Review for One For All: Smart Control 5

10 / 10

If there is one thing I hate more than anything is not knowing where the remote is. Often I will sit down remote in hand, only to discover it's the wrong one, search again, only to find another and then another and then only to find that this one has run out of batteries.

In my house I currently have four remotes: Television, Bluray, Satellite Box and Digital Box.

Not anymore.

With One For All: Smart Control 5 all of these are wrapped into one snug and snazzy control that allows you to control all your media. The set up is so simple, aided by an easy app, but if you are unable to do that, the handy code book that it comes with shows that this is compatible with most devices and those it has no code for is easily converted to. This is simply the best thing ever. I can control these four devices and still have room to set up a fifth if I wanted to.

The control is a good size, with easy to use buttons and ability to switch from one to the other is made even easier with the Smart Activities in the centre which allows you to jump from TV, Movies and Music with ease. The NETTV button makes access to Netflix, Amazon prime or any other online streaming app even easier and I surprised by just how efficient and simple this was.

It can't be expressed how much every house needs one of these. It is so nice to be able to put four remotes in a cupboard. Granted, it won't stop me losing my remote, but at least I only have to search for one now to sit down for a night of entertainment. I recommend this to everyone who wants to replace their existing or lost remote as it is truly a wonderful device that every home should have.

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The dog will eat it, and then you will be sorry.
posted by bandicoot on 26/9/2020 01:21