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HELP: `Afterlife` Soundtrack, Composed by Edmund Butt

Hitchcocks_Puppet (Competent) posted this on Sunday, 12th November 2006, 12:38

Hey all,

Those who watch afterlife on ITV1 will understand how beautifully composed the music is in it and I am a big collector of soundtracks. I would very much like to get hold of some if not all the music from the programme. Does anyone know of where I can get Edmund Butt` music from either by purchase or download? Thank you kindly.


RE: HELP: `Afterlife` Soundtrack, Composed by Edmund Butt

Paul G Jones (Harmless) posted this on Monday, 11th December 2006, 22:33


Absolutely agree with you.
The music/score from Afterlife is exquisite & I would love to add it to my music collection.

I am searching myself. If I turn anything up, I will let you know.
Perhaps, if you find out anything you could do the same for me.


Paul Jones

RE: HELP: `Afterlife` Soundtrack, Composed by Edmund Butt

Paul G Jones (Harmless) posted this on Thursday, 14th December 2006, 00:41

I spoke to Clerkenwell Films, London EC1 (makers of AFTERLIFE) today, who advise me as follows:

It would seem that Edmund Butt wanted to release the music after Series 1 however became embroiled in some legal issue which has so far prevented him from doing so.

Whilst speaking with them, I asked were there any plans to make a Series 3 to which they replied "no that`s it now".

If anybody else has any info or anything else to add would be glad to know.

RE: HELP: `Afterlife` Soundtrack, Composed by Edmund Butt

b_o_h_e_m_a (Harmless) posted this on Saturday, 30th May 2009, 21:54

i`m looking for some help connected with the soundtracjk from Afterlife. at the bagining of the episod 5 season 1 is played a melody without lyrics. the bold man turn it on before he kills the chinese woman. do you know who wrote this melody? thx for your help. a_m_e_h_o_b[at] my mail address

RE: HELP: `Afterlife` Soundtrack, Composed by Edmund Butt

TonyaJ (Harmless) posted this on Saturday, 1st December 2018, 20:38

Hello all, Paul, Yep it's been a long time since anyone posted here.  I just rewatched Afterlife for the third time and was asking myself the same question you all did here; WHERE is the soundtrack.

I don't suppose there is an progress on this, nothing listed on Amazon. I haven't yet checked Edmund Butt's Facebook page but I don't hold out hope.  I don't understand why such an exquisite show has no soundtrack available.  I've had some minimal contact with Stephen Volk on Facebook but I hesitate to ask him.At any rate, these are links to a few clips of music from the show:


tterraj.aynot[at]moc.liamg in case you hear anything. Thanks.

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