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admars (Elite) posted this on Monday, 29th September 2014, 21:23

just spotted this in the "trending" newsfeeds on facebook.

Kevin Smith Secures ‘Clerks III’ Financing Thanks to ‘Tusk’
Kevin Smith has been talking about making “Clerks III” for years, but it sounds like his script may finally become a sequel, thanks to the box office bomb “Tusk.”
Not heard of Tusk, seems like it only got a limited release in USA.

To quote Smith, who announced this on his podcast:

“A year and change ago, I was desperately trying to get Clerks III made for the 20th anniversary, and that desperation — I must have reeked of it because I couldn't f***ing find money and s***. But it was Tusk, people going, ‘Holy s***, what else do you have?’ and I was like Clerks III and they're like ‘Done.' So, everybody that's like, ‘He failed, he failed,’ I'm like ‘Thank you, I failed into doing Clerks 3.'"

loved the other 2, so finger crossed, this and Bill and Ted 3 could bring back some fond memories :)

RE: Clerks 3

enemyonpc (Elite) posted this on Tuesday, 30th September 2014, 12:56

Clerks and Clerks 2 are my most watched Kevin Smith films so I'm happy about Clerks 3.

The Canuck trilogy he's working on has me scratching my head a bit though. Tusk, Yoga Hosers and Moose Jaws all sound batshit crazy. Who gives someone money to fund a trilogy that he devised while eyeballed on a podcast?

RE: Clerks 3

admars (Elite) posted this on Friday, 1st July 2022, 20:47

There’s light at the end of the tunnel: the trailer for Clerks III releases in just six days. #Clerks3

[VIDEO] RE: Clerks 3

admars (Elite) posted this on Wednesday, 6th July 2022, 21:44

RE: [VIDEO] Clerks 3

RJS (undefined) posted this on Thursday, 7th July 2022, 08:49

I should probably finally watch that Clerks DVD I bought all those years ago...


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RE: [VIDEO] Clerks 3

admars (Elite) posted this on Thursday, 7th July 2022, 09:08

I love that film so much, Clerks 2 as well

the extras on the dvd are interesting how he financed making it

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RE: [VIDEO] Clerks 3

admars (Elite) posted this on Wednesday, 14th September 2022, 18:02

Showing at cinemas in UK from Friday, well, my local Showcase is showing it one showing a day,  late evening :( 22:15 I want to be home after seeing it, not sat there waiting for it to start :(

RE: [VIDEO] Clerks 3

Pete-MK (Elite Donator) posted this on Thursday, 15th September 2022, 14:57

No plans to show it at all at my local cineworld. Would rather re-release Avatar, poltergeist, fast & the Furious, Lost Boys, the Thing etc...

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