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Bye Bye Baby Les McKeown RIP

Huge part of my childhood, seeing a Scottish band rule the world was an amazing experience for a young kid from Scotland, I remember coming back from school and my mum had cut up my tartan Scotland scarf and sewed it up the seems of my trousers, think it was 1st time I was ever on trend, thinking about it, the only time :) Bay City Rollers, thanks for some awesome memories.

[VIDEO] Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

newest marvel trailer you never new you wanted

[VIDEO] The Nevers

New Josh Whedon HBO series, must admit I really enjoyed 1st episode very much, beautifully shot, obviously spent a lot of money on it and on my must watch list

Kung Fu 2021 Trailer

After equalizer changed from middle aged white English guy to black American woman we have this


RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal 2020/21 Season

3 internationals 3 KT MOM awards, 3 assists in last game and Robertson had to be defended by Clarke as he has been slated for his poor performance and that is as much to do with how good KT looked as an attacking force as a left cb, I can see him at one of          the huge European clubs and ready made replacement for Alba at Bayern already

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RE: [VIDEO] So... what are you playing just now?

Miles Morales on the ps5, I suck but its a thing of beauty :)

[VIDEO] Boss Level

What a hoot, switch of brain and enjoy the carnage, that was certainly me :)

[VIDEO] Batman: Dying is Easy

short fan made film WWAW

Marvelous Marvin Hagler RIP at 66

Truly gutted at this sad news, the best Middleweight ever in my humble opinion and top 5 boxer of all time

RE: 2021 Consoles

got the ps5 miles Morales and media player and ordered the headphones separately should receive beginning of next week    :)

RE: [VIDEO] Wandavision (and others)

Well that was a huge disappointment , dull as mudwater

RE: [VIDEO] Wandavision (and others)

I got Agatha right 

RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal 2020/21 Season

if you can get Eduoard for anything near that snap our hands off, that's the equivalent of getting KT for half price, he will end up back at PSG for an obscene amount. I was hoping you would draw  rangers so KT could get captains armband

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Honey I'm Home

So not been in for a while, basically had a stroke at work, scary and didn't see it coming, in hospital 8 days the staff were amazing  and informed me my blood pressure was through the roof, never had high blood pressure and if someone had asked me day before I would have told you I was the easiest going guy I know, now with hind site I can see how stressed I was and probably the cause, Doctor told me I was lucky they caught it because stroke has been happening or was on the cards for ages and again with hind site there were signs which I didn't take seriously enough so if you are in that boat pop by the doctors as a check up is always a   good idea. Work isn't on the cards unfortunately and now just trying to arrange physio but much better now

RE: [VIDEO] Celtic 2020/2021 10 In a row Season :)

So Lawwell is retiring at the end of the season and been replaced by the Director of the SRU who seemingly has a remit to change everything on the footballing side which worries me greatly, what does he know about football even though he is seemingly well thought of at the SRU.

football wise another disastrous performance and result, 2-1 home defeat to St Mirren, i switched it of after being outplayed and a goal down after 30 minutes, the 1st St Mirren win at paradise in 31 years which lead to Tony Mowbrays sacking, well we can but hope.

And Kilmarnock have parted company with their manager, who probably has a better record than Lennon who says its the lowest point in his 6 years managing Celtic, how do you think the fans feel?

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RE: [VIDEO] The Biden Presidency 2021

No I dont think i am bur we will agree to differ

RE: [VIDEO] The Biden Presidency 2021

Doesn't make them right does it?

RE: [VIDEO] The Biden Presidency 2021

He is a xenophobe, racist, dangerous man who should have no part in any discussion regarding anything even vaguely of interest to any fair minded person, in all my years i dont understand anyone giving anyone from fox news anything ever remotely like the benefit of the doubt. They pretty much single handedly  got trump and his ilk in and there sole job is to keep them there. The are more dangerous than Putin et al imho

RE: [VIDEO] The Biden Presidency 2021

I am, if Tucker Carlson is on one side im on the other

[VIDEO] RE:The Biden Presidency 2021

This clip on the Trump meeting must be seen

RE: [VIDEO] The Biden Presidency 2021

I don't know enough about the ins and outs of the financial market to know who's right or wrong but I know whatever side Tucker Carlson is on is 99.9% bullshit

RE: [VIDEO] Larry King RIP

That was just a conspiracy theory :)

RE: [VIDEO] Celtic 2020/2021 10 In a row Season :)

Frimpong abroad speaking to a club per Lennon, such a shame hes gone so soon, needs to improve the defensive side but could go far

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Iv stopped ordering from amazon eu

RE: [VIDEO] Brexit

Mastercard raising the fees on EU transactions by 5x!!! Seemingly the fees were capped by the EU, Now we have left the eu no cap, gets better and better

RE: [VIDEO] Godzilla v Kong Trailer

I will watch any Kong Movie, throw in Godzilla, here's my money :)

RE: Star Trek Lower Decks