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Paypal and Ebay linked question

bandicoot (Elite) posted this on Wednesday, 4th November 2015, 19:33

I have a password for Paypal and a password for ebay, this way it needs two passwords to buy anything. Makes it a bit more secure at my end, and stops my sons from buying with my cash, Grrrh!

I have now found that if I select an item from Ebay after putting in the Ebay password, and then put in the password for paypal to buy the item, it then auto links together the next time I buy anything, defeating the purpose of having a paypal password.

I know how to unlink the two in my Ebay account, which I have done.

So why is it automatically linking after I buy something?
Am I doing something wrong when I buy?
Is there something in Paypal that is auto-linking the two?

Does this mean everytime I buy from Ebay with paypal, I then have to unlink ebay from paypal everytime?. Seems rather strange, you would think it would remain un-linked.

I hate website security stuff like this, I know we need it, but cannot figure this out, I am truly puzzled 

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RE: Paypal and Ebay linked question

admars (Elite) posted this on Wednesday, 4th November 2015, 21:51

is it because your browser is set to remember passwords?

I bought somehting earlier today on eBay and I got password prompted for paypal.

why do you sons use your account on your computer? that seems to be the real problem.

RE: Paypal and Ebay linked question

bandicoot (Elite) posted this on Wednesday, 4th November 2015, 23:38

Ah, right, thanks, never thought that the password might be memorised by chrome browser, I will clear all my passwords now, and put back other website passwords, all except except Ebay and Paypal.

Oh, and everyone's sons & daughters are always devilish sometimes, when they are skint and use 'bank of dad' 

RE: Paypal and Ebay linked question

Jitendar Canth (Reviewer) posted this on Wednesday, 2nd June 2021, 12:33

Ebay may be shooting themselves in the foot with their divorce from Paypal. Now sellers have to give their bank account details for transactions, potentially opening the door for eBay to aggressively refund out of their accounts.

Can see eBay becoming a business marketplace only...

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