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[VIDEO] Marvels M.O.D.O.K

stumbled on this and surprisingly hilarious

[VIDEO] The Movies that made us

loving this fascinating series and a must watch for movie fans with loads of facts I had no or little clue about.

RE: [VIDEO] Blood Red Sky

Just watched this and enjoyed it immensely, Die Hard on a plane with vampires, reminded me on Dusk till Dawn in that it was 2 good movies in 1, 1st half decent hijack 2nd horror movie, WWAW

RE: [VIDEO] Jungle Cruise

The Americans wouldn't have gotten most of Whitehalls double entendre :)

[VIDEO] Jungle Cruise

The Rock and Emily Blunt but thought Jack Whitehall stole the film and was an absolute hoot from start to finish

RE: [VIDEO] Turner and Hooch

at least they won't kill the damn dog this time :)

[VIDEO] Turner and Hooch

Disney +

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[VIDEO] Columbo Pre Falk

Stumbled on this on YouTube and Columbo being my favourite tv show ever delighted to at last see this, fascinating watch, numerous mistakes and missteps and even the ads seem incredible now, anyway WWAW for columbo fans

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[VIDEO] The Card Counter

Trailer has got me hooked I must admit

RE: [VIDEO] Jolt

Oh god, I struggled to get through the 1st 20 minutes and now wish I hadn't , amazing cast for some reason (well money obviously) made a b movie and that's being more than kind, only vaguely interesting character for me was the female cop, what's the opposite of WWAW because this certainly isn't

[VIDEO] Blade Runner: Black Lotus

Another animated series, not sure about this but will probably give it an episode or 2

[VIDEO] Resident Evil: Infinte Darkness

Really enjoyed this animated series (4 episodes so far) on Netflix 

RE: Black Widow

feel the same as I did watching WW84, really looked forward to it and completely underwhelmed

RE: [VIDEO] Ted Lasso

Welcome back :) Some of the most clever one liners on tv, the one I missed and agree with the most though isn't really funny but true

Football is life

PS You think you guys have problems with penalties :)

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RE: [VIDEO] Ted Lasso

2nd season in 2 days :) can't wait

RE: Salary Cap

Couldn't agree less, it means the big earners will be more evenly spread surely? Instead of them all turning up at Barca , Man U, PSG they will go to Athletico Spurs and Juve, or Bayern

Salary Cap

Being said that Messi has taken a sizeable pay cut to sign new deal as Barca were well over their salary cap , don't think we have one in Scotland , does England?

RE: [VIDEO] Euros 2021 (Men's)

is the FA actually going to get sanctioned ? the more I see the more horrified I am about just how much they got wrong? Not having a go for sake of it as SFA is probably just as bad

RE: Arsenal 21/22 season

I would like to know where the experienced players disappeared to?

RE: Arsenal 21/22 season

[VIDEO] The Toll

This looks very interesting

RE: [VIDEO] Euros 2021 (Men's)

Best team won, of 90 minutes and tournament, genuinely sorry for Rashford who didnt deserve that after the year he's had, a bit confused at the praise Southgate has gotten in last 18 months because I feel he gets majority of the big calls wrong, majorly so in the final and Kane? 100million? your having a laugh.

RE: Dances with Wolves 4k uhd

not overly I notice sound more and with my hearing that's worth it, just since my stroke all I do is watch tv and movies, I lost most of my collectable dvds over the years so in last couple of weeks iv picked up a shed load of old tv shows cheap on eBay and a few 4k versions and tending to go for collectable versions of those if I can

Dances with Wolves 4k uhd

Anyone any idea if and when this will be released? started picking up some 4k movies I loved , Tremors, Field of Dreams, Willi Wonka, Parasite steenbok with the B&W edition which I'm really looking forward too and couldn't believe no Dances :(

[VIDEO] Marvels What if?

Looking forward to this, loved the original comic book series