Review for One For All: Rechargeable Wireless TV Headphones

9 / 10

First up, let's be very clear on this. These are wireless 'indoor' headphones. So before anyone buys them and then complains that they can't use them on the bus that is something you have to consider. These are not Bluetooth headphones that you can wear on the move, these are designed to be worn in the house to listen to your TV or Stereo.

Now that is out of the way and you know what you are getting let's get onto the good stuff.

These headphones are amazing. If you are someone who enjoys loud music or watching scary movies or even if you have a small child and want to watch something while they sleep then you need to invest in these headphones. Also if you know someone who listens to loud music or is playing Xbox until five in the morning then these may be a godsend to the family who don't want to hear bombs and gunfire going off throughout the night.

Setup is quick and easy using either AUX or simple RCA Headphone jack and within a few minutes I was watching an episode of Bojack Horseman while the baby slept peacefully beside me.

All new parents need to buy these!

The headphones are comfortable and not too bulky, they include rechargeable batteries and the stand acts as a charger which only takes three hours for a twelve hour battery life. Sound is clear and it is surprising how loud you can have it in your headphones and no one around can hear a thing.

I simply cannot praise this thing enough and the only thing I would say that would make this even more amazing would be possibly the option to take this outside, but I can understand why this has been designed specifically for in home use and I think it works perfectly this way.

If you like your music or shows loud, but are considerate enough to not want to disturb anyone else, then this is the product for you.

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