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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Boris Johnson apparently moved to intensive care. Suspected they were downplaying this earlier. This is obviously very serious and very worrying.

RE: Netflix 'hidden' category codes

Maybe there's a 'when David Walliams used to be funny' category?

RE: Netflix 'hidden' category codes

How about Canadian christmas children & family films 1721544

Netflix 'hidden' category codes

Something I've just learned that may be handy when trawling for something to watch.

Instead of being presented with the same choices that you endlessly scroll through on the home screen, you can home in on a category (with some pretty high levels of specificity) by using the right code.

e.g. Type to search for your favourite Belgian movies or perhaps if LGBT dramas are your thing.

List of codes here

Bit tricky if you're not watching via web browser but find what you're looking for online and then just search it directly on your Netflix client of choice.

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Boris Johnson admitted to hospital "for tests". This doesn't sound good.

RE: All in a name

Mikeonfreeserve says...
"Let's not kid ourselves that the current crisis is 'wholly unforseen'."

It was totally foreseen.

The govt. carried out an exercise in 2016 to see how we could cope with a pandemic and you guessed it, exactly the problems we are seeing now were highlighted: underfunded NHS = ppe shortage, ventilators, intensive care beds - a total disaster.

They buried the report. Who wants to waste a bunch of money on something that might not happen, right? It was always going to happen. The scientists always said it is a question of when not if (see also climate change disaster and looming no deal brexit)

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Loss of sense of smell is one of the big notifiers, apparently - 2/3 of people with covid-19 report this. Does sound like you've got it.

You'll eventually get a test to see whether you've had it, but you're not even supposed to cal 111 until you have difficulty breathing so if you contact your doctor they're likely to repeat the mantra of self-isolate for 14 days.

Good luck!

RE: Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Snaps says...
"he decision whether to lock down or not largely depends on the amount of ICU care available per capita.
Maybe they have a lot more capacity than us."

They actually have lower capacity than we do.

Swe: 5.8 beds per 100k population
UK: 6.6 beds per 100k
Europe average: 11.5 per 100k.

This (damning) article goes into it a bit more if you're interested:

RE: Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

I have that chart permanently open as a tab...

Notice that we've only recently 'overtaken' S.Korea in total cases, yet they have far fewer deaths. In reality, they do far more testing than we do, so we probably have far more cases than they do. Because of their experiences with SARS, they know what they are doing: high number of testing, tracing back each case history to catch all those who may be infected. Painstaking and resource heavy but effective. Didn't hear any crap about herd immunity from them.

We are almost certainly heading towards Italy/Spain levels in coming weeks and probably far stricter isolation. Does look like it's working in Italy, finally.

RE: Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

When we get the postmortem (no pun intended) we will see how Johnson has done. C- for me so far. I hope he isn't enjoying this. He lied and cheated to get the job and I hope he hates it. I certainly don't want him to fail though.

I don't like Cummings having any influence. It's all a big f***ing game to him to prove what a genius mastermind he is. Word is he had a lot of influence on the earlier disastrous 'herd immunity' stunt they tried. Also, apparently, it took Macron and other EU leaders threatening to close borders to UK before we accepted a lockdown.

Edit: Two bits of positive news to not be constantly negative

  • Tests apparently show that coronavirus doesn't mutate as much as flu, meaning that they probably won't have to keep adapting the vaccine yearly when it eventually comes - a one-off jab might be all we need
  • New reports suggest they won't run out of intensive care beds when we get to the peak of this. Maybe not "they've found a cure!" but at least that's (possibly) a major worry averted.

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RE: Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

The best defence against the coronavirus is to be rich.

Front line medical staff can't even get tested.

Silver lining (non US only) at least we don't have Trump as leader who is happy to sacrifice the vulnerable to 'save' the economy so he doesn't look like a failure, and his despicable GOP acolytes are lining up behind him to make Fox news pronouncements as to how the elderly would want this to happen.

A saner voice in US politics, New York Governer Andrew Cuomo:

My mother is not expendable. Your mother is not expendable. We will not put a dollar figure on human life. We can have a public health strategy that is consistent with an economic one. No one should be talking about social darwinism for the sake of the stock market.

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Snaps says...
We'll ask you to remain indoors with a sterner voice.
Police already saying this puts them in a very very difficult position.
There weren't enough of them to cope pre virus."

The important thing is the govt finally giving clarity that we should stay home. The majority of people aren't dicks and will abide by the rules - but they need to know what the rules are. Other countries seem to be managing this fine, although we seem to have more than our fair share of c***s:

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

@r8sso What I mean by steeper death curve than Italy is that when Italy were at the stage we are at, roughly 2 weeks ago, they had fewer deaths than us. Our trajectory could be worse than theirs

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Yup, things are going to get far worse, and it's going to get a lot more scary. Shame we didn't take the same approach as S. Korea from the start and yes a lot of that blame lies at the feet of Johnson's govt - people can defend him all they want, the reality is going to hit us like a train.

Currently we are on a steeper 'death curve' than Italy and China were at this stage. People are still being pricks and thinking that this is some sort of enforced holiday. The govt may have to get draconian on people going out pretty soon.

Apparently if we did nothing the death toll in the UK is estimated at over 500k, if we followed the govt's earlier position (keeping schools open, etc) death toll would be 250k, current position is 20k deaths. We won't be over this in 12 weeks.

When you get idiots like Ant Middleton (who has now apologised) for his reckless "I will carry on shaking hands and hugging people" tough guy approach, this sends a terrible message that we can tough it out. The most important thing we can do is slow the spread by isolating as much as possible.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

It just dawned on me. I'm gonna have to start cutting my own hair.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Pete-MK says...
"This whole mess is causing me some serious anxiety problems"

It's the financial situation that's worrying me as much as anything else atm.

We've lost around £40,000 in trade in the last 3 years thanks to brexit, so business is already bad (and will now be zero) and I was about to look for a new job - well that's not happening now. Being self-employed (and already earning bugger all) means sick pay, tax cuts, etc. will all be useless will not benefit me. People like me will need money in hand. Financial survival is precarious.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Si Wooldridge says...
"To be fair, there's a lot of that about at the moment including all those people who seem to think the government is deliberately trying to kill off it's elder population..."

Yeah, I'm not gonna get all misty eyed over the govt that pulled us out of the EMA and the EU's pandemic early warning response system thanks...

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Right now, the chances of catching this while out and about are very low (even though it's more likely 10k people have it rather than the confirmed 609 cases). But when it starts to peak in a couple of months, that's when it's dodgy.

I'm not sure of the wisdom of the UK govt compared to most others, I think I'd favour more of a lockdown now. As it's turning out, it might be out of their hands to some extent as sports events, football leagues, etc. are shutting down anyway. My main annoyance was the slow response from govt. right at the start (notwithstanding I really am p***ed off with China for hiding this for a month.)

Preemptively telling people their relatives are gonna die, not sure about that one either...

Anyway, I've just frozen my gym membership (oversized petri dish with music) for the next 3 months.

If you want to keep an eye on how the pandemic is progressing, this is a good site. Scroll down for country specific league table.

RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal: 2019/2020

Mikel Arteta has coronavirus. Jesus.

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Does anyone on here really think that this is not incredibly serious now?

This comment from the above Joe Rogan video:

I am writing to you from Bergamo, Italy, at the heart of the coronavirus crisis. The news media in the US has not captured the severity of what is happening here. I am writing this post because each of you, today, not the government, not the school district, not the mayor, each individual citizen has the chance, today to take actions that will deter the Italian situation from becoming your own country’s reality. The only way to stop this virus is to limit contagion. And the only way to limit contagion is for millions of people to change their behavior today.

If you are in Europe or the US you are weeks away from where we are today in Italy.

I can hear you now. “It’s just a flu. It only affects old people with preconditions”

There are 2 reasons why Coronavirus has brought Italy to it’s knees. First it is a flu is devastating when people get really sick they need weeks of ICU – and, second, because of how fast and effectively it spreads. There is 2 week incubation period and many who have it never show symptoms.

When Prime Minister Conte announced last night that the entire country, 60 million people, would go on lock down, the line that struck me most was “there is no more time.” Because to be clear, this national lock down, is a hail mary. What he means is that if the numbers of contagion do not start to go down, the system, Italy, will collapse.

Why? Today the ICUs in Lombardy are at capacity – more than capacity. They have begun to put ICU units in the hallways. If the numbers do not go down, the growth rate of contagion tells us that there will be thousands of people who in a matter of a week? two weeks? who will need care. What will happen when there are 100, or a 1000 people who need the hospital and only a few ICU places left?

On Monday a doctor wrote in the paper that they have begun to have to decide who lives and who dies when the patients show up in the emergency room, like what is done in war. This will only get worse.

There are a finite number of drs, nurses, medical staff and they are getting the virus. They have also been working non-stop, non-stop for days and days. What happens when the drs, nurses and medical staff are simply not able to care for the patients, when they are not there?

And finally for those who say that this is just something that happens to old people, starting yesterday the hospitals are reporting that younger and younger patients – 40, 45, 18, are coming in for treatment.

You have a chance to make a difference and stop the spread in your country. Push for the entire office to work at home today, cancel birthday parties, and other gatherings, stay home as much as you can. If you have a fever, any fever, stay home. Push for school closures, now. Anything you can do to stop the spread, because it is spreading in your communities – there is a two week incubation period – and if you do these things now you can buy your medical system time.

And for those who say it is not possible to close the schools, and do all these other things, locking down Italy was beyond anyone’s imagination a week ago.

Soon you will not have a choice, so do what you can now.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Could always cheer yourself up by going to the quitters big party on Parliament Square whose speakers will include: Tim Martin, Julia Hartley-Brewer, Anne Widdicombe, Michelle Dewberry, Richard Tice, Nigel Farage. From 9pm-11pm. No alcohol allowed because it's banned there.

RE: RIP Nicholas Parsons

In one bizarre episode of his life, this posh boy son of a doctor from the home counties worked as a ship builder in Glasgow during the the war.

RE: RIP Nicholas Parsons

That's a real shame. I still listen to just a minute from time to time. What will they do without him!

He did seem like he didn't quite know what was going on in his RHLSTP (rhlstp) interview, but still amazing for a guy in his 90s.

RE: Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter crash

I don't particularly follow basketball, but that's kind of the equivalent of David Beckham dying here. More than just atop sportsman, an iconic figure.