Review for WWE Elimination Chamber 2023

9 / 10

The Elimination Chamber is a great match type and this year it felt like a great way to put the final blocks in place for Wrestlemania. This year it has some great matches and a main event that is possibly one of the best matches in WWE I have seen for a while.

The Women’s Elimination Chamber Match was for the Raw Women’s Championship match at Wrestlemania between Asuka, Carmella, Raquel Rodriguez, Nikki Cross, Natalya and Liv Morgan. It was a great match, but felt a lot like WWE trying to showcase lesser known women, but we all knew this was coming down to either Liv Morgan and Asuka. There were some great moments in the match throughout and I was surprised by how great they were.

Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley was a waste of my time. This could have been a great show of strength between the two, but instead was just a waste of my time for both of them.

The Mixed Tag Team Match between Edge and Beth Phoenix against Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley was a good end (sort of) of this feud and it was quite satisfying to see the outcome and both sides of the teams were perfect throughout.

The Men’s Elimination Chamber Match had Austin Theory putting his US Championship on the line against Montez Ford, Bronson Reed, Damian Priest, Johnny Gargano and Seth “Freakin” Rollins. This was also a great match and one that helped to further a number of feuds which meant that the match was more significant than it felt. It is nice that the US Title got some love and if WWE are sticking with the one World belt then this would be a great way to highlight one of the midcard or tag belts.

Roman Reigns against Sami Zayn feud is possibly one of the best matches I have seen, spoilt by the ending, but then also saved by the reaction to the ending. I will state for the record that the Bloodline/Roman Reigns/Sami Zayn storyline has been the greatest thing in Wrestling for the past year and has been one of the few things that has kept me glued to WWE TV. Seeing Sami Zayn turn his back on Kevin Owens and become part of the Bloodline and an Honorary Uce and then all the issues of Sami showing his loyalty was just perfect. This match could have been the wonderful end of this feud, but we all knew that this was not to be. However, this match was full of great moments, emotions and the ending was pitched perfectly.

Elimination Chamber 2023 was a great PPV, Lesnar/Lashley aside, the rest of the PPV was hugely watchable with one of the most emotional, topsy turvy main events I have seen in years. I would recommend this PPV to everyone to see the best in WWE at the moment.

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