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The Wicker Man

Snaps (Elite) posted this on Saturday, 6th May 2023, 18:35

Haven't seen this for yonks though I think I've got a DVD of it somewhere.
It was a giveaway with a broadsheet (Times I think)  many moons ago.

Now in 4K with a new cinema release apparently.


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RJS (undefined) posted this on Saturday, 6th May 2023, 21:07

Such a classic movie!

A track from it is on one of my favourite compilation albums

Must upgrade to blu-ray one day but prices are a bit high for a movie I won't watch for ages. Kind of curious as to the high prices of blu-ray, you'd think with streaming being what it is they'd keep them at a sensible cost as they'd make more money than they do from a stream but perhaps not.


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