Review for One For All Bluetooth Music Receiver SV1820

8 / 10

One For All's Bluetooth Music Receiver is a way for you to share you digital music wirelessly and it really does exactly what it says on the box. Connected to your speakers you can connect it to any of your MP3 devices by Bluetooth and play whatever music you happen to have.

The sound quality is perfect and if you were looking for an easy way to play your latest album, podcast or digital radio show this is an easy way to do this.

However, there is certainly things that could be improved on. The base device needs its own power input which is a little offputting when it could have been battery or a rechargable device. The fact that it doesn't have its own internal speakers means that the quality of the sound really depends on what your sound system is like. These are only little thing as it is a 'Receiver' and not a 'Speaker', but would certainly make the device much more appealing.

The device is lightweight, small and able to be setup in a few minutes. It is the very definition of 'Plug and Play' and within a few minutes the system was up and running and so if this was part of your portable sound system (DJs etc.) this would be a great plus.

This Music Receiver is one of the best I have seen and although it would be nice if it had internal battery and a speaker it still does exactly what it says and would be a great way to sync up and listen to your music.

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