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8 / 10

It seems you cannot move these days for zombies and the undead. Whether it's in movies like classics from George Romero and his Night of the Living Dead series or from The Walking Dead everyone seems to be obsessed with it. This documentary looks at the phenomenon that is the zombie craze that is almost as big as the Vampire craze that Twilight and Buffy amongst other things started.

Directed by Alexandre O. Philippe who gave us the wonderful The People vs. George Lucas. this is a documentary that doesn't just go over the usual suspects (though everyone who should be covered is). Instead, it goes from the origins of the zombie, the real life tales including surreal laws that forbid people from creating a zombie of their own? This leads to the impact they have had on the world of entertainment and we get to hear from some of the pioneers in this genre.

Max Brooks author of the original World War Z book, Robert Kirkman who created The Walking Dead as well as the show's key producer Greg Nicotero, George A. Romero who created the classic Night/Dawn and Day of the Dead amongst others are all interviewed. Many others talk about their contributions and thoughts on the genre with Shaun of The Dead Star and Writer Simon Pegg and make-up artists maestro Tom Savini.

All are simply fascinating and as with all documentaries it made me want to know more and seek out the films and things they were showing. Though I have seen Night and Dawn multiple times I had never seen Day of the Dead and I am intrigued enough now to seek it out. Same can be said for Dan O'Bannon's Return of the Living Dead where the zombie desire for 'Brains!!!' was first shown.

There are no films or things that are missed out and apart from more clips and examples this is a pitch-perfect documentary and though it is obviously aimed at horror fans it was a great watch even if you weren't. I would say that if you are a fan of the genre and you wanted a definitive guide to just why every other film seems to have a zombie or feature the undead, then you should watch this excellent documentary.

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