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RE: [VIDEO] In mother Russia, hail can really ruin your day at the beach

Germany, Rob. Unexpected it was. And very expensive for insurers

RE: [VIDEO] The 2014 Fifa World Cup

From the inbox. Making it harder for anyone to begrudge them.. even the Brazilians. Watched the final at a mates house in another German town. After the game everyone was mentally happy in the streets. The 30 mins drive home took 90 mins! At 1am!

RE: [VIDEO] In mother Russia, hail can really ruin your day at the beach

Had a golf ball size hail storm last summer. Luckily we had a warning about an hour before so I chucked a couple of mattresses over the car. A very wise move that was!

RE: [VIDEO] Who needs machines to cook pancakes?

Good but I think i can do batter

RE: Watching abroad

Have you had a look at Expat Shield? I'm over in Germany and, although I haven't had the need for it, many here use it.

RE: [VIDEO] Another rape charge from years ago

Rob Shepherd says...
"Rolf Harris convicted :(

Another whole part of my childhood soiled. Obviously I'd pick that over being one of his victims, hopefully they'll get some closure out of this.

Apparently when the the Judge asked the Jury Foreman,
" Have you reached a Verdict on which you are all agreed?"
The Foreman held up a folded piece of paper and said
........." Can you guess what it is yet?"

[VIDEO] RE:The 2014 Fifa World Cup

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RE: R.I.P Scooby Doo

Wow. I remember very well listening to his top 40 radio show, which I loved,  in Fiji when I was a young boy in the mid 80s. A unique voice.

Rest in peace sir.

Iptv top set box with XBMC/LINUX software

Anyone got one of these or know about them? Someone  is selling me one. Are they similar to a jailbroken apple box?

LOL is...

... 25 years old now!!!! 

Apparently first used in a newsletter in 1989. I think the oldest of text speak iykwim

Have a good weekend
Lots of love...

RE: Oscar Pistorius is thought to have shot his girlfriend dead.

bandicoot says...
"the defence have called in a Pychatrist witness stating Pistorius has had massive anxiety disorder in his life"

I'd be having a massive anxiety attack, about spending the rest of my life in jail, right about now!!!!

Would he be allowed his techno blades or would he be given wooden pirate ones in prison?

RE: [VIDEO] Resurrection

Lazy day today so will give this a go. Sounds good

RE: Sooo Dodgy (very) guest in hotel

Not a hotel I know but I saw this the other day and got a chuckle

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[VIDEO] Youtube Comment Reconstruction

Just came across these. Good stuff

RE: Cut n shut

Thats impressive stuff though. More impressed by this one:

Should be just 24 hours?   Probably take just as long to put up an inflatable one!
Can you imagine taking a day off in the building next door and coming back to see this thing up already?!

RE: [VIDEO] Autobahn is fast

Erm.. I dont think Im seeing that right. At 11 secs on video is he doing 299 kmph when a black car casually passes him?? If so it rather ruins it for me.

Free mags on Google play

Free magazines on google play to celebrate launch of their mag service

Click on mag/add/add/buy

Maximum PC
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Unavailable in Germany

[VIDEO] RE:I hope you like this

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RE: MPAA wants bag searches at cinemas

Chris Gould says...
"Give it time and the MPAA will be using neuralyzers to wipe cinema-goers' memories when they leave the auditorium, just so they can't watch it back in their minds.

Hmmm. Also guarantees perpetual wallet-opening to view. Great idea

RE: [VIDEO] RE: Famous people in bit parts before they were famous

Abigail the lab-lass in NCIS played a  waitress in  Frasier's Cafe Nervosa

Leonard from Big Bang Theory was Rusty Griswald in one of Chevy Chase's vacations

Re-watching Minder on ITV4 has been good for spotting a lot of our own.

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RE: Hello all

Ok. just let me know how I can do this as the email I use now has been dead since 2007

Similar site to Youtube?

I've been uploading rugby games for the last week (range from 80 mins to 2 hours).  Now all of a sudden all my attempted uploads are too long in length. Cant see why. 
Is there a way to sort this out or an alternative free site?

RE: [VIDEO] Insane domino tricks

Nice. The blue tile flying off the lunchbox to trigger the next lot is good

Feel like a pizza now

RE: Hello all

Thank you Smurfette, Rassilon and Rob for the well wishes. 

Rob, I only had a name change, I think. Its still the original account. One question though - can I change the email address used to log in?

Rassilon, hope the winter is ok this year. I actually went back to the Hat for a week last year. You're down in/near Lethbridge?.. if my memory is correct.

Will have to have a gander at this all-singing mobile app now.

Hello all A lot of you may not remember me as I wasn't even the most vociferous of posters on  here but I used to be "fijiboy" then changed to "Longpig". Started on here back in 2005 I think..
Been away for about 3/4 years as I had to help my daughter fight cancer but all is good and things are good!

I'm in Germany still.  Getting back into normal life now so just hope this place is still full of the smartarse, know-it-alls I've enjoyed reading. The names still look familiar so this must be the right place but the layout is different for the better.

Take it to mean something that this is my first online first port of call after my absence..

How is the dude that moved to Canada getting on? His monicker escapes me.