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Staged again

mbilko (Elite) posted this on Tuesday, 5th January 2021, 17:39

2nd series, bloody fantastic, more fab guest stars but its the chemistry between Sheen and Tennent that's nailed on

[VIDEO] RE: Staged again

bandicoot (Elite) posted this on Tuesday, 5th January 2021, 23:25

They were great in the TV series 'Good Omens' as a demon and angel, hoping eventually for a sequel. Meanwhile....

Here is a 3.5 minute audio special of 'good omens in lockdown' :D

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RE: Staged again

Snaps (Elite) posted this on Wednesday, 6th January 2021, 00:55

Ep 1 (I'm rationing myself)
Two ****ing months to make this last.


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