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RE: The Official 23/24 Fantasy Footie League

Hi there,

Is there a code for the league this year?



RE: The Official 21/22 Fantasy Footie League

Hello, is there a code or link to join this year's my reviewer fantasy football league?

RE: The 100% Official 2019/20 Fantasy Footie Thread

Is it just me or has Mills just disappeared from the dvd reviewer fantasy football league?!?!

RE: [VIDEO] Euro 2016

I would say that the defending has just been a bit better this tournament, and it can be quite enjoyable that it's not just the same old countries getting the results.

Thanks Admars, I only stood any chance of winning as no Mills in this competition.

I look forward to returning to my usual standard in the Premier League Fantasy Football :)

RE: Footie podcasts

I watch the Sunday Supplement on Sky Sports 1 on a Sunday morning, it's usually an interesting discussion and they have a podcast of the show here

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RE: The Official Fantasy Footie Thread 2013/14

I`ve entered!

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RE: Reviewer history

Great, thanks

RE: Reviewer history

Is there a way of finding the few most replied to threads ever?

RE: The Official Fantasy Footie Thread 2012/13

The fantasy footie game is up and running again.

I tried the sky league last season, but have decided to go back to official one again mainly due to sky limiting transfers.

I suspect Mills uses sites like these to get tips although he may just be on the ball.

RE: For Sale: Mazda Mx5 Phoenix 2002 101,000 miles

Now on ebay again, this time in an auction starting at £1.

Ebay advert here

For Sale: Mazda Mx5 Phoenix 2002 101,000 miles

Hello All,

My Dad is selling his Mx5 Phoenix on ebay for a very reasonable price.  It has had a fair bit spent on it, but does have a bit of rust that would need sorting.  Price £1750.

Ebay advert here



RE: Christmas TV - anything you`re looking forward to?

The Olympic Superstars Special has to be the program that really caught my eye.

Has anyone else had garbled or distorted sound in Windows 7 after sleep or hibernation?

Hi there,

I could use a bit of help.

We have two Windows 7 laptops, one a Dell 64bit machine and one a Samsung 32bit machine.

They both work great except that after either sleeping or hibernating the sound starts to sort of stutter or distort, it`s hard to describe.  A restart clears the sound back to normal, but then the same thing happens again after sleep or hibernation.

It`s not a massive problem, just both myself and my Mother would prefer not to have to restart every time we want to use Skype or listen to music or watch videos.

The fact that they both do the same suggests a Windows 7 issue but I can`t find much on Google about it.

Has anyone else had a similar problem?



RE: [VIDEO] 007 Theme acapella

Liked it so much I shared it on Facebook!

RE: Online Football Streaming?

At the risk of answering my own question this free site looks promising, might give them a go this afternoon and just hope the members only site comes back up.

Online Football Streaming?

Hi All,

I know these threads pop up every couple of years but I was just wondering whether anyone knows of any members only football streaming websites that they can recommend to watch Newcastle games?

I have been a member of a site for years now which has been excellent and I`ve barely missed a match home or away during that time, but they had a fire in their server room and I am running out of time to reclaim my money back through Google wallet, and at £40 a season if they aren`t coming back then I would like a refund.  I will remain loyal though and hope they come back if there are no viable alternatives.

I have heard are pretty decent, but they are closed to new members at the moment.

Any help or advice would be appreciated :)

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25p Android Apps

Google are celebrating 25 billion downloads with 25p apps here

RE: Decent but budget desktop PC brands?

My computer likes to sing ballads. That`s what happens when you buy a dell.

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RE: The Official Fantasy Footie Thread 2011/12

Is there going to be a Reviewer Euro 2012 league with the McDonald`s league here ?

RE: The Official Fantasy Footie Thread 2011/12

I think I need Bale and Cisse hatricks tonight to have any chance of catching the top two now (with Papavasiliou Mirands that is!)

RE: Do you suffer from face blindness?

Woo hoo:

Out of 30 faces, you correctly identified 30.
You were familiar with 30 of the people in this test.

If we exclude the ones you were unfamiliar with, you got 100% correct.

RE: Do you suffer from face blindness?

Not too shabby:

Out of 72 faces, you correctly identified 66.
In other words, you got 92% correct.

RE: What laptop shall I get?

Excluding one off specials of the type you get on hot deals this site was the cheapest and easiest to use for laptops that I could find.

Just a case of putting in your budget and the specs recommended above and see what you can get.

edit: I`ve just followed the link in the post above and it sends you there too, so I second that.

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RE: Roll call time !!!!!!!!, Have you changed your user name ?

Very occasional poster, but do check on the site quite a bit.

RE: Best place to get sold out tickets?

I`ve never used either, but have these two links in my favourites list for just such an occasion:

Oh and Gumtree might be worth a look too.

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RE: Need your thoughts on how play has changed?

Not sure if you can still get ahold of it, but the Electric Dreams documentary on the BBC gave an excellent insight into how things have changed over the past decades.

RE: new laptop

If I were after a laptop I`d be after something like one of these which should both go for within your price range:


Just reread your post though and there`s no guarantee the batteries will last four hours!

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RE: This Spotify thing....

I picked an inviite up for a couple of quid off ebay last time there was a spotify thread on here.