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RE: The adidas Originals Star Wars Collection for 2010

Gives me the chance to namedrop though...we`re going to a party at a friend of ours on Saturday and he built the original Jabba The Hut (and The Diva Plavalaguna in The Fifth Element)

RE: Help finding a program to re-size lots of photo`s in one go

I use FastStone all the while for resizing now, fantastic bit of software (does loads of other stuff as well, including batch orientating based on EXIF data)

At the same time as resizing, you can rename and move to another folder too.

The windows powertoy does horrible things to colours in photos !

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RE: Revealing the names and faces of Baby P`s killers - Why??

I`ve got kids (and grandkids) and still questioned the need to reveal the names and faces of Baby P`s killers. It serves no purpose whatsoever, other than to sell newspapers to the ghoulish mob that just want to read more stories about how the baby suffered before he died.

If that makes me a) a liberal (which I don`t think it does, as I in no way condone what they did and never would) and b) a cynic (which was never in doubt), then so be it !

And, as was mentioned elsewhere...look inside the newspapers to see what other `bad news` was passed off quietly while the baying masses gathered outside Tabloid Towers.

RE: WTF...Got ID`ed in Asda buying a newspaper ?!!

Nope, no DVD.

Just phoned Asda to complain. They were as surprised as me, appears to be a programming error on the till as there is no age restriction on buying (any) newspapers.

As I said to the lady at Asda, I`d have been far more annoyed if my 14y/old daughter had actually been refused. Though I can`t see her buying a broadsheet at any time in the near future :)

WTF...Got ID`ed in Asda buying a newspaper ?!!

Went shopping in Asda yesterday, on the way out decided to have a drink and read the newspaper in the cafe. When I went to purchase the paper (Sunday Times, for what it`s worth), the girl on the checkout had to confirm that I was over 16 !!

This country`s going mad !

RE: Recommend a web camera...

Got a PCline one from PCWorld for about £15 and it`s great. Decent picture, decent sound...couldn`t ask for anymore for the money

RE: At Last - The Beatles - Entire Original Catalogue Remastered - scheduled for September !!!!!!!!


Oh God, the stuff of my nightmares!!!
How the hell did you find that?!?
Albert Hammond- the name doesn`t mean a thing to me- thank god! One hit wonder?

His son`s probably more famous...guitarist in The Strokes.

RE: Best `bedroom TV` for £150-£200 (preferably at the lower end of that range)

Wanted to avoid a built in DVD player as if one component breaks, you lose the lot. Got a Phillip 5990 (I think !) DVD player - upscales, has a USB port on the front that will play pretty much everything I`ve chucked at it off an SD card and has a dead easy region hack

RE: Best `bedroom TV` for £150-£200 (preferably at the lower end of that range)

Went for the Samsung T220HD in the end...PC monitor with built in Freeview, great quality, bit more than I wanted to pay but hey, you only get made redundant once (well, twice so far !)

RE: Best `bedroom TV` for £150-£200 (preferably at the lower end of that range)

Cheers all, the Sammy from RS doesn`t have built-in Freeview, I`ll go for the other one as that`s been recommended elsewhere and got good reviews too.

Best `bedroom TV` for £150-£200 (preferably at the lower end of that range)

Would have put this is the hardware section but no-one seems to reply to anything that`s not in here anymore.

After a TV for the bedroom (19" or 22"), with no built in DVD player. Can anyone recommend a half-decent one ?

RE: bugger - voluntary redundancies

It is pretty sh*te out there at the moment, I just applied for and had accepted VR but I`ve been there for 8 years and the package they were offering was pretty good and I didn`t want to take the risk that the next time it raised it`s ugly head (which it will, probably within 6 months) the package wouldn`t be as good.

Plus, I wanted out of IT...though I`m b*ggered if I know what I`ll do !

RE: Leicester Comedy Festival.

Should have gone to Thomas or Minchin...sat around at a freezing studio for 3 hours waiting for photographers to get past a big accident on the A47 ! Oh well, you live and learn !

RE: Leicester Comedy Festival.

Bugger...wanted to see Tim Minchin too, which is the same night as Mark Thomas and wife`s gig...damn Thursdays ! :)

RE: Leicester Comedy Festival.

We were going to go and see Mark Thomas at The Musician, then we remembered that wife has a modelling we`re not going, which is a bit of a p*sser

Google hacked ?

"This site may harm your computer" displayed on EVERY search !!

You`ve gotta laugh :)

RE: The Stig revealed

Good friend of mine is a motorsport photographer that covers Top Gear quite a lot. According to him, there are two Stigs and their driving styles are quite different. Wouldn`t tell me who they were though !

RE: Lenses for EOS 450D

Here you go, reputable supplier...

Get Jessop`s to price match (or beat) that for the Canon lens.

You`ll want a battery grip too as it`s not very big without one (£30 off eBay for a non-Canon one that I`ve had no probs with at all over the course of a few 1000 shots). Non-Canon batteries from 7dayshop and you`ll probably want a flash unit as the onboard flash takes an age to recycle once you`ve whacked off about 20 successive pics with it.

RE: Lenses for EOS 450D

That`s what I wanted to say but didn`t want to upset him if he goes for the Tamron :) The Canon really is a lovely lens for the money. Shot a musical for my friends daughter at B`Ham Uni, handheld at 1/30 at full zoom with no flash from about 40yards and they came out beautifully for the most part. The IS works a treat and it doesn`t hunt too badly either. Up there with the `nifty fifty` VFM-wise.

RE: Lenses for EOS 450D

Longer reach with the Tamron but image stabilising with the Canon. I can`t comment on the picture quality of the Tamron but the Canon is superb for the money and the IS does a fantastic job.

RE: `kin tax returns...

The taxman`s got baby teeth compared to the VAT man !!

Pay an accountant, it`s far easier and they`ll usually always find you enough savings to justify the fee.

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RE: Lenses for EOS 450D

Didn`t realise this was a bundle that Jessops had put together themselves, I thought it was the `official` Canon twin lens kit that comes with the 55-250mm IS lens. I`d be tempted to shop around to get the proper twin lens kit as it really is a great lens for the cash.

RE: Slumdog Millionnaire

Watched it last night...brilliant film.

The way a lot of it was pieced together reminded me of the Usual Suspects crossed with Quiz Show !!

RE: Lenses for EOS 450D

Was looking at maybe getting this?

Why would you want that lens when the kit lens is a) virtually the same reach and b) a better lens (certainly the IS aspects of it are). The kit lens bought seperately is at least twice the price of the Sigma.

RE: Lenses for EOS 450D

That`s a cracking price for the twin lens kit. I paid pretty much that, just for the single lens (18-55mm) kit last Summer.

The 55-250mm lens is a nice lens for the money, not an L Series obviously but the IS works beautifully .

RE: A Health and Safety agreement I actually agree with...

So do l its in Sheffield and sadly 95 Liverpool fans died in it.

Cheap shot, given that Hillsborough is the reason that football stadiums are so safe these days (almost to the point of sterility but that`s a different conversation)

RE: Lenses for EOS 450D

That`s the one I actually wanted (well, the f2.8 model) but finances didn`t currently allow it...but it will be mine :)