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RE: Stuff to do.

I've just potted on 15 hollyhock plants grown from seed from last year's blooms with a £2 Wilko propagator on a windowsill. So, I reckon Chelsea next year. And I got inside and fixed a Sony cd/Bluetooth/USB kitchen player. Fixed with a couple of dabs of furniture polish. You beauty!

RE: All in a name

A Jeremy Hunt indeed.

All in a name

Many of us will remember the SARS pandemic in 2002.

So, although frontline NHS staff deserve immense respect for the awful conditions under which many are working......

......what about those 'very well paid senior managers' who, frankly, have failed to learn the lessons from 18 years ago?


'To be clear, Covid-19 refers to the disease. “Co” refers to corona, “vi” to virus, and “d” to disease. The virus that causes the disease is SARS-CoV-2, which was named by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses.

The “SARS” part of the name refers to the new coronavirus’ genetic link to the virus that caused the 2003 SARS outbreak. So one tests positive for SARS-CoV-2, not Covid-19, as it’s the virus and not the disease that does the infecting. The WHO lays out this distinction clearly on its website.

Maybe if the Government called this 'SARS 2', people would think, wait a minute, didn't this happen before??

Let's not kid ourselves that the current crisis is 'wholly unforseen'.

However, there appears to have been a woeful lack of planning and stockpiling of the sort of PPE that was needed for the earlier SARS epidemic.

One would almost think that the Government is trying to hoodwink the population into thinking this is all 'brand new'.

Still, at least if people are banging pots and pans on TV,no-one will think to ask awkward questions about the largely preventable risks to  which managers are now exposing frontline staff.

Alex Salmond cleared

Expect considerable fall out over this.

RE: Anyone got any lego?

I wonder if it will work with P45s?

RE: Genesis Tour Tickets

Leave it for the corporates who, after all, have all the albums. Just buy the blu ray and relax with a bottle of wine in front of the telly.


RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried? wife has 'stocked up' on her 'hair colour enhancer'.

That's what kills civilisations........bad hair.

RE: Any coin collectors here?

Numismatically speaking.......

.........just wanted to say that.

RE: [VIDEO] Captain Picard returns

Man, this is s-l-o-w.

RE: Heather Couper RIP

Gone to find her place amongst the stars.

RIP Heather.

RE: [VIDEO] Billie Eilish picked to perform next Bond Theme.

Truly awful.

Like those navel-gazing versions of good songs that media types are wont to use.

If you can't find anyone to orchestrate a decent theme, recycle the old ones.

RE: RIP Terry Jones

A true leg end

God bless

Ridley Scott's A Christmas Carol

Thoroughly enjoyed the first episode. Much moreso than the recent War of the Worlds with its silly feminist revision.

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RE: [VIDEO] Election 2019

Jeremy who?

What an utter waste of an opportunity.

Never mind Len, you've always got your mega pension to fall back on.

RE: [VIDEO] BBC is making a Victorian-era War of the Worlds TV series

Having now payed the trailer...... it's official..... I'm afeared!

RE: Facing facts

I know, I know......but 33p for Goldfinger double disc with booklet. It makes me want to weep!

I do also have a drawer full (and a box in the loft) of good quality stereo VHS tapes of mainly concerts and music docs taped from Sky on a high end Sony VCR. Most are on lovely BASF chrome 4 hour tapes.

Of course, the subject matter and much, much more is now free on YouTube.

Still at least my box of 80s and 90s Playboy magazines, also in the loft,a are appreciating nicely. 

And yes, the Sony VCR and much more besides is up there too.

Just waiting for a new show called Crap in the Attic to begin.

RE: [VIDEO] BBC is making a Victorian-era War of the Worlds TV series

Speaking of syncing DSotM and the Wizard of Oz......apparently you can watch any Dominic Cummings interview to The Cuckoo Waltz for much the same effect.

RE: Paracetamol shortage

If I was a school nurse, I'd be in a right tizzy.

Facing facts

A couple of days ago, I was in British Heart Foundation charity shop, which is one of the more 'expensive' charity shops, and even it was selling dvds at 3 for a pound including numerous Bond double disc ultimate (ha!) editions. It reinforced that my dvds are now next to worthless. In fact, I should be charging them rent for my shelf space. 

Fast forward a few years and it will be, Grandad, what are these? Why do you keep them?

I may as well have collected coal scuttles or poss tubs.

My house has become a museum!!

What to do??

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RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Cack handed Cummings comes a cropper.

Ha ha ha.

The self confessed 'confused arts graduate' should perhaps stick to what he knows best, writing rambling and rather puerile blogs.

Ha ha ha.

Brexiteers and the Big Short

Anyone would think that Boris and Rees Mogg, pushed along by the egomaniac Cummings had a plan to short sterling and then f*** off.

How come Laura Lightweight and her media cronies can't see this?

RE: Yes...PPI comes to an end at last

Don't bet on that.

What about ' missed the PPI deadline and not your fault?' satellite litigation!

Can I just say..........Scumbag Banks!


Humax Youview box

Having ditched a Sky TV package a couple of years ago we tried relying on the pvr function but it was a bit hit and miss. I tried faster usb sticks and powered hubs but there was still glitches in recordings.

Then  I came across BT Youview boxes on eBay. I bought a secondhand boxed one for £50. I'm very impressed!

It has a slick interface. Twin Freeview tuners, hdmi and scart output so I can SD record to my  old Panasonic dvd her recorder if I want to.

The best thing is a 500gb hard drive and nice GUI.

I had a BT plug in wifi extender and have plugged an ethernet cable from that to the box.

As a relatively inexpensive one off cost to replace a Sky box it is very good value and seems well built and a nice ergonomic and weighty remote.

RE: [VIDEO] Epstein dead by apparent suicide.

A lot of very well connected people ( rank perverts ) will be breathing sighs of relief......unless JE uploaded the whole story to the cloud???

RE: Dvd storage without cases....

If anyone is interested, I'm going to try this,

The drawers are A4 size and I will place the dvd inserts in side by side landscape style with the discs inside the paper 'envelope' made by the inserts. I reckon I will fit about 20 per drawer, 2 piles of 10 side by side.

The drawers are faux leather so I hope scratch free.

Best of all, reasonably easy access and much less space.

Even SWMBO seems happy with the idea.

RE: [VIDEO] 50th anniversay of moon landing

Not so sure that Mike Collinsnh the short straw because he had a ride home had Eagle messed up. 

Watching it now, when Grayling couldn't manage building a railway, really drives home the cutting edge engineering at the time.

RE: Dvd storage without cases....

Cheers for that, I'll have a look.

I can't believe no-one has exploited the gap in the market.

If I find anything promising I'll report back.

Dvd storage without cases....

........but with paper inserts.

Any ideas?

We need to create some space. I've looked at those zip up disc wallets but there's nowhere to keep the insert along with the disc.

Ideally I'd like an insert size vinyl sleeve with a disc pocket.

Kind of a marsupial wallet.

Then I can shove shove them into a box.

Never to be seen again.

De-cluttering? That would require some serious therapy.

I'd rip them but don't know of reliable software which do so nearly automatically.

RE: [VIDEO] Top Gear really is back!

It's a good point Jitendar but the analogous point is where manufacturers place petrol caps. 

Politician just haven't thought it through and electric cars will only work as a concept if only 5 to 10 % of the population use them. 

It's Waitrose motoring.

Andy Murray injured again.....

..... apparently he tried to chest bump Serena.