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Humax Youview box

Mikeonfreeserve (Elite) posted this on Friday, 23rd August 2019, 06:07

Having ditched a Sky TV package a couple of years ago we tried relying on the pvr function but it was a bit hit and miss. I tried faster usb sticks and powered hubs but there was still glitches in recordings.

Then  I came across BT Youview boxes on eBay. I bought a secondhand boxed one for £50. I'm very impressed!

It has a slick interface. Twin Freeview tuners, hdmi and scart output so I can SD record to my  old Panasonic dvd her recorder if I want to.

The best thing is a 500gb hard drive and nice GUI.

I had a BT plug in wifi extender and have plugged an ethernet cable from that to the box.

As a relatively inexpensive one off cost to replace a Sky box it is very good value and seems well built and a nice ergonomic and weighty remote.

RE: Humax Youview box

Viewtiful Mark (Elite) posted this on Wednesday, 28th August 2019, 16:34

Yes we bought one of these off eBay refurbished, and it has been amazing. Much nicer than my old Digital Stream box, and the Virgin one for that matter. Runs Netflix extremely well too, but you need ethernet for that. I bought home plugs and it's proved well worth it.

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