Is This A Zombie? + Is This A Zombie? of the Dead Collection

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Both seasons of the hilariously weird comedy
Certificate: 15
Running Time: 597 mins
Retail Price: £49.99
Release Date:
Content Type: TV Series

Some guys have no luck—he’s got no pulse! The now unfortunately undead Ayumu was murdered by a serial killer and resurrected as a zombie by a cute necromancer. Things were going alright, even after she moved in—until a magical girl in a pink dress with matching chainsaw cut his rotting carcass in half! Now, thanks to magic, Ayumu is donning the pink getup as the world’s first magical girl zombie. But between voluptuous vampire ninjas, hideous crayfish demons, and more chaos, Ayumu may never rest in peace again.

Special Features:
Audio commentaries
Video commentary
English Language Trailer
Textless Credits

Video Tracks:
1.78:1 widescreen 1080p

Audio Tracks:
Dolby TrueHD 5.1 Surround English
Dolby TrueHD 2.0 Stereo Japanese

Subtitle Tracks:

Directed By:
Takaomi Kanasaki

Written By:

Iori Nomizu
Junji Majima
Midori Tsukimiya
Ai Shimizu
Aya Goda
Hiroyuki Yoshino
Hisako Kanemoto
Koji Yusa
Noriko s***aya
Rie Yamaguchi
Yoko Hikasa
Austin Tindle
Cherami Leigh
Jad Saxton
Anthony Bowling
Brittney Karbowski
Caitlin Glass
Emerick Jade
Eric Vale
Erica Harte
Lindsay Seidel
Monica Rial
Morgan Garrett

Music From:
Shinji Kakijima

Director of Photography:
Masayuki Kawaguchi

Masahiro Matsumura

Satoshi Fujita
Seiichi Hachiya
Seiichi Kawashima
Tomoki Numata
Yoshikazu Kumagai

Executive Producer:
Kazunori Noguchi
Koukyou Asami
Takeshi Yasuda
Tetsuya Tsuchihashi
Tsuneo Takechi


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