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RE: DVDSoon - good as they seem?

Well I use them all the time and have never ever had a problem. I`ve got about 5 pre-orders with them at the minute and I think they`re fantastic. Best thing about them is that they`re very very cheap!!!

People complain about their service, but I e-mailed them on Thursday and got a reply back the following day. And hell, if you have that much of a problem call them! I definitely recommend them, why don`t you order 1 DVD and see how you get on?

RE: Anyone wanna do some Geeky benchmarking?

Yeah I did cheers Hominid, good advice! Think my Pentium 4 2.00GHZ is going to be alright with it? Think that`ll have to be the next thing I upgrade!

The Radeon seems good so far. Whats the official site for newest drivers?

RE: Oh look, I`m in Loaded magazine!

Just had a look in a shop at it - very amusing! Well done on winning the PS2 by the way, must`ve been a nice suprise!

RE: Someone with a account... can you just check something for me?

Well if you want to e-mail me mate - nilknarfneb[at]ku.oc.rednoyeulb

RE: Simpsons Season 3 - £12.71!!!

Its not a cock-up. DVDSoon are just very very cheap. I ordered Finding Nemo today, which came to something like £11.03. Madness.

I`ve used them alot, just cos they`re so damn cheap. Lots of people don`t like them but I`ve never had a problem.

RE: Anyone wanna do some Geeky benchmarking?

Well I finally bought myself a new GFX card and its running fine...

About to do the benchmark thing - any advice how to overclock my new card then? Or do I not need to do it; I don`t really understand all the overclocking thing - is it worth it and is it dangerous to the card?

Its a Radeon 9800 Pro by the way.

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RE: Someone with a account... can you just check something for me?

Well I finally managed to do it, but it took me an age. Possibly due to a Windows Update or something? I don`t know... bloody Internet Explorer. You`ve been getting a few problems with IE haven`t you Ste?

Oh, and how`s the Mule going? Anymore e-mails from NTL? Changed my e-mail address so if you`ve e-mailed me and I haven`t replied then thats why!

RE: Someone with a account... can you just check something for me?

Cheers guys. Still didn`t work for me though, just returns me to the homepage.

Someone with a account... can you just check something for me?

Can`t log into my DVDSoon account, I just get returned to the homepage. Could someone check to see if they get on ok or if its just my IE?

Thanks in advance!

GeForce FX 5900 Ultra - anyone got one of these? Opinions and advice needed plz guys...

Now, my GeForce 4 Ti4400 is really playing up, and I think I need to replace it. So I`ve been looking at the GeForce FX5900 Ultra, being that it seems to be the most powerful on the market at the moment (only just).

Thing is there are so many different models and different make (MSI, Creative, Gainward, Winfast) I really don`t know who is best. I`m looking at spending around £250 on it (not inc. VAT), and this card seemed to be the one that I thought could do the job. But like I said, who is the better make of card? Who should I avoid?

Would there be a noticable difference between a GeForce 4 Ti4400 and a GeForce FX Ultra? Any advice would be very much appreciated.

RE: Is there software to allow me to cut and mix MP3s and other audio files?

I`ve got "Goldwave" on my PC Rik, and it would probably be perfect for what you`re trying to do. Download it here.

RE: All - In - One - Printers

I`ve got an Epson CX3200 which has been a great little printer, and the inks are pretty cheap at SVP.

RE: PC Problem - where does the problem lie? Help very much appreciated...

To be honest I have never known what difference the refresh rate really made, so thats why it was on 60hz. Its now on 75 as recommended...

The monitor is set to 1152 x 864, which is what I always have it on and it seems fine.

So, do you think I need a Graphics card? Maybe I`ll see if it gets worse, though the whole problem with it loading up is a proper pain in the arse.

RE: PC Problem - where does the problem lie? Help very much appreciated...

Hi Ste, thanks for replying.

The card is about a year and a half old, and I`ve had numerous problems with it. The problem with the PC not starting etc has been going on for ages. Like I said, by physically holding the card up during booting up the PC it comes on absolutely fine. I`ve removed it and put it back in many times, and formatted the PC about a month ago.The refresh rate is currently on 60hz, which is supported by my monitor and the drivers are up to date... What do you think Ste?

Was considering that maybe I needed a new card, being that this one has been nothing but trouble? I`ve got a GeForce Ti4400 128mb by the way, and was thinking that maybe to go for a GeForce FX5900 Ultra, but wasn`t sure which one to go for and what make is best. What are Gainward like? This one here seems pretty good...

Opinions and any other guidance?

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PC Problem - where does the problem lie? Help very much appreciated...

I`ve got a problem with my PC, to which I can`t work out if its my monitor or my graphics card. Would really appreciate some technical advice, as I really don`t know who else to ask. Ok, bare with me...

Graphics Card
When I turn my PC on I get the usual load up screen, but instead it becomes filled with little white dots, and then the PC won`t load past the Windows XP screen. But if I take off the side of the tower I can physically push up the graphics card; this makes the PC load up fine and from then on the PC runs as usual.

I leave my PC on usually 24/7, and when I`m not using it I just turn off the monitor. Though when I`ve been turning my PC back on recently the display screen seems to have shrunk. This is easily fixed by turning it on and off again. But today it came up saying "Out of Range" and a jumbled screen of colours. I unplugged the monitor and put it back in again, but was forced to do a reset on the PC. It is now fine again, but it seems to be getting progressively worse.

Now, is the problem coming from my graphics card (being that the monitor plugs into it) or is it the monitor itself? Any advice is much appreciated, thanks for reading.

RE: The worst line you`ve ever heard in a film

Though I haven`t seen it... from the "hit" movie Gigli:

Said by Lopez to Affleck with her legs wide open:- "Gobble gobble, its turkey time."

RE: Hooligans - Storm Over Europe

Had this game for a couple of months, and its not that good to be honest. But I suppose it never had to be considering the hype its had. I mean it`s gonna sell. The graphics are tiresome, the controls slow (took me ages just to get to grips with the tutorial!), and the novelty soon wears off. Yes the videos are ok, but not worth playing through the badly made levels for. Could`ve been better, but at heart its just a poorly made game, which will be bought because of the controversy surrounding it.


RE: VCD`s.....are they any good?

They may not be up to much, but VCD`s aren`t all that bad. Had Monsters Inc for a little while now (it`s ace) and the quality of that isn`t too bad.


RE: Monsters Inc,

Nope, but the film is ace! Is it better than Toy Story tho..? Hmmm...



Pretty simple really, just click on the very last photograph on the menu, before it goes back to the beginning and you get an option to watch the film in chronological order.


Grundig 210a and VCD`s

My brother has got a 210a which I hacked for him ages ago. But the only problem being it won`t play VCD`s, even though its clearly displayed on the front that it should. These aren`t original copies so I`m sure the problem must lie with that. I`ve tried messing around with it and it nearly begins to play and display "Video CD" on the player, but thats as far as it gets.

Although on my Sony DAVS300 I managed to get it to play VCDs and CDR`s by repeatedly pressing the "Play" button. So there are obviously ways around the problem.

Can anyone help?


RE: Stars Wars Episode 2

Oh thank god for that. At least they`re definitely not in it now. Phew. And anyway I`m not too bothered about Jar Jar because I`m pretty sure he`s just a bit-part player in Episode 2 anyway. They had to have him in it, it would`ve been ridiculous to just completely cut out the character. I`m just hoping George Lucas doesn`t end up making the three worst films of all time.


RE: Stars Wars Episode 2

Firstly Deano, had they cut Jar Jar completely out of it, then people would`ve said that the film lacked continuity! They had to put him in somewhere, and out of all the trailers I`ve seen him once briefly.

"We`ve come to rescue you" - Doesn`t Luke say something similar to that in "New Hope" when he rescues Leia?
"Good Job" - Found nothing wrong with that, and it reassured me of a scene in which the jedi`s have a fight in a big arena. Come on, Yoda and Mace Windu get a bit of the action!

N-Sync is just a rumour. If they are in it then don`t expect to spot them easily. I doubt very much that George would`ve filmed any scenes involving them.

Give it a chance mate!


RE: Lord of the Rings

Well I saw it in the cinema when it was first released, Ironduke, and thought it was brilliant, and will buy it when it comes out on DVD. I just wanted to see it again in the comfort of my own home. And considering its VCD its not that bad, compared to what I`ve seen before on that format.

I know the DVD will "tonk" it for quality of picture and sound, but I never said it wouldn`t. I just said it will do until the DVD is released!


RE: Could you please share your views of theses 3 films.

Okay Brian, fair enough, you`re entitled to your opinion. And the film is most definitely not for everyone, but at the same time I`d put it in my Top Ten Favourite Films ever.


RE: Jeepers Creepers

Well having only seen it once it says BEATINU doesn`t it? Which they translate as "Beating You". The only thing I can think of is to translate it as "Be Eating You". What do you think? In all fairness it isn`t actually explained.


RE: Stars Wars Episode 2

Out of the three trailers the one accessed on the website through the DVD is definitely the best, showing far more action. It still has the element of "cheesiness" shown in TPM but I think George will have learnt his lesson after previous reactions. Suffice to say Jar Jar seems to be merely just another character in the background.

Out of interest, has anyone seen Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Edit? Just wondering exactly how good it actually is.


RE: Lord of the Rings

Okay Ironduke, maybe getting a bit ahead of myself by calling it near DVD quality but its very good. Will hold the fort until its released on DVD anyway.


Stars Wars Episode 2

The "Mystery" trailer which is accessed by DVD owners is absolutely stunning. This film looks to be far better than the TPM. Any other opinions?