny thing is, I was sat beside her for 70% of the time, just to make sure she was still breathing, and it passed me by"

It's possible you were asymptomatic.

[VIDEO] Scorchio

Hot innit?

Thought I might as well mention the bleeding obvious thing that we all seem to be ignoring.

RE: Have you had Covid yet?

I got it in March, after avoiding it for 2 years. Pretty sure I caught it at my first visit to the gym after it had been shut for months. I then gave it to my elderly parents. I reckon I was more ill than they were, although it was only like flu for me. I didn't lose my sense of taste or have a sore throat. I kept testing positive for at least 10 days. It was a massive inconvenience but I'm just glad I got it after all might jabs and with the 'milder' variant.

Have you had Covid yet?

This post includes a poll.

RE: [VIDEO] Lord of the Rings coming to Amazon

Galadriel: "...attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion."

Elf geezer: "???"

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RE: [VIDEO] Davis Mitchells Soapbox

I watched and enjoyed all these when they came out. But aren't they all about 10 years old?

RE: [VIDEO] Boris the not-a-spider

So we've got a bunch of low quality culture war nut-jobs all trying to outdo themselves in a race to the bottom to appeal to a tiny number right-wing zealots - fighting against woke culture, abandoning net zero, cutting back on benefits - all while ignoring a real, actual crisis.

Still, you've got to laugh*


Edit: Just as an aside, I am entirely happy with the Tories fielding a totally unelectable candidate at the next election

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RE: [VIDEO] Lord of the Rings coming to Amazon

Lenny Henry! They didn't have any brown hobbits in those days, etc...

RE: [VIDEO] Boris the not-a-spider

In another blow to the tories, Starmer and Rayner exonerated of rule breaking

[VIDEO] Brian and Charles

This is getting a bit of traction.

RE: [VIDEO] Boris the not-a-spider

mbilko says...
"I would love to have known what his thought process was tbh, everyone knew even before the mass resignations his time was up, I can only assume he was going to try for a snap election and once the men in grey suits told him they wouldn't allow it he had nowhere left to turn"

I really thought he was going to do this - full scorched earth denial mode.

Edit: He's staying on till the bloody autumn apparently. Ridiculous.

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RE: [VIDEO] Boris the not-a-spider

The last thing I want to hear now is a load of self-serving Tory scumbags queuing up to honour 'his achievements' since they propped him up right until the very last moment. They should have turfed him out long ago but it suited their careers. He should be vilified. He should not get a peerage.

I would like to think that the public who supported him down the years are finally getting a taste of what the rest of us have always known about the egotistical weasel. He was quite prepared to drag the whole country down just to save his own over stuffed skin.

RE: [VIDEO] Boris the not-a-spider

Looks like he's finally going to quit.

His fall from grace has been remarkable.

RE: [VIDEO] Boris the not-a-spider

Even Nadhim Zahawi - only appointed yesterday as Chancellor - is telling dimbo to resign. They'll be issuing 'take your turn' tickets soon for the growing queue.


RE: [VIDEO] Boris the not-a-spider

At this rate I reckon Larry the cat will end up with a senior cabinet position.

RE: [VIDEO] Stranger Things: Season 4

I mean, just having Paul Reiser as one of the actors... the 'aliens' (demogorgons) in the jars...

RE: [VIDEO] Frasier (2022)

What the hell have I just watched?

[VIDEO] RE:short films that are WWAW

One of my faves. Jazz teams up with his US counterpart (@ValueSelectTV - also worth checking out)

[VIDEO] RE:short films that are WWAW

After watching this (compulsory), I would strongly recommend going down the rabbit hole of watching Jazz Emu's music videos. They are special.