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Superman II Richard Donner Cut

I got this yesterday and have watched it and thought it`s a lot better version than Richard Lesters. The story was a lot better and I liked the ending aswell.
Has anyone else got this version and if so what did you think of it?

RE: DVD X-Box Region X

latest date is now febuary as datel have stopped all development on x-box accessories until they have the problems with freeloader on the gamecube sorted out. This is part of the faq from codejunkies web site

" The delay is due to some minor technical issues in duplicating the discs, which we are currently pouring all our resources into (so much so, that we`ve had to postpone all Xbox development until these have been resolved)."
We will have to wait

RE: Resident Evil for GameCube...

Got mine this morning (Thursday) and it`s excellent.
60hz option aswell!

RE: Any news on Freeloader yet . . .

Play now say the 27/09/02
All I can say is here we go again!

RE: Any news on Freeloader yet . . .

Rumor has it that Datel will make an statement on the Freeloader product on Monday.Let`s hope it`s not bad news!

RE: FreeLoader for the Cube....

i think that datel haven`t got around the regional protection yet. What`s interesting is that Datel haven`t released a date yet and the Action Replay for the Gc still says summer 2002. There are a lot of us waiting for this so we can play Res Evil

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RE: How to access the Blooper reel on R1 Phantom Menace?

To access this depending on your dvd player is as follows-
Goto the Languages on disc 1 then highlight the THX logo and enter either 1138 or like on my Samsung 709 and Ps2 with remote 11,03,08 and you`ll get the dvd credits and out-takes.

RE: R2 star wars: phantom menace (what do you think??)

There are out-takes on the first disc. To access this depending on your dvd player is as follows-
Goto the Languages then highlight the THX logo and enter either 1138 or like on my Samsung 709 and Ps2 with remote 11,03,08 and you`ll get the dvd credits and out-takes.

Formula 1 2000

Does anybody know if this dvd reviewed on this web site is the same one as the dvd you get free with Formula1 2000 playstation2 game. I would like to know this because i`ve brought the psx2 formula with the free dvd and I haven`t seen the other version anywhere.

RE: Star Wars: Holiday Special.

I`ve just downloaded it from the above web site. It`s as bad as they say it was, with Carrie Fisher SINGING! and some rather dodgy special effects. No wonder Mr Lucas wants the tapes destroyed.

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RE: Region 2 - Planet Of The Apes??!!

The region 4 version also includes region 2 coding so you don`t need a multi-region machine to play it.Got mine from ezydvd for £11.50 inc postage.Not as much extras than R1 though.

Received today my replacement copy of Wallace & Gromit R2

As the heading says just got my replacement this morning a plays lovely on my Samsung 709 and PSX2.
Cracking DVD Gromit!

RE: Charlies Angels: RCE or not?

Yes it is RCE, but it works no problem on my samsung 709 and powerdvd on my pc.It`s best to find out whether your dvd player works( I think it should).
Hope this helps


As far as I know there are no differences between R2 and R4 versions. There are 7 deleted scenes on the R4 version.I brought the R4 version because it was only £14 and it came out a week earlier than the R2 version.
Hope this helps.
David Garner

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RE: Problems with Disney`s Dinosaur R1

There are problems with this disc on a number of dvd players. Read my visitors review, I`ve listed the dvd players that have a problems according to play247 website.
There isn`t a problem with standard 1 disc version though.

RE: Dumb question about R4 !
this site reviews region 4 discs and also tells you which dvds have region 2 coding aswell as region 4.
Hope this helps.

Is there any other Region 4 discs that have Region 2 coding aswell?

I recently received The Abyss Special Edition R4 and tried it on my Playstation 2 UK model and it played no problem. I`m asking the above question because my Samsung 709 laser unit has gone, so while I`m waiting for it to be repaired I`d like to order some more region 4 movies but i`m not sure whether all region 4 discs play on a region 2 only machine. Thanks in advance.

RE: Question about Samsung 709 Firmware

Hello again,
I got the following news report below from

December 23rd

Concerns Raised Over Latest Firmware Patch For 709

After one reader alerted us to the possibilty of a problem with the latest revision of the Samsung 709 firmware, we have uncovered a major disappointment for 709 owners who have yet to take advantage of the free firmware upgrade.

Until now, all replacement firmware patches have kept the region free coding intact. Due to a bug in the replacement chips, some users experienced problems with widescreen switching, prompting yet another software revision. This version, v3.27, disables the region free capability of the 709 and reverts it to a pure region 2 only player.

The known region free handset hack still activates the onscreen messages in the player, but the machine refuses to play anything other than region 2 discs.

So far we`ve received two independant reports of this chip causing problems after being installed in readers machines, so be very careful before you take your player in. If you can, try to find out which revision of the firmware the engineer will be installing and at all costs avoid v3.27.

I know my chip says version 3.24 on it so hopefully it hasn`t been upgraded.

Question about Samsung 709 Firmware

Can anybody help? I brought this player on 30/11/99 and I`ve checked inside to see what bios version is was. It says 3.24 and the date 18/10/99. This player can play The Matrix. Does anybody know if this version can play The Matrix or has it been software updated. The reason I`m asking this because of version 3.27 which lets you use the remote hack but will only play region 2 discs. I had to use the cold start hack and it seems to work, the macrovision is disabled but I don`t want to buy region 1 movies if it will not play them. Thanks for any help in advance.