20th Anniversary of Samurai Champloo. AMV Contest.

I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since this iconic Shinichiro Watanabe anime first aired, driven by the iconic music of Nujabes.

For the 20th Anniversary, MVM are releasing the Collector’s Edition Blu-ray on July 22nd. It’s previously been released here on DVD, and on standard Blu-ray.

And this month, it will be easier than ever to try before you buy, as courtesy of Flying Dog inc., and as part of a global contest, the episodes will be available for a limited period from July 8th on the Flying Dog Youtube Channel.


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Samurai Champloo 20th Anniversary Project:
Samurai Champloo Video Clash Announced!
Edit the Anime Footage and Craft Your Own Videos in the World of Samurai Champloo!
Kazuto Nakazawa Unveils New Visual to Commemorate 20th Anniversary!
Watch the Original Series for a Limited Time on the FlyingDog YouTube Channel!

Tokyo - July 2, 2024 - Samurai Champloo, which aired in 2004, stands as a groundbreaking anime directed by Shinichirō Watanabe. Seamlessly blending historical drama and hip-hop elements, it crafted a unique visual and musical experience that captivated anime enthusiasts and hip-hop fans alike, earning acclaim domestically and internationally.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the original broadcast of Samurai Champloo, and to commemorate this milestone, we are inviting fans to create new content with the global contest “Samurai Champloo Video Clash”!

For this contest, participants must create new Samurai Champloo videos by combining edited anime footage with designated music tracks. There are two categories: the Shorts Category, to be submitted via YouTube Shorts, and the Music Video Category, for full music videos on YouTube. Winners of the Shorts Category will receive a US$300 gift card, and winners of the Music Video Category will receive a cash prize of US$1,000. The winning videos will also be released on the FlyingDog YouTube channel as official music videos. The contest is open to anyone aged 18 and over, whether professional or amateur.
This is your chance to leave your mark on the legendary anime Samurai Champloo! We look forward to seeing your creativity.

Additionally, in celebration of the 20th anniversary, a new main visual by character designer Kazuto Nakazawa has been unveiled, featuring Mugen and Jin in a dynamic pose.

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Furthermore, to commemorate the launch of Samurai Champloo Video Clash, we will also be making the original series available for a limited time on the FlyingDog YouTube channel. Whether you’re already familiar with the world of Samurai Champloo, or you have just discovered it for the first time, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to dive into the series.

Samurai Champloo Video Clash Entry Website: https://samuraichamplooVC.com

Samurai Champloo 20th Anniversary Website: https://samuraichamploo20.com

Samurai Champloo Availability on YouTube (all times in JST):
・Episodes #1 - #4
Viewing Period: July 8 (Monday) noon - July 10 (Wednesday) 11:59 PM
・Episodes #5 - #8
Viewing Period: July 10 (Wednesday) noon - July 12 (Friday) 11:59 PM
・Episodes #9 - #12
Viewing Period: July 12 (Friday) noon - July 14 (Sunday) 11:59 PM
・Episodes #13 - #17
Viewing Period: July 14 (Sunday) noon - July 16 (Tuesday) 11:59 PM
・Episodes: #18 - #22
Viewing Period: July 16 (Tuesday) noon - July 18 (Thursday) 11:59 PM
・Episodes: #23 - #26
Viewing Period: July 18 (Thursday) noon - July 20 (Saturday) 11:59 PM
URLs for episodes on July 10 and onwards will be revealed at later dates.

Product Information
Four CD titles currently available!

“departure” / Nujabes, fat jon
VTCL-60638 \ ¥3,190 (inc. tax)
01. battlecry / Nujabes feat. Shing02
02. the space between two world / Nujabes
03. aruarian dance / Nujabes
04. transcendence / Nujabes
05. mystline / Nujabes
06. 1st samurai / Nujabes
07. Shiki no Uta / MINMI
08. ole / fat jon
09. 624 part2 / fat jon
10. genome / fat jon
11. no way back / fat jon
12. funkin’ / fat jon
13. stay / fat jon
14. chambers / fat jon
15. ask / fat jon
16. how you feel / fat jon
17. 624 part1 / fat jon

“masta” / FORCE OF NATURE, Tsutchie
VTCL-60639 \ ¥3,190 (inc. tax)
01. vagrancy / FORCE OF NATURE
02. mist / FORCE OF NATURE
03. judgment on / FORCE OF NATURE
04. loading zone / FORCE OF NATURE
05. paranoid / FORCE OF NATURE
06. silver children / FORCE OF NATURE
07. the long way of drums / FORCE OF NATURE
08. sneak chamber / FORCE OF NATURE
09. new dimension / FORCE OF NATURE
10. raw material / Tsutchie
11. dry / Tsutchie
12. breeezin’ / Tsutchie
13. tubed [drum please!!!] / Tsutchie
14. pretending to…/ Tsutchie
15. seventythree / Tsutchie
16. I sighed / Tsutchie
17. sincerely / Tsutchie
18. numbernine [back in TYO] / Tsutchie
19. YOU feat. kazami / Tsutchie

“impression” / Nujabes, FORCE OF NATURE, fat jon
VTCL-60640 \ ¥3,190 (inc. tax)
01. sanctuary ship / Nujabes
02. haiku [interlude] / Nujabes
03. tsurugi no mai / Nujabes
04. dead season / Nujabes
05. decade [interlude] / Nujabes
06. world without words / Nujabes
07. kodama [interlude] / Nujabes
08. silver morning / Nujabes
09. who’s Theme / MINMI
10. just forget / FORCE OF NATURE
11. nightshift / FORCE OF NATURE
13. the stroll / FORCE OF NATURE
14. death wish / FORCE OF NATURE
15. set it off / FORCE OF NATURE
16. the million way of drum / FORCE OF NATURE
17. bracelet / fat jon
18. in position / fat jon
19. night out / fat jon
20. not quite seleah / fat jon
21. labyrinth statistic / fat jon
22. here and there / fat jon

“playlist” / Tsutchie
VTCL-60641 \ ¥3,190 (inc. tax)
01. thank you / Tsutchie
02. yet? why not?/ Tsutchie
03. strike back / Tsutchie
04. let me know what U think / Tsutchie
05. mists / Tsutchie
06. flip / Tsutchie
07. absolute / Tsutchie
08. adapt myself / Tsutchie
09. tuned / Tsutchie
10. no icon / Tsutchie
11. stretch out / Tsutchie
12. process / Tsutchie
13. reflective / Tsutchie
14. deeper than word / Tsutchie
15. 2 messages / Tsutchie
16. the update / Tsutchie
17. Offers / Tsutchie

*Please note that the above contents may be subject to change without notice.

Distribution Information
Available on streaming services and major download sites such as the iTunes Store, RecoChoku, and mora.

“departure” / Nujabes, fat jon

“masta” / FORCE OF NATURE, Tsutchie

“impression” / Nujabes, FORCE OF NATURE, fat jon

“playlist” / Tsutchie

Anime Streaming Information
All 26 episodes of Samurai Champloo are available on major anime streaming platforms.

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