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RE: [VIDEO] Only Murders in the Building

I am just wondering will this film
appear in other cable channels?

RE: Surgery On

Omggggg typo sorry 😣 I meant I was bathing
My daughter she was an infant suddenly l
felt a bad pain chest n my arm okkkkk!!

RE: Surgery On

Hi Wooldridge well still recovering,
I going to explain this surgery bear
with me lol, maybe you heard about it.
Well it started forty years ago after I gave
birth to my lovely daughter, I was bathing
My daughter, I started to feel a hard on
My chest n arm it took my breath away.
Called a friend rushed go ER make a long
Story short after tests showed Hiatal hernia
Now after 40yrs damn thing decided to
Move enlarge plus to lean on my right lung.
Leaving me short of breath, feeling like
100 yrs old, Its called esophageal hernia.
Located on my windpipe making havoc.
Dietary on liquid n soft food for a month
Or less, this happened due to my jobs and
Now for aging😩. So be careful with heavy
lifting heavy weights or anything.,,plus being
Pregnant, this surgery I must say is slow
healing for my age.

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RE: Surgery On

I am home recovering from surgery and I’m doing well. So far I feel like some one stomped
The back of my neck. And I have 6 bruises
Across my belly. This is going to take a while.

RE: Surgery On

Thank you Rob 👩🏻‍🦳 and Admar

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Surgery On

Hi all, well decided to go ahead with
Surgery schedule this Tuesday.
Am I nervous 😩 hell yess ! I need for
It to be done and hope for the best.
Wish me luck 🍀 Bye for now


True title somewhat a bit off. When I saw
Title I thought it was about older folks,

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RE: Watch this video that is funny

Very funny been there done that ? When
I worked for Macy’s during Christmas
Over twenty years ago.

To trust or not

I bet your wondering who or what to trust?
Well yes or no , ever postponed surgery?
I just did this time I felt oddly being lead
on I felt something isn’t right,Ever felt that?
And I feel odd if I should shake it off and go
With the surgery ?Every night I felt something
Isn’t right.Well I went to my appointment
to see my surgeon to discuss about that
Procedure it’s call Endoflip where a camera
Goes inside i to throat all the way down wind-pipe taking pictures to see my hiatal hernia.
He started to say this surgery will be a painful
Recovery plus I need you not to excercise.
If you excercise it will undo n your surgery
will fall apart.Aside from that few days afterwards I got a call from his office telling me
My insurance might not cover the second
Procedure but he had a young lady Relate
this message to me and not to worry because
Doctor wrote a letter to my insurance
and not to worry about it.Mmm I got worry,
Following week got a call doctor office
Same young lady saying doctor says most likely
Insurance might decline ,it’s still pending
But being is so close date of surgery would
I Paid for second surgery it will be serveral
thousands dollars 🥺. I almost hung up,
He doesn’t know yet I made another appointment
to see another surgeon. Oh well anyone
had second thoughts?

RE: Has Justice Prevailed

Are you talked ng about the girl from Columbus?

RE: Has Justice Prevailed

I know its not going to change everyone
on racial views and bad racist behaviors
but we all need to change and make
accountability in this awful behavior
No regard to another human being new
Change is possible laws inforce
It will need to come forward.
I saw in Mr Chauvin in his eyes
Arrogance n how dare you ! Will
Stop. Step by step it will happen.

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Has Justice Prevailed

Well verdict in for the trial of George
Floyd and the verdict in for Derek
Chauvin found guilty in all three counts.
I saw some portion of the trial and it
was so extreme in the defense making
Mr Chauvin so professional for his
encounter with Mr Floyd . But what was
more even with his mask on I could see
His arrogance like how dare you tell me
I am guilty for all three counts! I see
this going on the big screen in the future.
Stay tuned for for the sentencing or
Guess what’s next .

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RE: Prince Phillip dies age 99

Saw the funeral this morning I can’t
say oh lovely, Because it’s a sad time
for Queen n her family and for so many
All over the world.But what I observed
seeing Diana two boys together again,
now that was the church
singing well done singers and who picked
The music I truly say great.I felt sad for
Queen she looked so sad n small n alone.
I shed few tears, like so many out there.
Rest In Peace Phillip

RE: [VIDEO] The Nevers

I was changing channels and ran into
Never I didn’t get it but it was a part
That didn’t make sense, I think I have
to watch from the beginning to piece
it together.

RE: Alan Partridge is back

Do they show it here in USA?

RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

What do you mean Robee? Misunderstood you?
When I got my first shot after I got second
Appointment a few weeks later same time and same place..

RE: Prince Phillip dies age 99

But what about Prince Phillip??

RE: Easter Day

Well feeling a bit better just my insides feel a bit sored, I never felt this way after an Endoscopy, they said this Endo-flip was a bit agress-
ive in more ways . Can you believe I had
the is procedure this passed Monday and
Only this evening my surgeon called me
to tell me he hasn’t received the results
yet but he slip and said Well it wasn’t a non-
bleeder hernia , How did he know if he didn’t
Get results eh?? Any way he told me to
Schedule a morning next Friday!! Ehhh
It’s is only day he isn’t in surgery.
Again I wait🤕 Yes again to wait for a morning appointment and find out what he has
Plans for my gut n hernia . Has anyone
here ever had a stomach n hernia surgery?.

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RE: Prince Phillip dies age 99

Was Prince Phillip well liked? Just wonder I
I myself never heard much about the royals,
Only Queen Elizabeth very shy n reserved.

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RE: Easter Day

At times Mark I do miss working, but
with this pandemic no! I use to have two different jobs one as a cake decorator and second
In hospital as a medical tech in the -
Emergency dept , I feel bad I couldn’t
be out there , My family its time to retired plus

I have health issues, yes I heard from
My old friends from hospital some have
passed on catching the virus, some left
their jobs because in the beginning things
Got so rough seeinging this nightmare
take over so fast and hearing our stupid bad
President we had for 4 years just gave us little faith in humanity. But now we have new President
And serveral vaccines to save more lifes praying
for better things to come.

RE: Easter Day

Oh hi Mark thank you for responding, Home recovering from procedure, did not
like it at all plus hubby wasn’t allowed
in hospital due to pandemic,it was a bit
nerve racking but made it thru, Wonder
what are results . I guess I will get results
soon enough.So how was your Easter?

Easter Day

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter Day.
We had a good day, we had an early day
Because Hubby n I are going to get up very early
Going to hospital Appointment at 6:am
For Endonscopy flip its a more envolve
Procedure to hiatus hernia is located , same day out patient but nerve racking. Say me a prayer
Friends please, Wish I could have a drink
But hubby said No! Oh well its going to be a long
nigjht. Byeee

RE: Vaccines Part 2

Well I say congrats to you !!! I felt that
Just this past Sunday when I got my second shot
But when I was told I most likely after 3 or 4 months I might need to get another shot
I was surprised. I did this because I am way
Passed due to get my hiatal hernia surgery
Plus stomach surgery I have so much fear
Because its causing bleeding eternally for over 2 yrs and made me anemic. , which I needed
Transfusions and iron infusions. In a week in a half will have a procedure to
location ,flipo endoscopy . Wish me luck.and after two weeks later hiatal hernia n stomach surgery.
I asked Doctor what cause all this Doctor
Said he read my history and my jobs I had,
Heavy lifting plus stomach issues built up
Acid reflux plus scar tissues, whoopee!!
Very nervous ! Bye friends wish me luck!

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Vaccines Part 2

Hi friends had to open Vaccines part 2
notice no one was going back to first
one Vaccines, Anyway questions
I asked the person gave me second shot
How long will this shot protect me ? Months or one year like a flu shot? His respond was 3 to 4 months , they still working on it! I said to myself
Does this mean I gotta stand on line again?
Oh come as you are thing!? Please say what you heard?

RE: Vaccines

Good evening it’s actually midnight here your
It’s morning for you, well finally got second
Shot of vaccine , oddly this shot got a delayed
Reaction fatigue , headache bad attitude
Like leave me alone.stayed alone all day, as evening approached I felt a bit better. Now friends
When you got your shots did they tell you
How long the vaccine will protect you?
The one I got I was told it will last 3 to 4
months. Does that mean I have to get on
A Line again ? Ohhhh nooo!

RE: Vaccines

I can’t hardly wait for the second shot
This Sunday on 21th. I just hope this nightmare
Is over. For the whole world , I keep praying
That some people really change their minds and
Get their shots n wear their masks. I might
Have to get bigger candles and pray harder.
It’s a bit cold here gotta raise the heater on.
Good night 😘


Hello friends, how are you all , wondering
If the distribution of the vaccines working
out well there? Here in New Jersey finally
Getting some positive news for some.
It took my daughter getting up at 5 am
Sitting in front pc and dialing CvS Pharmacy
To find one and to schedule appts for whole
Family. Mates we got lucky 🍀!!!! Blessings to
All prayers you get vaccinated!!!Share your

RE: [VIDEO] The room next door

So damn funny and so damn true lolll

RE: Honey I'm Home

Oh Mbilko , so glad to hear from you,
And happy to know your doing well
recovery from your stroke, you just never know
When things like this going to happen.
I myself haven’t been in here only because
trying to get by day by day.And truly
upset with this virus and how it has pull
us away from our plans.And hearing about
the other virus that has enter in your country
UK hearing in the news about how somewhat
different. I am so totally upset it has taken me years trying to go to England and also Spain
Just before the pandemic came here to USA,
Finally got Hubby to get passports to
finally make plans for holidays.
And now hearing what’s happening in the UK
truly upsets us more me . I hope 😁 and pray
We will get there👌

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RE: [VIDEO] Coronavirus, anyone starting to get worried?

Hi all , I was tested last Sunday results in —
Yesterday all good negative clear yayyy.
But it was done for some other procedures like stress test n echo cardio test. For another
Procedure which I might postpone. How are you
Missed our chats.Mean everyone in here
Ladies ngents😉

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