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RE: [VIDEO] The Outlaws

Saw the first ep. Thought it was pretty good. Writing is quite sharp -  which you might expect from someone like Steven Merchant. They've always got to be a bit careful that they don't go a bit Grange Hill with British made stuff.

RE: Not Savy online

I realise I'm just someone else jumping on this thread to mansplain...

If you really are entirely in the dark about whatsapp, basically it's just like text messaging but with few additions:

It's free - you don't get charged for sending a text even if it includes photos or video because it uses wifi or mobile data (therefore you need a data plan if you use it away from your home)

You can create a group of users so that you can send a 'text' to everyone in the group and each user can do the same - useful for friend and family groups, interest groups or for people planning on storming Capital Hill.

It's owned by Facebook so it's legit/evil depending on your view of Zuckerberg's mob. They will be mining your data because nothing that's 'free' is actually free (I preferred it when there was a very small yearly charge before Facebook bought it)

Almost everyone with a phone uses it, so it can be a very useful way to keep in touch with people.

*YOU CAN SEE WHEN SOMEONE HAS READ YOUR TEXT!!! (2 little green ticks light up)
*but they can also see when you have read their text and haven't bothered replying

There are other similar apps that do the same job with the same or better encryption that don't have the privacy problems of Facebook e.g. Signal, Telegram. They're becoming more popular but they aren't as ubiquitous.

Despite the problems it's so useful I still use it.

RE: [VIDEO] Lorry drivers

That's all great and everything, but there are consequences for pay rises (particularly when they are not aligned with productivity increases).

We use delivery companies a lot. In the last year the costs have already pretty much doubled. A year ago we were charged about £18-£22 for our average consignment, now it's £34+

Material costs have jumped too (metal in our case). The future is looking expensive.

I am in the process of putting up our prices as I type.

RE: Lovecraft Country

Watched this originally.

I can't even remember what happened in the end it was so bizarre.

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RE: [VIDEO] The Expanse (SyFy)

Snaps says...
"Is anyone else finding this or now that shows can go on forever and episode lengths are flexible on streaming services are they taking longer to tell their stories and not editing as tightly as they used to."

Yes. A good way of making an epic series is to make it really long and convoluted - cos that's what epic is, right?

Watched the whole of "9 Perfect Strangers" waiting for something to happen. NOTHING f***IN' HAPPENED.

RE: [VIDEO] The Expanse (SyFy)

I'm several seasons in but haven't watched for quite a while so I've forgotten where I'm up to... and there's a hell of a lot of it. I didn't really know what was going on half the time but enjoyed it.

Are the 'Belters' still doing their dodgy 'Jamaican' accents?

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RE: The Walking Dead: Season 8

I'm watching the final season on Disney+. Is there a hiatus there too or is it just a Sky thing?

On checking, it looks like one more episode (ep8) available today and then the first of two (2) season breaks!

(and yes I'm the sucker that is STILL watching it)

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Good point.

Same with healthcare I suppose.

Who wants a healthcare professional looking after you or your family who don't believe in vaccines but do believe in conspiracy theories? Better to get rid of the nutters.

RE: [VIDEO] Boris the not-a-spider

There are just so many bad stories about Boris Johnson and his incompetent govt that it starts to wash over people - like becoming insensitive to seeing constant famine stories in the '80s. It works very much to their advantage.

Edit: actually calling them incompetent plays into their hands somewhat too. In many cases they know exactly what they are doing e.g. vote rigging, gas-lighting, destroying apparatus of scrutiny and account, etc.

It also turns out there was (still is) a genuine shortage of fuel at filling stations before the panic buying:


NEW: data released today by BEIS show fuel stocks at petrol stations across the UK were running at the lowest level for at least three years days BEFORE the news stories which sparked the “panic at the pumps”.

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[VIDEO] RE:Brexit

The inevitable Cassetteboy reaction to the Tory Party conf.

RE: Heels

Glow another one of those shows I always meant to watch - at least in part because of Mark Marin (legendary podcaster and stand-up) but never got round to.

RE: Squid Game (Korean)

On my list to watch.

There's a recent BBC news story that English/Korean speakers are noticing that the translations are really poor and actually changing the meanings for English speakers.

RE: [VIDEO] Bond, Trailer Bond

Pete-MK says...
"but aside from Bond's personal turmoil, there didn't really feel like there was a genuine global threat to be dealt with."

I genuinely don't remember why he wanted to wipe out a large part of the human population. Or where he got his vast wealth from. Or why they decided to call his character Lyutsifer like some joke villain in Austin Powers.

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RE: [VIDEO] Bond, Trailer Bond

It was good fun but it wasn't a wow for me as some critics have described it.

God it was long. Slightly aggressive aircon in October made it a bit uncomfortable near the end which didn't help.

Agree with what sj says in the spoiler (don't read below if you haven't seen it)...

I didn't know if it was really necessary to kill him off. But I think they wanted a really dramatic finish and a proper full stop to Craig's Bond.

I generally think if they want a female 007, or any other non-typical 'Bond' character, they should start a spinoff franchise. I don't think it's necessary to change every traditional 'male' character into a female just to prove some point about equality. Just do something original and start a new thing.

If you stayed until the end credits you will have noticed that they said "James Bond will return".

That's James Bond, not Jane Bond. It would seem they are continuing with the traditional Bond character...

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

I think boosters are always Pfizer, no matter what you had previously.

Was able to take my mum to have her booster today because I finally got some diesel! My nephew was going to take her - lucky sod recently bought an electric car. Fuel still really hard to come by in South East.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

I remember a little while back someone on here defending Dom Cummings eye test trip to Barnard Castle. I see we're back up to those levels of disingenuous denial now.

[VIDEO] RE:Brexit

Oh, ok I'm posting another one of Matt Green's videos, I can't help myself...

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Robee J Shepherd says...
"Shortage of truck drivers... just about get away with it because we were part of the EU and freedom of movement. Hard Brexit took away the leeway."

Pretty much this. All of Europe with driver problems, but they are still managing with no shortages. Brexit has tipped us over from having a problem into having a crisis.

Various European driver federations almost laughing in our faces when asked about our high-handed invitation to come over and sort out our problem

EU lorry drivers union says on #r4today “we will not go back to #England to help them get out of the s*** they created themselves”. Yes he said s***.

Are things going to get worse in the run up to Christmas?

There's going to be a lot of media blaming on the right to keep their 'never brexit' stance but people only panic buy when there is a genuine underlying problem.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Leeds Castle segway tour news update:

They've cancelled because of the weather. A small mercy for me.

This is what the public think about the HGV crisis:

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

I can't get any fuel. Warning light is on now. Can't go out unless I can definitely get fuel at a nearby station or I'm f***ed. 

There weren't any queues at any of the 6 petrol stations I visited yesterday because none had fuel. Couldn't risk venturing further afield. Tried again this morning in case they re-stocked overnight. Nothing.

I had an outing booked for a segway tour of Leeds Castle tonight that I was looking forward to. Can't go.

Have to take my mum for booster jab later in week. Looking unlikely. 

If anyone else tells me this is not at least partly down to brexit I will blow my f***ing top. There is a fuel shortage if there is no fuel at the pumps and if there aren't enough drivers to deliver a bit more fuel than usual then clearly this country is very easily tipped over into chaos when basic services fail.

People only panic buy when there is something to cause the panic. 

When they see empty shelves in the supermarkets, hear about crops left to rot in the fields, sewage companies allowed to dump sewage in rivers because they can't get chemicals and can't have routine blood tests because doctors have run out of blood bottles, there is that general air that things are starting to fall apart.

I didn't go out to panic buy fuel but I wish I did. Next time I will be one of those selfish bastards hogging the fuel. Welcome to brexit Britain.

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

If the fuel shortage, etc not caused by a shortage of lorry drivers, why is the govt relaxing visas to get EU drivers back?

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RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

I was just on my way to the sunlit uplands but I ran out of petrol.

Wondering whether this is going to turn into a full on, self-inflicted crisis.

[VIDEO] RE:Boris the not-a-spider

Boris's inspiring UN speech recreated *word for word:

*kind of

RE: [VIDEO] Ted Lasso

Nick Mohammed and Brett Goldstein were both in the really excellent Drifters years back (still available on Ch4 on demand)

RE: RIP: Sir Clive Sinclair dies aged 81

He was basically like a tech rockstar when I was a kid - a balding, ginger, nerdy, speccy, mensa genius. Never quite found that killer tech to really change the world. 

There was a pretty good drama made a few years back as I recall - I think Alexander Armstrong played Sinclair?

RE: [VIDEO] Only Murders in the Building

Watched the first ep. Got a nice feel about it. It's reserved for Sunday night viewing.

RE: Hawkeye

I was thinking Die Hard...

RE: Hawkeye

Hailee Steinfeld (sp?) has grown up a bit since True Grit, etc. blimey (when you stumble onto fan accounts when clicking on #Hawkeye twitter...)

RE: [VIDEO] Womans US Open Final

That was stressful but wow, unbelievable. We have a new sports superstar.

What were you doing on 9/11?

Not very original I know, but 20 years on I do remember exactly what I was doing. Don't remember many other world events in the same way.

I was working on a job installing automated gates for a house and the customer (a lady in her 70s) came outside to say what had happened. She seemed slightly offhand about it though, and made it sound like some sort of accident, possibly a light-aircraft had hit the tower - it may only have been the first impact at that time. She certainly didn't seem at all alarmed.

I remember searching the news on my whatever-it-was crappy phone of the time with what was probably 2g internet. That's when I saw what had really happened.