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[VIDEO] The Outlaws

Stephen Merchants new show, pure genius so far, 1st 2 episodes on iplayer

[VIDEO] Dangerous

switch of brain, enjoy?

[VIDEO] Ambulance

Michael Bay 

[VIDEO] Uncharted

Think this looks stonking and they might actually pull it off :)

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RE: Most morally bankrupt takeover since the Glazers?

I noticed that they started giving out orders already, what could possibly go wrong

RE: Most morally bankrupt takeover since the Glazers?

Bruce has pocketed him 8 million and is out the door, mercenaries form an orderly queue please knowing you will be set for life after a year of Championship Manger like signings with zero success. TBH im praying they get relegated and I always had a soft spot for them :(

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RE: The 100 greatest TV series of the 21st Century

Utter guff tbh, would love to know who voted and the criteria, TV particularly since streaming became a thing has vastly improved things and don't see any recognition of that

RE: [VIDEO] Only Murders in the Building

Episode 10, won't say to much for fear of spoilers but this was magnificent, loved the writing by Steve Martin, the quirky original very clever characters who all got a chance to shine whether they were main characters or not, the story arc was incredible and I would be surprised if Selina Gomez doesn't go on the bigger things as even with Short and Martin she really did shine. WWAW definitely

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RE: Legal car problem

I don't drive so merely from a customer Service point of view and confidence in the car lost I would want a replacement tbh. Probably don't help but that's my tuppence worth as you asked.

[VIDEO] Day of the Dead

started. yesterday

RE: [VIDEO] Black Adam

It helps that its the biggest movie star on the planet

RE: [VIDEO] The Batman

doesn't look much better to me? DC have a habit of messing up things

RE: [VIDEO] Venom

Thought it sucked too, no idea what they were trying to  do, more to the point neither did they, more comedy than anything even. the post credit scene left me cold

[VIDEO] Black Adam

Do fancy this even though its DC, and if they can find away to mess it up they generally do

RE: [VIDEO] The Movies that made us

more episodes, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm st and im on Robocop currently, the 80's low budget horrors were fascinating for how they raised money and the impact VHS video was beginning to have on the movie industry

RE: [VIDEO] Only Murders in the Building

Episode 9, another new character introduced who is fantastic and I don't know how many episodes it is as iv purposefully avoided imdb but the cliffhanger ending suggests the next episode me be the last, of course I felt exactly the same after episode 7 :)


I don't think so?


The grandaddy of them all is back. 1st 2 episodes pretty good with some familiar faces



ull fight foreign commentator

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RE: [VIDEO] Ted Lasso

As I said before definitely my favourite episode, the wee lassie is amazing :)

Star Trek: Prodigy

Robert Beltram as Captain Chakotay :) Hell yes even if it is animated

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RE: Arsenal 21/22 season

Im sure he will take it easy in a game ;)

RE: Arsenal 21/22 season

KT was awsome as usual for Scotland against Israel, Robertson got MOM but KT and Billy Gilmour were head and shoulders the best for me and our best work. was down the left the whole game


Best heavyweight fight iv ever watched, 2 absolute warriors and I have no idea how they both took the punishment the other dished out, Fury eventually came out on top with the last of 5. knockouts between the two in a fight that could have went either way. The referee should have gotten danger money and time and a half :)

On a side note, glad AJ lost, either of these guys could have hurt him badly

RE: Most morally bankrupt takeover since the Glazers?

Its disgraceful and doesn't bode well for the EPL but now the other 19 PL teams have demanded a meeting about how this was passed so quickly and with no details, EPL says its confidential , of course it did...should be immediately scrapped or this is a chance for the other clubs to take a stand and demand change.

Oh and I take umbrage. with the title, the Glazers to. my knowledge are. not. murderers

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RE: [VIDEO] Ted Lasso

Episode 11

f*** me the least feel good episode of the most feel good show ever feels like a kick in the balls, please don't break up Roy and Keeley, and what the f*** with Nate, he can do one big time :(
Episode 12

That was more like it, the penalty I was actually feeling like I do when Celtic get one, amazing writing, Roy and Keeley, im sweating, and Nate, not sure how that will fit in with season 3? and god its gonna be a long wait :( gonna have to binge the 1st 2 seasons again :)