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I`m selling some Nintendo DS and GBA games on ebay

Rex Hamilton as Abraham Lincoln (Competent) posted this on Monday, 6th June 2011, 16:46

Hi all, been a long time since I posted here! Anyhow, I`m clearing out our DS stuff away to make room for a new PSP! I know its an old console but there are deals to be had now. I`m thinking of getting rid of my Sega Master System and over 40 boxed games too! (marriage harmonisation)

anyway, DS stuff here:

Cheers for looking!

Games that I haven`t listed yet.

retro atari
animal paradise
cooking mama
asphalt 2 gt turbo
the sims 2 castaway
drawn to life
americas next top model
point blank ds
tom and jerry tales
bomberman land touch
super monkey ball touch and roll
high school musical 2 work this out! instrs missing
big brain academy
sudoku master
nintendogs dachsund and friends
mario kart ds
zoo tycoon ds
metroid prime hunter cart only
The Sims 2
42 all time classics
guitar hero on tour with hand grip

konami arcade collection
pacman collection
james pond robocod
spyro2 season of flame
rayman 10th anniversary
denki blocks
sonic advance 2
super monkey ball jr
donkey kong country 2

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