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All That's Left to Know About the Most Famous Time Lord in the Universe


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Part of the FAQ series.

Doctor Who is indisputably the most successful and beloved series on UK TV, and the most watched series in the history of BBC America.

Doctor Who FAQ tells the complete story of its American success, from its first airings on PBS in the 1970s, through to the massive Doctor Who fan conventions that are a staple of the modern-day science fiction circuit. Combining a wealth of information and numerous illustrations, Doctor Who FAQ also includes a comprehensive episode guide.

From the Doctor's most impressive alien foes and the companions who have fought alongside him to unimagined planets and unexpected points in history, from some of the greatest minds ever to have walked the Earth, to the most evil beings ever to haunt the universe, it's all covered here, including the Tardis, the none-too-reliable "bigger on the inside than the out" blue box in which the Doctor travels.

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