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RE: Anybody remember those links for watching tv/sport etc on your pc ?

Two I like are: for tv etc and for the footie. Hope this helps :)

A.C.C General BUFF2K

RE: Everybody here where would you love to live?

Amsterdam :D

A.C.C General BUFF2K

RE: Sega puts Dreamcast to bed for good

R.I.P old fella :(

I`m off to play house of the dead with two guns, John Woo style :D

A.C.C General BUFF2K

RE: DVD reviewer Roll call

Still here now and again, seems like ages since I last posted :o

A.C.C General BUFF2K

RE: Recommendations for sport earphones for MP3 player

Personally I`d go for a pair like these. I`ve had a few pairs, they don`t leak sound and come with three sizes of earphone thingies so they`ll fit like a your ear :D

A.C.C General BUFF2K

RE: Lewis Hamilton confirmed at McLaren for 2007 season

Glad they chose him over Pedro, he`s been awesome in GP2 and Euro F3 :D

Lets just hope McLaren build a decent car as I can`t see it taking too long for him to adapt, just look at Vettel at BMW.

A.C.C General BUFF2K

RE: DVD reviewer roll call

Whatever happened to Buff2K, tripodjw, TinnionA. They were all gamers and are sadly missed from the Gaming Forum. Come back, dudes!

I`m still about :D I`m a skint student now so not really playing much at the `mo except pro evo 6.

A.C.C General BUFF2K

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RE: O`Leary Parts Company with Villa

Yes!!! :D We just need to get rid of Doug now >:( Can`t say I`m too optimistic about who`ll we`ll get though, no one`s gonna want to come to the Villa :(

A.C.C General BUFF2K

RE: Premiership strugglers??

just out of interest buff2k, who do you think is the biggest villlan - ellis or o`leary?
Well, I`m not a fan of either (and O`Leary doesn`t matter now :D ) but I`d definitely say Ellis. To be fair I`m grateful for what he`s done for the club in the past but he should of stepped down a few years ago. Some of the stuff that`s come out of the `statement` is ridiculous. Not paying £300 to water the pitch or not letting the physio claim a cup of coffee on expenses is pathetic, we`re a Premiership club ffs. We`ve got a tiny squad and there`s not been a hint of any transfer activity this summer, lets hope Angel or some of our other `stars` like Hendrie have a good season :/

I know what you mean about the last consortium, I was never fully convinced, but can things get much worse behind the scenes than they are now?

A.C.C General BUFF2K

RE: Premiership strugglers??

Ellis out >:(

Apparently he`s looking for the `right` bidder to take over the club, well its not gonna be hard to do any worse than he is >:( Get out now you silly old man, you`re turning the club into a joke >:(

......its gonna be a very long season :(

A.C.C General BUFF2K

RE: Premership: Who`s your team and how do you think they will do?

Aston Villa

I reckon we`ll be lucky to stay up tbh :(

A.C.C General BUFF2K

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RE: Is there history between Halifax and hereford FC?

Yeah it`ll be the Hereford fans after being on the cider (believe me I know), the amount of blood on the stands in Meadow End is unreal :o

A.C.C General BUFF2K

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RE: Halifax - Erreford

Yessssssss!!! :D Just got back from watchin` this, finally after being so close for so long we`re back in the football league :D C`mon the Bulls!

A.C.C General BUFF2K

RE: What ever happened to kywy and Buff2k

Hello :D

Still manage to get on here from time to time, not nearly as much as I used to though :( Turned into a bit of a gym freak over the last year and when I`m not there I`m down the pub trying my best to undo all my hard work :D That plus working eight hour shifts means spare time is like gold dust, going to uni in September though so should have plenty more time to `grace` these forums as much as I used to 8)

A.C.C General BUFF2K

RE: Will rockysafc defend his title ?

Nice, top ten finish (just) 8) Not too shabby considering I haven`t touched my team since Christmas.

A.C.C General BUFF2K

RE: V Festival

Yeah going down with a ton of mates, can`t wait :D Whether I make it out of our `village` to see any bands is anyone`s guess though :o

A.C.C General BUFF2K

RE: Reading Festival: Any one going this year?

Yeah and the V Festival the week before :D Just gonna have to calm my weekends down and save some money :(

Fall Out Boy
Arctic Monkeys
My Chemical Romance
Pearl Jam

I`ve also heard Alkaline Trio and Bullet For My Valentine might be there (not seen this anywhere on the net though) which I`m preying is true.

..............oh yes, this is gonna be awesome :D

A.C.C General BUFF2K

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RE: Get 3 issues of Maxim and a FREE DVD and get PAID £1.50!!

Same here gotta agree I went on a free 3 mag subscription and it was crap!!
Hey, I`m still on the £10 for a two year subscription :o `Spose I can`t complain at that price.............................can I? :/

A.C.C General BUFF2K

RE: Green Day ... Bullet in a Bible should have been there 8) Great set though :)

A.C.C General BUFF2K

RE: A special message for all at reviewer

Merry Chrimbo mate and everyone else at reviewer :)

A.C.C General BUFF2K

RE: Who don`t we see here anymore ?

I did wonder where Buff2k was but he posted last Saturday.
Awww nice to know I`m missed :D Turned into a bit a lurker lately, been pretty busy so I don`t have the chance to post as often as I did :(

Me `ol A.C.C buddy dkuk2000 still about?

A.C.C General BUFF2K

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RE: Richard Burns, 34. England`s only World Rally Car Champion (2001) passed away last night.

R.I.P Burnsie, my thoughts go out to his wife, family and Robert Reid :( Really has been a horrible season for British WRC fans :(

A.C.C General BUFF2K

RE: Did you know we have a new World Champion

Yeah watched a bit of this on Eurosport, nice one Andy :) European champion last year, World champion this year, the guy is a legend in tin tops. Would be nice to see him and Gary Paffet get more of a chance in F1 than the occasional test :/

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RE: Head Automatica

Heard this ages ago and really liked it. Its got a completely different video now, the band didn`t look as `pretty` in the first one :/

A.C.C General BUFF2K

RE: What scifi character are you?

I appear to be Vizzini who ever he is.
Dunno least he looks cool though :p

A.C.C General BUFF2K

RE: Bullet for my Valentine...

Saw them at Reading this year and thought they were pretty good, as for the name thing the best one I`ve heard for a while is: Gay for Johnny Depp :D

A.C.C General BUFF2K

RE: What scifi character are you?


A somber tactician who keeps emotional flares in check, you bravely refuse to back down when fighting for matters of honor.

Perhaps today is a good day to die!

Again no Trekkie, so is this a good thing? He sounds ok :)

A.C.C General BUFF2K

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Bullet for my Valentine...

...f***ing rock :o :D Anyone else heard the new album?

A.C.C General BUFF2K

RE: Dutch

The baby is also up for eviction this week, I kid you not!
:o (pun intended?) Hey Bats, where do you watch all these foreign BB`s?

A.C.C General BUFF2K

RE: So... what are you playing just now?

Football Manager 2006 demo, counter strike............erm, thats it :/

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