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For Sale: 47" LG LX9900 3DTV Full LED

Oliver Scott (Mostly Harmless) posted this on Saturday, 11th June 2011, 22:26


An LG LX9900 47" full LED 3DTV - 7 months old

Comes with 4 pairs of Active rechargeable glasses.

This is and amazing TV that I am reluctant to sell. It`s an all-in-one entertainment are some of the great features.

Plays MKV HD downloads from USB drive connected direct to the TV. (lots of 3D content online)
Has Ethernet and Netcast input so you can stream from PC to TV and get BBC iPlayer, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube direct on your TV.
4 x HDMI Inputs (I have Xbox 360, Sky HD, 3D Bluary attched)
USB inputs (attach an external Hard Drive with AVCHD, MKV, MKV side by side 3D, Divx files etc and they play with no problems)
Component input for things like Wii that don`t have HDMi.
Full HD 1080p with Full Bluray 3D support and Support for SKY side-by-side 3D broadcasts also (3D football looks awesome on this TV)
For the real Videophile it has extensive ISF callibration control to help you get the best picture.
DNLA enabled helps you share music and video files from other DNLA enabled devices
Standard Remote control and "Magic Wand" Wii style sensor remote (TV has some built in Wii style games)
I`ve had this linked to a gaming laptop via HDMi and Nvidia`s 3D game software and games in 3D look amazing.
True Motion 400hz eliminates motion blur on high speed sports like football, F1 and fast action movies.
Built in Freeview HD for those without SKY or Virgin media.


That`s this TV in a nutshell. This is one of LGs top end 3DTVs with amazing picture quality from HD MKV files, Bluary and 3D broadcasts.
I absolutely love the 3D movies and documentaries on this TV but I need some extra money for new family member soon. So I`m downgrading to a standard 47" 2D TV.

I still have all original boxes and manuals for this TV and 3D Glasses.

£850 inc Delivery

PayPal or Cash on Collection

RE: For Sale: 47" LG LX9900 3DTV Full LED

Oliver Scott (Mostly Harmless) posted this on Monday, 13th June 2011, 22:49

Reduced to £799

RE: For Sale: 47" LG LX9900 3DTV Full LED

moods (Competent) posted this on Friday, 26th August 2011, 14:34

Feel for you Oliver...Currys this week-end LG 50" fullhd/3d..only £549...wrong time to sell i think...good luck though.....

This item was edited on Friday, 26th August 2011, 15:35

RE: For Sale: 47" LG LX9900 3DTV Full LED

Darren Hailwood (Harmless) posted this on Tuesday, 13th September 2011, 23:53

have you still got this tv for sale??

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