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Is it possible to convert vcd to svcd as my played seems to fail on playing svcd.


RE: OK in one....not in the other

My scart leads are "free with the kit" type ones. I have thought about getting new cables but I`m a tight fist and begrudge paying out 30 quid on new cables if that aint going to be my problem. This crackling sound I was getting was more prominent with Sky digi broadcasts, Dvd not so much but still present and PS2 most definitely. I got a 28ins Samsung widescreen btw...if that helps

OK in one....not in the other

I have 2 scart sockets on the back of my TV, i have for the last 2 months or so had my DVD connected to av2. I had noticed poorish picture quality but never watched movies that much to be really bothered about it. Today I had a clear up of wires at the messy place called "the back of the TV cabinet" and connected my player to av1. To say the picture quality was 200% better would be an understatement. Why would this be?? Also I have in the past isolated the audio connections on the scart leads to eliminate an annoying crackling sound. My conclusion is duff scart conns on the TV as now everything that can connect to my TV does, through AV1. Is this a problem I can remedy myself?? Any budding TV repairers got any ideas?? Any help is appriciated

Ta very much


RE: DVD Region X Help Please :o)

You must have the memory card in slot 1 for it to work. The card holds all system files, DVD driver files and RegionX files that enable to get the whole thing working. The disc will never work on its own.


Can someone verify this info for me plz .....
I have a Wharfdale750 and wish to know what my ver of firmware enables me to play. My machine has the CBE8 Interim firmware which I believe enables my 750 to play back RCE disc. Is this true??

thx in advance

RCE discs on DVD-ROMs


How do DVD-ROMs fair with RCE discs?? I have recently bought a
DRD-8160B from PC world and have upgraded the firmware so making it "multi region" but will I still be stumped by RCE as I am with my DVD player??


I have a DRD-8160B DVD-ROM, recently purchased from PCworld. I was wondering wether anyone has had sucess with RPCMAN, as I cannot get it to pick up the dvd drive. Any response or remedies for this problem would be spot on ...

cheers me dears

RE: Star Wars: Holiday Special.

try that link for the Holiday special in it`s entirety. can`t be bothered my self, but u might find it interesting. aparently there are many bootlegs going about. Like the site says, Mr Lucas will send the boys around and destroy all the evidence.

RE: What`s the worst film ever?

i think you guys need to get away from mainstream films to find the worst film ever. Try some of that crap you get on Moviemax. I think the worst film i ever had the painful pleasure (is that good ??) of seeing, is "Naked Lunch". Some sort of drug fuelled looney plot me thinks. Didn`t stop me from falling asleep and dribbling down my chin.

RE: Star Wars: Holiday Special.

it was a cartoon series ......thats all i can say

RE: Are there any Easter Eggs on R2 Gladiator

We talking about Gladiator or Chicken Run???

Wharfdale and RCE

So guys and gals...whats the score with Wharfdale 750 and RCE discs?? Is it worth the pain and suffering of me buying RCE disc and finding out they don`t work??

Cheers BA

RE: Wharfedale owners - 3D option.

To be honest I was not aware of any "3-D" option on the wharfedale....I have a 750.. explain a bit more plz

cheers BA

RE: Whats The Best Region 1 supiler on the net? DVDBOXOFFICE........PLAY247?

I`ve found DVDBoxoffice to be cheaper, but take longer to get here. The otherside of the coin shows Play24/7 to be a couple of quid more expensive but takes 3-4 days on stocked items

Thats my experience

Cheers BA

RE: what a rumpus..........

Oh my life is shallow......stops me from drowning

RE: hannibal is utter crap!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a pointless posting tho eh? Go to Reviews section ES and put your views across there. People looking for movie reviews will go there

RE: avoid using!

We live and learn..........i think Play 24/7 is pretty sweet tho

RE: dvd box office rules!!!!

why???? ya feeling hungry elephant stone?

RE: HOW PURE ARE YOU? (Take the DVD Reviewer Purity Test)

I was doing OK till i got to the mumbo-jumbo on section 10

RE: DVD 2 Minidisc recording....

Ok Ok.....not exactly sparks!!! I was trying to add to the drama.
Basically the MD recorder will explode!!! In to a thousand pieces!!

No, really, it is not adviseable to stick anything else than PCM into your MD recorder

RE: DVD 2 Minidisc recording....

Yep, set it to PCM, because if you don`t, sparks will fly....KABOOOOM

RE: Is the Samsung 511 ment to hiss when playing a DVD? Should i take it back?

Well, how long have u had the machine??? All boxes and packaging is always good, a of course the reciept. If it is a "one off" problem you should have no problems getting an exchange. If you have had it for a long period of time they might insist on a repair or same machine. Try Samsung customer support first to see if it is a generic problem, then goto currys with the problem, backed up with the evidence from Samsung.

Just go for it, you never know!!!

cheers BA

I have just read your original message. You said you bought it on the 3rd feb, well you should have no problems getting an exchange. Don`t let them fob you off with garbage, just tell them what you want !!

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RE: Is the Samsung 511 ment to hiss when playing a DVD? Should i take it back?

You taking about a whirring noise??? If so, I have that problem with my Wharfdale. I have been informed that it is a thing i have to live with, if i keep the machine. It`s damned annoying i know. I have mine in a box, stuffed with cotton wool and surrounded be egg cartons. SWEET !!
Can`t hear a thing, damn awkward to change discs though. :)
Nah, joking aside. I think it`s a case of bad design or cheap components in the case of my player. Not so sure about Samsung.
The best thing to do is to ring Samsung directly or e-mail with your problem. Good luck

cheers m8


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RE: Sound inteference problems

Maybe try a good quality shielded cable. It is possible the scart from DVD to TV is picking up induced signals. Sounds probable.
Do you recieve your terrestrial signal through your VCR?? If so, try and disconnect your DVD from the VCR. See what happens.

Good luck


RE: Possibly a stupid question!

I was not been mischievious......sorry if it seemed that way. Only i looked at the sony website and it did not state that it was DTS...only the next model up the scale was.

sorry man


DVD Combi

Are any of the DVD/TV combi units hackable or multi-region.???

cheers BA

RE: Possibly a stupid question!

Hello me again.....sorry mate, you do not have a DTS capable amp. I you could have saved a bit more cash and went for the STR-DE545 then you would have DTS.

take it back and get money back

cheers BA

RE: Possibly a stupid question!

I don`t think it`s a DTS amp. I have checked various on-line shops and even the Sony website. Nowhere does it state that it is a DTS amp, only Dolby Digital and pro-logic. To be honest, if it was DTS capable, i imagine if the signal was sent from your DVD then the Amp would pick up on the signal and switch automatically. The only other problem maybe your DVD player.

This always confuses me and i always get this wrong. So wait for more info, BUT, i believe your DVD must have a DTS logo on it to pass on the DTS signal (is this right people??).

Another thing u here anything from your speakers when you play the DTS soundtrack? Do you see the DTS logo?, you should see piano strings before start of movie

anyway good luck


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RE: Plz help me decide on a good DVD player

Where are you from Kynop??Are we talking about £200 or $200???
Answers to these questions will help people advise you.


try it again and pay attention to the word "simultaneously". if that doesn`t work, buy a player that you KNOW is or can be multi-regional.

good luck m8