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Robert Dyas are dire!

Hi There,
OMG I have just had the worst experience of online shopping ever.... grrrhhh

To say they offer a bad service and treated me badly is a serious understatement. As a professional who works long hours, I buy most of my stuff online and I never had a problem with amazon, sportsdirect, wiggles or even ebay, no problems of any significants that wasn't resolved, by an email.
But not with Robert Dyas no no, I placed an order for various household stuff, a few days later I get an email to say they need some further personal details and if I don't send them they will cancel my order, so I debated for 24 hours, and so oh I want the stuff asap so I'll just did it (they sound like s decent company, but this was a bit strange to ask for these details) it was for a knife set along with various other stuff , they said its a legal requirement.. 5 days later still no delivery... So I called them and spoke to various people and then they told me the person I responded with my details was on holidays and eventually they said they would sort it out and send the order. 5 days later or so still no delivery from robertdyas... So I called them again to see where my order was, then they said the lady that I spoke with didn't take my card details (she didn't ask), so I wait another 4-5 days and still no delivery.. I called them again and re-ordered again and today the delivery arrives without the knives, which they charged me for...
During this whole process, then never contacted me in any way shape or form apart from the original email for more personal detail (copy of passport).. 
To me it appears like the worst online retailer I have ever heard of due to their lack of ability to fill the order, delay for weeks while you wait patiently, then after a number of failures on their part they send part of the order and charge you for the whole order, with out saying a word.. watch you bank balance with these guys.... 
The biggest joke of the lot is each time I ring them they have a go at me, then you explain what happened and they wonder why I am annoyed with them and they offer nothing to resolve their repeated mistakes..
Totally unreasonable, oh and they don't ever have a manager that I can speak to !!