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Snaps (Elite) posted this on Wednesday, 17th November 2021, 10:48

As a heads up to anyone using Paypal via their Paypal Here app and reader.

They threw me a curved ball on Monday.
Could not take a fare payment on Paypal Here as the reader failed to connect despite uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Phoned their support line for help and despite being very polite the upshot was 'We're no longer supporting that reader as we've bought Zettle so you need move over to that and get a new reader.'

They say they emailed everyone to announce this, not me they didn't.
Phoned the company I work through and got a similar comment 'Yes we emailed everyone about this' and again no they didn't. I've checked Spam folder.

They said most drivers were switching to a SumUp air reader which they recommend.
So I bought one as the only means of carrying on accepting payments, probably about 50% of fares now pay this way.

Paypal have pretty well lost my business as the SumUp comes with a card and account usable the same as a debit card account. 

I dare say they'll suffer enormously as a result of losing my few quid a week trade but I'm sure they'll survive.


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